Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Six Months of Gone Gaming

I received my first letter from Coldfoot on July 24. Gone Gaming began on August 1st.
The GG:BGIA call for nominations began on December 25, 2005, and posted results on Jan 30, 2006.

The original Gone Gaming byline, which had to be 500 characters or less:
If you look you'll never find me
I've gone gaming I'll be back
Got to finish what I started
Got a few things on my stack
Got to ship a few more barrels
Got to trade a brick or two
Got to buy some more provisions
Got to run this train on through
Got to roll a few more 6's
Got to draw a few more cards
Got to shake hands with my neighbors
'Fore I'm back in my backyard
But if you look up to the night sky
That's my spaceship passing by
Give a wave That's me inside her
It's farewell but not goodbye

A six month index, Aug '05 - Jan '06 (tags are arbitrary and inconsistent):


Black Friday/Advanced Civ (strategy)
Bloglines gave me my life back. ASL threatens to take it away. (review)
Christmas in October? (report:Age of Steam)
Game Store Confidential: The Other Side of the Counter (social)
IGA nominees. (info)
It's not whether you win or lose, it's how you spin the session report. (winning, review: Mesopotamia, Star Wars Miniatures, Descent, Railroad Tycoon)
Musings, Ramblings and More Ramblings. (personal, cons)
On Spiel des Geek (awards)
Post-Season Wrap-Up (board game sites)
Powergrid. View from the rear. (report)
Searching for a tagline. (blogging)
Sound Familiar? (wizard needs games, badly)
The Candamir / Tower of Babel Conundrum (buying, blogging)
Vacation Surprises (review:game store)
Help! What's The Best Game to Introduce to a Non-Gaming Co-Worker? (hobby)
Welcome to Gone Gaming (admin)
Well, I just got up, what did you expect, brilliance? (wife's top games, blogging)
Winter in Alaska. Perfect Gaming Weather. I Mean... If You Can Keep Your Water Pipes From Freezing. (personal)


A time to savor graces & blessings (Katrina)
Beginning of the 'Regular' Football Season (minis)
ch-ch-ch-CHANGES! (BGG, Eurogamers)
Christmas & Hannukah are HERE and so am 'I' (happy holidays)
Guy on the "fly" (blogging, BGG.con)
Happy New Year's Day! (BGWS, dream gaming)
MOVIES that could become GAMES! (movie themes, plactic spaceships)
Must be the 'Season' of the "Twitch" (sports, edible components)
NEWS of the Day (blogging)
Playoffs and their RESULTS (sports, geekchat)
Shades of 'Grey' matters to come! (Blogging, minis)
Shape of things to become (component cost, game comboes)
So far Travels & Travails (personal)
Something I'm going to go ahead and TRY (variant:American Revolutionary War)
Speculative Gaming (Hasbro/AH, A&A minis)
Stating the case for ''state of the art'' (bits, expansions, criticism)
Stuck & Deserted without a 'CON' I can Game within (cons)
*Surprise!*Surprise!*Surprise!* (minis, BGG)
"Take 10" guest John 'Scrib' O'Haver (interview)
The Göt Nüttin Report (shopping, A&A)
The issue WITH Re-issues (re-issues, rights)
The latest in GAME expounding & expanding! (variant:the Russian Campaign)
Upon the past Week (BGG, A&A minis)
VARIANTs and their issuance (variants, rights)
WELCOME to ''the machine'' (blogging)
What the Fudgesickle? Game Considerations (designing, dice tower, conquestnw)
WHY I should ''give any 'chits'!'' (minis)


A Christmas Carol for Gamers (poem, review:Amun-Re)
A Miserable Week (personal)
Antidote for a Hectic Life (social, review:Rheinlander)
A Winter Game (cats)
Deal 'Em (cards, report:Ta-Yu)
Games, Games and More Games (shopping, review:Dvonn, reports:misc)
Happy Holiday (poem)
Happy New Year (5&10, review:Flandern 1302)
I've Located the Problem (game speed, review:Hacienda)
Learn History Through Games (education, shopping)
Name and Number Contest (contest, review:Fjords)
Play Me (personal, not shopping)
Print, Motrin and Play (making games)
Say Hello to: (interview)
Scary Stuff (gamers, review:Das Ende Des Triumvirats)
Stop Looking at Me Like That! (Katrina, social)
Techniques to Recruit The Non-gamer in Your Home (social, review:Architekton, personal)
The Addict (social, reviews:Robo Rally,Attika, personal)
The First Play Attitude (learning the game, review:Santorini)
The Game Psychiatrist (waiting, review:Vinci, poem)
The Teacher Gets and "F" (report:Hansa, personal)
The Yellow Brick Score Track (shopping, review:Fjordes, personal)
Today's Theme is Theme ("pasted" themes, reports:Stephenson’s Rocket,TtD,Taj Mahal)
Warning: This Blog May Cause Choking (humor, contest results, report:Ta Yu)
What Was Your Name Again? (personal, reviews:Bridges of Shangri-La,Taj Mahal)
Why Do I Need So Many Games? (personal, teaching games)
Would You Like to Play a Game? (online gaming)

Alex Rockwell

7 Player, 3 team Werewolf! (variant, strategy)
9 Player Werewolf (variant, strategy)
Better than Tichu (review and strategy:Fairy Tale)
Tichu (Passing strategy) (strategy)
Tichu: The Basics (strategy)
War of the Ring – Battles of the Third Age (review)
Werewolf! (review, variant, strategy)


Con-vinced (cons)
Don't sue me, Richard (CCG humor)
Encounter 1/9 (story)
Encounter 2/9 (story)
Encounter 3/9 (story)
Encounter 4/9 (story)
Er... My Turn. (personal)
Ethics in Gaming 5.0 (social)
Even More on Winning (social)
Every Day is Games Day (social)
Gaming Risks (social)
Happy New Year (personal)
I can complain too: my top ten problems with the game world (game world)
Meet Gilad Yarnitzky (interview)
Meet Haim Shafir (interview)
Meet Kadon Enterprises (interview)
Ode to the Games Journal (Internet)
Pay Attention. This Will Be On The Test. (classification)
Roll Against Your Wisdom To Post Here (poem)
Rules, Rules, Rules (variants)
Parlor Game Geek (humor, parlor games)
The Designer's Rules (variants)
The Game Hordes (social)
Winning Using Mechanics (strategy)
Whose Socks Are These? (social, cons)
You mean, like Merlot? (social)

Joe Gola

2005 (personal)
A Whole Lot of Nothing (ratings)
Cosmopolitan, Baby (personal)
Crusader Rex (report)
Dicefest (dice)
Down in the Flood (Katrina)
How to Eat a Game (humor (I hope))
How to Turn Family and Friends into Gamers Using Subterfuge, Mind Control and Violence
In Search of Lost Time, Part 1 (personal)
In Search of Lost Time, Part 2 (personal)
Old News Department: Rumble in Hekumet (review:Scarab Lords)
There's Gold in Them Thar Cards (review:Silverton)
The View from the Fifth Floor (review:Palazzo)


Advice For The Troubled Gamer (social)
A great year of gaming (reports)
Anti-rant Rant (Hasbro, dice, blogging)
DW's Field Guide To Gamers (social)
Euro-Snoots & Free Shipping (social, market, review:Giganten)
Fish In A Barrel (social, personal)
Funny stuff returns next week (Katrina)
Game Store Confidential (social, market)
Game Store Confidential ~ continued (social, market)
Game Store Confidential ~ Legends (social, market, MtG)
Game Store Confidential ~ Flesh Eating Hamsters & Death by Ennui (social, market, RPG)
Game Store Confidential ~ The Dice Gods Are Smiling (social, dice)
Game Store Confidential ~ The Pre-order List (social, market)
GAME STORE CONFIDENTIAL ~ The sweet smell of success (social)
GAME STORE CONFIDENTIAL ~ How dare you make money! (social, market)
GAME STORE CONFIDENTIAL ~ Dumb Gamers (social, market)
GAME STORE CONFIDENTIAL ~ Caution! Abnormal Blog Ahead (personal)
It's Showtime! (cons, personal)
The game that ate itself (CCGs)
The Highlander Effect (social)
Why Railroad Tycoon is Like a Topless Dancer (review:Railroad Tycoon, social)
Wyatt (personal)

Shannon Appelcline

Five Games I Don't Like (reviews, social)
Five Games I'm Thankful For: '05 (reviews, personal)
Games to Watch For: Essen '05 (looking forward)
It's Not if You Win or Lose ... (winning, placing)
Last Year's Top 70 Games (reviews)
Memoir '44, The Seafarers of Catan, and Other Scenarios (variants and scenarios)
My Life in Gaming (personal)
Redesigning Empire Builder, Part One (variants)
Redesigning Empire Builder, Part Two (variants)
Schools of Game Design (game design)
Shannon's List of Do's and Don't's for Game Component Design (game design)
Supporting Your Locally Owned Game Store (market)
The Collector Bug (shopping)
The Problem with Colors (game design)
The Problem with Game Boxes (game design)
The Problem with Indie Games (game design)
The Problem with Luck (luck)
The Problem with Player Numbers (game design)
The Year in Review: 2005 (looking back, game companies, reviews:Caylus,Dungeon Twister)
Three Designers: Knizia, Kramer & Teuber (game designers)

Fraser and Melissa

Holidays and Games: A tale of a car trip, a shop, a calamity and the game publisher that saved Christmas. (personal, shopping)
Gaming in 2005 (looking back, personal)
Oh I do like to be beside the seaside (personal, reviews)
Winning, Losing and the Killer instinct (winning, reiews)


Paul Sommer: Guest Post (social)
Dane Peacock: Guest Post (personal)
Dame Koldfoot: Master or Grasshopper (social)
Denise Patterson-Monroe: Boardgamers - The Next Generation (social)
Iain: The Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective series (reviews)
Ava Jarvis: The Dance of Theme and Mechanics in Games: A Fantasy (game design)
Gerald McDaniel: Gaming With a Grandson (personal)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Six months already! Amazing.

I do not have the time to read here on a daily basis, but from time to time I try to collect half a week or so and read it through.
(If it were not for all these games that need to be played)

I am truly happy to live in a world where people like you exist!
Keep up the good work!

/Strömer, from Sweden