Wednesday, January 11, 2006

A Miserable Week

I’m sorry to say that my mind has not been on games this week. I’ve found the one thing that can get my mind off of games—sickness. I spent last Wednesday and Thursday at the height of a cold which left me lying on the couch with my box of tissues, cough drops, orange juice and television remote.

By Saturday I felt almost human and ready to play a game or two to celebrate my 50th birthday. Cori, Richard and I had Chinese food and an ice cream cake and then they proceeded to whoop me at Hacienda. Is that any way to treat the birthday girl?

Sunday morning Richard woke up with some kind of stomach bug so it was his turn on the couch where he spent the day but by bedtime Cori was also sick and took his place on the couch.

It’s now Monday morning and although I’m feeling alright so far, I thought I’d better put something together just in case so that you all don’t spend all day checking Gone Gaming to see where the heck my blog for the week is. But instead of a game related post, I’m left with only an interesting coincidence to share.

Thursday evening while I was holding down the couch and feeling like my head would explode, I searched for something worth watching on t.v. and found a Sci-fi channel movie called Epicenter, I think. It’s about an FBI agent trying to catch the bad during a major earthquake in San Francisco. It wasn’t really very interesting so after about 45 minutes and the obligatory chase scene through the streets of SF, I went in search of something else to watch. How about an Eddie Murphy movie I don’t recall seeing before called Metro? He’s playing a cop in San Francisco.

It wasn’t as entertaining as Beverly Hills Cop, but good enough for a tired mind to appreciate. Of course, there is a chase scene through the streets of San Francisco but wait…isn’t that the same Chinese arch over the street? Did we already have a chase scene in this movie? Oh, no, that black SUV just flew through the air, flipped 3 times and landed on it’s side—just like the chase scene in Epicenter. Yep, there’s the street car and the SAME driver. You know he’s gonna get shot. Uh huh, and he falls into the controls sending the streetcar racing down the hill out of control. It was very interesting to see where they’d cut out parts or added close-ups of their own characters to make this chase scene their own.

I’m not surprised by the use of an old chase scene, cut and spliced to fit the new movie, but it IS decidedly strange that I just happened to catch them both on the same night especially since the 2 movies overlapped in time. What are the odds of that and how many 6’s would I have to roll on how many dice to equal it?
P.S. Wednesday morning. Everyone’s feeling much better and I didn’t get whatever is was that Cori and Richard had.
Until next time, do Meeples use Kleenex or Puffs tissues?



Coldfoot said...

Update on the stomach bug. Cori woke up still feeling a little nauseous and very tired so she went to her doctor. The culprit, it seems, is fried rice. If not cooked right, it can get "pockets" of bacteria which explains why I didn't get sick, Richard got a little sick and Cori got very sick. Reheating it, as Cori did on Sunday, only makes it worse. So throw out that left-over rice. :(

ekted said...

Happy Birthday!

Meeples don't get colds. They get termites! :)

Ava Jarvis said...

Happy birthday!

And I hope that everyone feels better soon.

Fried rice is susceptible to the "overnight rice" problem, because it's made with leftover rice---and if you leave rice to cool at room temperature for several hours, bacteria and their toxins build up in it. The pan-frying for fried rice doesn't do anything to remove the toxins (nor, indeed, kill the bacteria that are making the toxins).

Leftover rice is just fine, however, if you don't leave it out for hours. I always hustle mine off to the fridge directly after dinner (which are usually quick affairs at my place---30 minutes to an hour), and haven't gotten sick from it yet.

Asians have had a lot of exposure to the overnight rice problem... :)