Saturday, September 03, 2005

Down in the Flood

It's tough to write about hobbies when something terrible has happened in one's country. My thoughts keep wandering out to the people who are lost and ruined, to the horrific struggles of the sick and the poor thrown into a death-wracked and hostile wilderness, people whose only fault was not knowing what to do even in the face of a hurricane.

So fortunate were those who could at least escape to their relatives and friends before the storm, and thinking on it it makes me grateful for my own friends and family. It also eases the annoyance at myself when my mind eventually does drift back to gaming, because at least I know that our hobby is one that can bring families and friends together; it can't be done by telephone, and in pursuing it people face each other and not a screen. As long as we remember that the people are more important than the pieces of cardboard, we'll be all right, for now.


DWTripp said...

Yep. Usually I have my contribution to this fine blog written by Wednesday or Thursday, but my funny bone seems to have temprarily gone missing.

Aldie and Derk of have blown my mind by raising over $17,000 for the Red Cross in under 24 hours.

See you Monday...

gamesgrandpa said...

Very well put,Joe. We have no family or friends who live in the devastated areas, but we have a close friend whose two brothers live in Miami and Pensacola FL. They are frequently the victims of similar storms, as the Pensacola fellow was in this one. Fortunately, it was not serious damage for them.

We always feel extremely fortunate that our immediate family is located in the same area where we live, and that most of our extended families live near each other in an adjoining state. Events like 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina certainly make us grateful for that.

I think your message was quite appropriate for the times.

Melissa said...

Hear, hear, Joe.

The scale of this is simply mindblowing.

BGG donations up to over $20k at this point.