Sunday, January 29, 2006

Guy on the "fly"

After this past week's writing up and deciding upon the upcoming "Internet Awards"(of which 'that' alone took me just under '9' consecutive hours in total), then I was looking forward to this portion of our 'blog' here. What caused 'moi' to be getting this UP so late, was that the night before, I had spent over '11' hours upon an "article" for another site's considerations, and had THAT "swept away", due to I don't KNOW 'what'!?! All that I 'did' was to click upon the "Preview" button and nothing happened. It then wouldn't 'respond' no matter what I did upon that, while it 'acted' as if it were STUCK in some sort of 'mode' or "limbo" for this. Then, when it did 'decide' to DO anything, why it just took me to the "log in" portion for this, while lo-and-behold, ALL of my "hard work" was NOT to be 'found'! Like as IF I had "parked it out back of the 'Delta House', and the next morning, it-was-'GONE'! 'D-Day' takes care of the rest, and etc., etc..." Now, before anyone accuses 'moi' of "breaking the intarwebz" with my 'postings', then I wasn't being TOO elaborate upon this particular "article", as I was just compiling a 'Listing' for that. The TIME that I had spent on 'this', had mainly included going through various other sites, and attempting to obtain additional material or whatever, to verify or confirm upon what I was 'doing' for it. As it stands now, then there is NO possible 'means' to SAVE your 'work' "in progress", when using this particular method, and THAT is within the "Yahoo" 'system'! I mention about THEM, so that maybe they will institute a manner in which to achieve such, for any others to AVOID the ultimate frustration, and consternation, that I just recently endured. At least, then I should be able to go back and start ALL over again, while having to bypass the "confirmation" process upon this stuff, since I've gone and done that NOW! It is just something that I'd like to pass onto others, so that they'll keep such in mind, for whenever they happen to be "doing something" and wish to COMPLETE that! Now, if I could ONLY 'get back' my "time lost" for THAT, then I'd be much more happier as well.

They've got this year's "BGG Con" announcement upon their 'site' now, for those who are going to be able to partake of that and attend. I wish you ALL the "very best of times" when you are there, and no, I haven't as of yet made any 'plans' upon attending such myself, as only "time will tell" for this. From the sounds what went on there of last year's "Con", then they've made allowances for even MORE 'room', so as to include as many people as they can. I only hope that they'll provide some vicarious 'experiences', for the many who could NOT "be there", with perhaps someone or another taking the time and effort in this regards. I suppose that it could & would 'interfere' with anyone's "goings on" during that, while it is just one means for considerations upon the matter. WHO couldn't "resist" getting IN just "one more game" with their fellow "Geeks" in such as those 'plush' surroundings? Well, just ONE, or a couple of YOU, ought to keep in mind about those of us less fortunate 'ones', while I do 'applaud' those folks who DID provide their "reports" on this, when they were able to 'post' them! THANK YOU to one and all then, and we look forward to hearing from you on this once again. I've seen where others who missed out on last year's "event", have deemed this as a "must do" for this year's proceedings as well. In fact, there may just 'be' some surprise "Conventioneers" such as the illustrious "Joe Steadman" et al, in attendance and sorry "ole sport", if I happened to 'ruin' any *Surprise* that you may have had in 'mind' for such. Now, just WHERE in ole "Canuckian-land" are you heading off to? Let us know either now, or perhaps in late MAY or early JUNE, if you can.

EDIT:an hour later
As I was watching a 'show' about "Flight 93" on T V tonight, I was reminded of the anniversary of the "Challenger Shuttle" event that was yesterday, and then the upcoming "Columbia Shuttle" one as well. Let us bow our heads in their remembrances, and pray BEST, for those who follow. . .

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