Sunday, November 13, 2005

MOVIES that could become GAMES!

After the most recent spate of movies that are or HAVE become 'remade', then this got me to thinking upon certain others that could become GAMEs in and of themselves. Just now, ''the Sand Pebbles'' movie concluded while the very first version of ''Sahara'' is playing out on the AMC channel. Both would be good candidates for some sort of 'RPG' style playings, or maybe even a 'Solitaire' sort of game with enough materials for them. I have to admit that I even liked the 'remake' of ''Sahara'' with 'Jim Belushi' in the main role for it, and I don't wish to spoil this for anyone, but that version has some added 'twists' to distinguish it from the very first film, besides being in FULL 'color'. Another great movie into a GAME theme would be ''Kelly's Heroes'' for many to enjoy and relive or discover, for those who haven't had the pleasure already. Then there's '''the Dirty Dozen'' of which they'd have many more exploits besides just the 'one' that was featured in that. Another along the same lines would be ''the Devil's Brigade'' with a combined Canadian-American force making that one up. I know that ''ole Scrib'' would like to see something done for ''the Wild Ones'' movie and it could become very involved if someone took the time and effort for that. Since it is set in pre-WW I times around the Tex-Mex borders, then there's plenty of 'source' topics that could be covered in a detailed setting for that! Man, watching ''Sahara'' is making ME thirsty, and I can't believe that they're 'spilling' WATER as they take their 'sips' of that! Now these next few movies that I'm going to mention are a bit obscure for many others, so you'll have to bear with me on these. First off, we have ''the Battle of El Alamein'' and this is an 'Italian' production, and with such then it concerns an outfit of 'Italian Paratroops' in that pivotal 'Battle'. I'm not saying that it IS a good or likely 'candidate' for a GAME, since you'd have to see this in order to 'disbelieve' its 'propitousness'. On the flip side of that same DVD is a movie called ''Battle of the Last Panzer'', for which I haven't seen this just yet but from the description of it, then it sounds pretty ''fantastic-farcical'' in its presentation. They mention how an American outfit in FRANCE, having just completed a huge, major 'Battle' are of the mind that the WAR is over! ha! They're NO where near to entering a humbled 'Berlin', so you can see just WHY it sounds so laughable. Anyway, let me delve into some other subjects now.

So, does anyone recall a movie called ''Battle beyond the Stars'' with 'Richard Thomas'?-(of ''the Waltons'' show fame). This also has 'Robert Vaughn', 'George Peppard', 'John Saxon', 'Sybil Danning', and lots of other minor role actors including 'Marta Kristen'-("Judy" from the ''Lost in Space'' TV show!) It is a thinly veiled Space-based version of ''the Seven Samurai'' genre and can get quite 'campy' in its appearances. The 'Space Moose Ship' that ole ''John-boy'' flits about in could even be 'seen' as the very first of its 'kind' that features having its very OWN 'personality' as others have followed suit in the cases of ''LEXX'', or even ''Farscape'' and perhaps a few similiar types as well. Now, it wasn't a 'living ship' as those previously mentioned sorts are ascribed to 'be', so they're NOT exactly the same, but you get the gist. I'm surprised that a GAME wasn't developed upon the basic premise of ''Battle beyond the Stars'' since it'd provide adequate material for conducting such. Maybe even having several 'saviours' being dispatched to off-world places to seek out 'Mercenaries' to bring back and defend their 'system'. I know that many folks, myself included, would really get into a CAMPAIGN 'game' based upon the ''Sid Meier's Alpha-Centauri'' computer GAME, although it would have to be very detailed to cover ALL of the aspects inherent in THAT! I've got some notions of my own upon this matter, but I don't wish to give those away and I'd have to cleverly disguise this to avoid the legal hassles too. For the most part, then I only have enough 'stuff' to create at least ONE version for some games that I have in mind, and obtaining enough additional objects is something that would have to be looked further into for the rest.

Here's some photos of 'Space Ships' that could easily be used in some gaming environments.

They are currently being made available through a mail-order place called "US Toy Company'', although the 1st set on the LEFT as you see this, are ''out of stock'' for the time being. At the prices that they are going for, then they're an excellent bargain and I've gotten some just like the 1st SET that cost me around $8.50 plus Sales TAX for the same amounts. There's even a couple of 'Ship' designs that I didn't get in my own as that was packaged as ''XXXth Century Starships'' by 'Nexus' products, while I also got 'stands' for mine and they ARE featured in some actual games too. Still, I'd like to get even more of these and at the current prices too, while I'd even 'modify' them further to enhance their 'abilities' in whatever I had planned for those. There are also some flat appearing multi-piece 'Space Ships' but they don't look as good as these do and check them out here if you'd like.
See what I mean? Then again, they could be utilized for other purposes or even 'fleshed out' to avoid being disregarded in some gaming places. There's substances that can be 'glopped' onto these to bulk them out and then look better once every 'thing' had been done for that. I could see some 'Space Stations' or 'Planet Installations' being created from them, although I'd have to have them in hand in order to get the proper 'feel' for such. I already get enough FREE 'stuff' that I intend on utilizing for that anyway, but at least there's these alternatives. Oh yeah, ''ole Scrib'' got some 'Star Troopers' from 'moi', that I found a while back, and maybe he will get some photos of them to display for others to view, or I will if I can get my 'digital camera' to work properly upon this current POS `puter infested with the 'X P'. Those are only in '2' colors for the time being, although I could fairly easily create additional varieties with what I have on hand. I had wanted to create a '3-D' or MINIS version of the ''Marine 2002'' game, or something like that, involving 'Lunar Combat' between the Soviets & the USA forces of which they're BOTH on the Moon-scape surfaces. Also, they could become a VARIANT for the ''Buck Rogers Battle in the 25th Century'' GAME as outside forces to bring into that as well. Well, that'll just have to be something ELSE to look forward to in that ''ConQuest NW Seattle'' event coming up next February, eh?

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Coldfoot said...

I love "Sahara" with James Belushi--the acting is incredible and a little extra dialogue fleshes out the characters. But I don't see it making a very good game, unless you LIKE being ground into the sand. The odds were, what?, 500 to 1?