Sunday, January 08, 2006


The "New Year" is here, and everywhere the "winds of change" are blowing! Even upon the 'blog' site as well, as I *notice* that they implemented a 'Link' address function underneath the "Title", as I write this up! Of course, the most relevant 'one' ongoing is upon the "BoardGameGeek" site, as no doubt many are discovering once they've checked into this. We're STILL awaiting upon 'word' about the CHAT there being RE-'implemented', since many folks and especially the "nOObz" tend to drift into there. While sure, I like to 'show off' for them as well with the inclusion of actual photos of GAMES from the site itself. Then, we occasionally have some people who just NEED an 'answer' for something or another concerning gaming, and usually with the variety of 'regulars' there, then they can obtain such handily. It sure was nice to Chat-Chit with others from around the WORLD at various times of the 'Day', when they were able to be ON that. And NO, I'm not at all 'concerned' with utilzing some other 'one' like IRC or IM and their 'problems' associated with those. As the '1st anniversary' for the "Geek Chat" approaches, then I just wonder how much MORE "wonderful" will this become? And just WHAT is that "must have" *feature* that they're proclaiming all upon the 'site' going to entail? Will this 'be' some sort of "online popcorn maker"? OR... shall it encompass some sort of "Geek" Cat-or-Dog grooming services? I'm sure that "our gal pal VAL" would prefer a 'Ferreting' out of unwanted 'North American Marsupials' from her garage space as well! Maybe a "shoo the foo" dispenser to entice undesireables away from where they're not as 'wanted' eh? That could become a useful 'tool' as well, with something along the lines of "Almost Wanted", for those 'fence sitters' of whom YOU all 'know' quite well. This will just have to be 'seen' to become 'believed' then, once they decide upon informing the rest of US about the matter at hand.

I've also 'noticed' a trend amongst the "Euro-Snobs" where they're going around and proclaiming to whomever they can, regarding "designer" GAMEs! What the 'fudge'!?! These ALL have to be 'designed' by SOMEONE! It's not like I go down the street and 'find' such laying about just waiting upon its 'discovery'! They haven't "fallen off the 'Games' truck" whilst on their 'way' to the 'market'. Yes, I realize that they're just trying to obtain a "status symbol" sort of distinction, to place their 'precious-s-s-s-s' apart from the "riff-raff", but insipid 'terms' won't cut it! How's about "GAMEs to look down upon others with" for this? It's WHAT they're trying to get across with anyway, so WHY "beat around the bush" for such? I'd prefer the "Euro-Snob" denotation version, as it is more succinct AND it conveys the 'spirit' as well. It also 'sounds' great too, so that when you 'point' a finger at them, you can 'say' thusly: "Euro-Snob"! So there you have it, you "Euro FREAKS!", courtesy of 'moi' and whomever else first uttered that phrase. While YOU can just 'call' myself as "your WOIST nightmare" if you'd like, and I don't mind in the least, as "sticks & stones may be employed to 'break' YOUR bones" as you utter something that I don't 'agree' with! But that's just 'me', while others might be more tolerant about the matter. Oh, and for those who take 'umbrage' upon what I've 'exclaimed' previously, then kindly remove your "funny-bone inserted within your butt", and get a 'sense of humor' we only hope then.

There's also the 'topic' about having additional "Admins" at the "BGG" site for the likes of "photo submissions" and it is a welcome extension for just such a 'project'. As it stands, then they ought to "review" MANY of what they already have, where these are over 100 or the like for just ONE particular and/or certain 'games'. Good GAWD! does there really 'need' to be that many taking up valuable "bandwidth"? Hey, I've had probably twice as many been "rejected" for some inauspicious 'reason' or another, and even where that was the ONLY 'pic' being submitted at the time! Then there's the kinds that have all sorts of unnecessary "background" surrounding their 'subject', like we REALLY want to 'see' their atrocious "home decor" as well. Sure, it allows for some good "making FUN of" times, but come on! Aren't the gamings supposed to BE for this? I could 'name names' if I HAVE to, but I haven't the'stomach' for such, just right now, and I'm sure many others would be more than willing to accomodate upon this matter as well.

As a 'final note' then I admonish YOU all to get IN your 'nominations' for any "Awards" either here or upon other 'sites' where this is taking place.

P.S.-has anybody been able to find out where the latest "Dice Tower" is located at?


ginn5j said...

Hey GROG, thanks for the chuckle! Great entry...Jim

Joe Gola said...

I think the term "designer game" was coined to make a distinction between hobbyist games for which the designer is credited somewhere on the box or the rules and mass market games for which the designer is not credited. Yes, we all know that someone designed the NFL Go Deep Super Touchdown Board Game, but who cares? All you care about is that it's about football so you can give it as a present to some dope who likes football and make it seem like you give a rat's ass about his interests, which you don't. I mean, someone designed your spatula, but you didn't ask the cashier at the department store what the guy's name was before you bought it.

Anyway, if it is in fact the case that the term merely means "a game where the designer is credited," then probably wargames would fall into the "designer game" category as well, since typically the designers are credited for those, no?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I really am having trouble not being able to hop into GeekChat… *WAH!* I NEED my GeekChat fix!