Sunday, November 06, 2005

Stuck & Deserted without a 'CON' I can Game within

Yep, for those who missed out on attending the ''BGG Con'' this weekend, then it's just wrapping UP as I write 'this'. Maybe I'll have to 'institute' something akin to that for around here, and it can become well known as the ''Deserted 'CLASSICs'!'' in my circumstances. Then it could have the ''latest & greatest'' of the *blog blog* to set it apart from NOTHING other just like it! We could even have discussions upon just 'what' wasn't being played, or excellent 'round-file`r' games and the like. I could trot out my ''almost lost jams'' for GAMEs that I consider as being mostly 'relevant'...mostly. Well, at least good ole ''Yehuda'' here managed to attend and I even heard that he premiered his own 'Game' there at the ''BGG Con'' as well. You'll be finding out more upon this later on then, and from the ''mouth of the source'' no less. While if anyone else of the 'Group' here has been able to attend, then by all means you'll be finding out of their 'experiences' as well. There are numerous 'leads' that many have been providing for the rest of US to 'live' vicariously through their postings, and I Thank You folks for at least doing that. Maybe we ought to have a ''Left Coast'' version of THIS so's many others can join in on the 'comraderie' that would be most inviting. There would STILL be some folks who are definitely of the ''anti-socialite-weights'' who wouldn't 'care' to participate, for who knows WHY! They've developed some sort of 'fear'(?) of such proportions that it may just take them ''over the deep end''-should they 'attend', and maybe the rest are better off for that. Then there's others that only LIVE for ''GAME Con'n''! I don't consider myself as 'one' of them types, as I soon learned to 'live' without just HAVING to 'be' at each & every single Gaming Event. The former are sort of like them ''Dead-Headz'' people and their obsessions with ''the Grateful Dead''. I happen to personally know of a 'wannabe' kind like that, and they just seem to ''jump on the bandwagon'' of whatever the current 'fad' that they take a fancy to, is handy.

Speaking of "Gaming Cons", for which I will be keeping 'updates' on the ONE that I expect to be a major part of, then I've gone ahead and made a proposal to host & run an ''OGRE-Miniatures'' Event! This is in co-operation with the ''ConQuest NW Seattle'' premiere taking place next 'President's Day' weekend in February. I don't have many 'Official' kinds of these 'minis', but I do have 100s of my OWN creation and mainly it will involve a HUGE ongoing 'Battle' with the Troops & Vehicles from that 'genre'. In addition, then I have many others that I've invented to include 'Naval Vessels' with enough to form a couple of 'Battle Groups' for '2' sides for this. Those were improved upon or fabricated entirely from other game's Ships and even some actual model kits with enhancements to many of them. I've got some others that I need to work upon to get them ''up to snuff'' with the rest, while I shall also be including the 'Air Groups' for plenty of the ''Carriers'' that I wish to ''get into the mix'' with. That'll mean some 'Amphib Assaults' shall need to take place and it'll provide an entry for these upon the gaming playing fields. I'd also like to get in some one-on-one or multiplayer GAMEs as well while I'm there and provide some ''Classics'' for any to partake of to enjoy when they otherwise might not be able to. This could involve the likes of ''Red Storm Rising'' & ''the Hunt for Red October'' with even ''A Line in the Sand'' as possibilities for those who'd like to try their hand on these. Here's a listing on some others that I have in mind to bring along:

''Battle for Germany''~S&T-w/the ''Operation: Veritable''-VARIANT
''Across 5 Aprils''~Victory Games-I'd just like to get some playings of this
''World War I''~S&T-w/'Pre-War' buildup VARIANT
''Oldenburg Grenadiers''-American Revolutionary War Battles- to play them
''Fortress America''~w/'Expansion Pack #1' Rules PLUS the actual 'Minis' of this
''Axis and Allies''~Milton Bradley-
w/'1941' VARIANT
''A & A''-Europe~w/'Italian Armed Forces' bringing on a 5th Player
''A & A''-Pacific~
w/'Alternate Victory' VARIANT w/perhaps some 'alternatives'
''the Russian Campaign''~
w/'Expanded OOBs' courtesy of 'moi'

For the kiddies, then I may even bring along the likes of ''Battle Masters'' with a couple of Expansions for it, as well as a GAME of my own making which uses all sorts of smaller scale figures & vehicles with even some aircraft for those too. I've been amassing these over the years and I had intended upon a MODERN 'Battles' type of encounter with them, since they're mostly of those kinds. There's even some 'Missile' and 'Rocket' launching types that really DO that! For the rest, then we'll have to resort to 'rubber bands' for firings since I'd like to keep them mostly intact despite being heavily involved in mock-'Combats'. It should become quite a memorable time and ''tons of FUNZ for everyone's!'' enjoyment. I hope to see some of YOU there if you can make it then.

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A question for anyone who was at BGG.CON: does this guy actually talk like he writes?