Monday, January 23, 2006

Play Me

D.W. had to take an unexpected trip today so I'm filling in for him. I hope all you D.W. fans won't be too disappointed.
If I were a game, I’d be light and fun, the theme prompting lots of laughter and teasing. I believe there’s nothing in life better than a good laugh that leaves you breathless and still giggling even after the “funny” has worn off.

I’d be unpredictable, using cards to throw a bit of chance into the game. After all, life is unpredictable, forcing you to deal with whatever is thrown in your path.

I’d be tactical rather than strategic as I’ve never been good at looking at the long-term or planning life too far in advance. I’d have Action Points, forcing you to budget your turn as you would budget your income.

I’d be irreverent, poking fun at something people feel strongly about or making a point about something that is controversial. A rant disguised as a game.

My rules would be simple and straightforward, your goal clear. I would not be a gamer’s game, the path from here to there convoluted by multiple mechanics and wrapped in layers of phases, or requiring heavy analysis.

I would play with 2-4 players and the colors of my pieces would be black, Richard’s favorite color to play, orange, Cori’s favorite, and green and blue, my favorite colors depending on my mood.

Egads!! I’m the love child of Torres and Busen Memo!!
Still on the Wagon

It’s been 7 weeks since I’ve bought a game. I WAS tempted to order the East Front expansion for Memoir ’44 but then I received an email notification of the shipment of Command and Colors: Ancients so I controlled my impulse. (applause from the assembled addicts)

This has turned out to be a good thing not only because I’ve spent enough money on games in the last 2+ years but because my husband has discovered eBay so the credit card, for the most part, has changed hands and hobbies. While I’m taking a big break from game buying, Richard is buying motorcycle parts so he can get his old motorcycles in perfect form. He’s been trying to find these parts locally but with no luck so eBay has become his addiction lately. Carburetors, gauges and side covers have replaced games on my Visa statement.
Until next time, remember Meeples are peoples, too.


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Coldfoot said...

You're very welcome, DW.

"Restoring" may be a bit strong; he'd be happy to get them running smoothly. The bikes are all Yamahas: a '79 650 Special, a pair of '83 920 Viragos and an '84 FJ 600 are the top priorities.