Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year's Day!

Happy New Year!
Well, here we have a brand spanking "New Year" upon US, and just what shall we expect from this upcoming occurance? Oh sure, we ought to 'reflect' or genuflect, and pay our 'tribute' to what already had been 'done' during the previous year's course of events. Much of that was of the 'Good', while there were other instances of which are just BAD, and yet some make you just go ''hmmm...'' Today is also a 'Day' of recuperation for many who are probably STILL feeling the 'effects' from last night! So I will admonish whomever to GET your 'nominations' IN for the "B.G.I.A." 'Awards' and let others KNOW about some little 'known' site that they ought to be drawing their attentions towards. Yes, I'm also wracking my 'brain' for these as well, and shall be bringing along some contenders of my OWN 'makings' for this too. There's also things going ON right NOW as I'm typing this UP and of which many ought to check into when they can.

One of these 'items' happens to involve an ole "shout OUT about" fellow 'blog`r' by the name of "Scott Nicholson" who has gone ahead and created his "VLOG"-(for 'Video-Blog') with a 'site' dedicated JUST for this! Here's the LINK for it then:
"Board Games with Scott"

As you'll no doubt discover, then HE is making Great Strides in promoting "Better Gaming through MEDIA exposure", just as long as not TOO 'much' is shown off and this WILL 'include' the likes of "Strip Twister" I might heartily 'add'! It wouldn't surprise 'moi' in the least that others would go so far and we've got an 'award' JUST for such folks here:

NO, I'm not inferring that ole "Scott" is SUCH, you "numb-half-wits", while sure, there will be plenty of others that ARE, and I'll 'admit' as much myself! This will bring up many "not-as-familiar" types of 'issues' that people will have to discuss further and relate either FOR or NOT about those as these 'crop up'. I shall make *note* of the 'fact' that even "I" have attempted to bring the gaming 'phenom' to the small-screen through the "Public Access" Channels WAY back in the 'day' of the early 1990s. But once I'd left the excellent facilities of the SEATTLE area and settled within the barren 'media-scape' of where I'm at NOW, then this 'experience' was stunted further until the present. I've got some 'stuff' laying about that could be cobbled together for something or another in this regard. With the advances already made since those 'beginnings'- for myself at least-then I fully expect to SEE and 'create' yet others as well.

One prime example, would be for folks who aren't able to get IN as much 'gaming' as they'd like due to some 'factor' or another during their 'normal' daytime routines, and this is "Dream Gaming"! Yep, that's right, 'game' while YOU are asleep! That'll involve some working upon to get the kinks out, since some will resist the temptation of it-and it's "futile" in case you're wondering. Another method could involve "Stasis Gaming" where TIME is made to 'halt' while a 'game' commences within such. Then, when the 'players' re-emerge, they can pick up where their 'lives' had been placed on "hold" before, without skipping a beat to THAT! I can just SEE them "LARP" folks doing such while many will probably 'disappear' entirely into the 'lore' of their "gaming archives". They're SUCH "Freaks"! ya kno? Still, once a "wormhole" or the like is found out and put into 'uses', then there'll definitely become fresh, fertile 'grounds' for gaining "other worldly" gaming partners, as hopefully those 'peoples' will enjoy THIS "pasttime" instead of "How to 'SERVE' Man" recipe booklets. It sort of makes you wonder about whether or not the good ole "Dr Who" fellow does any kind of 'gamings'?

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