Sunday, January 15, 2006

Must be the 'Season' of the "Twitch"

Well, it's "Official" as the "Pats" won't be going for their "three-peat" now! Since the "Broncos" put them out of their 'misery' last night, and today we have the vaunted "Colts VS Steelers" and then later on the "Bears VS Panthers", while I'm rooting for the "Panthers" and "Steelers" in their games as I'd like to see "Carolina" end UP here in SEATTLE! We're pretty happy about the 'Seattle - Washington' game despite the early 'problems' they'd encountered in that, while my heartiest hopes, are for a "Denver VS Seattle" 'Super Bowl'! Just a few years back, then this wouldn't have been possible, but NOW it can take place. There was a somewhat 'friendlier' rivalry between the Teams, compared with the "Raider Hatahs" that even still maintain their animosities for such. I know some folks who even have their "West VS East" and "North VS South" mentalities about these matters too, and for them, then this is well founded as evidenced by the BIAS of whomever they consult regarding these 'things'. Sure, this is on account of the develoment of our fair 'Nation' with its "Easternly" preponderance, while those of US on this 'side' of the ole "Miss" river, tend to become overlooked, and even looked down upon in most cases. That's WHY it is so 'righteous' for US when some "high falootin" EASTERN 'Team' gets whomp`d & stomp`d upon from our "backwoods asses" no matter what 'arena' this is conducted upon. I'm even GLAD for when the likes of the "Longhorns" are able to obtain their "National Championship" TITLE, since at least they're on the RIGHT 'side' of the "River" there`n!
"Hook`em HORNS!"
I'm still awaiting upon some enterprising "Canuck" to create an easy and representative GAME about the "C.F.L.", while it shouldn't be too difficult for this. I'm not very familiar with their 'system' and just how the actual 'games' are played out, but that is for THEM to figure upon.
UPDATE! the "Steelers" have 'done in' the "Colts", so it's OFF to "Denver" for them!
Now to await the outcome of the "Bears" and "Panthers" game-woo HOO!

There's also speculation upon what 'direction' that should be taken as regards any NEW and *Improved* type of gaming experiences that could become created. I don't know just what some folks expect or envision this to entail, as not too many of them could agree upon the "theme" in the first place. With plenty of already 'done deals' as it stands, then just WHAT else could there yet be "discovered" for this all? Chocolate 'bits'? I'm sure that the likes of "GO" could be easily adapted with "M&M"s, for those who wish to try that out. "Gummi" kinds are available for select kinds of games, and others should be soon to follow. Just think if someone made some components out of "pretzels", while you'd still need to provide the BEER for this too. In fact, you could PLAY "Pick UP Stix" with them straight "pretzels" pieces, or some variation of "Jenga" too. I'd bet that "Animal Crackers SCRABBLE" could be 'done' as well, with "cornmeal" gameboard to play upon, making it as: "the GAMING 'treat' that's Good to EAT!", once you're done 'playing' with your food. Just NOBODY 'combine' the likes of food, nudity, and "Twister" for some disgusting, digestive, degenerative derivative, thank you very much! I have heard mention from a few people, upon some simpler version of a "Galactic Conquest" type of game, since they're somewhat disappointed with what's out there now. I do know that ole "Dead-Eye Dick" of the "BGG" is still working upon HIS 'design' for this. He 'told' me so! In case you've forgotten about it, then this is to be called as: "StarQuest!" From what I recall upon the matter, then it is sort of like "M.O.O."-the computer game, while being conducted within a gameboard format for such. YOU-(the 'player') are to build UP your "reputation" through "deeds of derring-do" in that, so this probably won't appeal to those folks who wished to "Conquer Galaxies" as their 'prime directive'. And yes, we're ALL wondering just WHEN someone is going take on the "Herculean task" with creating a BOARDGAME about the "Sid Meier's Alpha-Centauri" computer one. I don't expect this anytime soon-if ever-since there's too much detail for THAT, of which it DOES require a computer for its resolution. I know, as I play that regularly and I just don't 'see' it ever taking place, unless YOU don't mind it having like 1500 & PLUS for 'bits' in this, and costing near to $200! There's currently '7'-Factions, and each has their various "ideologies" of which they have to ascribe to. Those will limit some of them, concerning 'developments' that they can pursue, while they strive to become the ONLY 'Group' remaining upon the Planet's surface. "Dumbing it DOWN" won't help matters either, since you have to pursue 'goals', to achieve enhancements that apply to your "Societal Ills", with "R&D", and "Alien Artifacts" greatly speeding the process up. Alright, well the 'Game' is ON and I'm outta here for now!

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