Sunday, January 22, 2006

Playoffs and their RESULTS

It's DOWN to just '2' "playings" going on right now, between Denver VS Pittsburgh and Seattle VS Carolina! I'm watching these BOTH today, while I 'do' this as well. Oh man, ole Denver is having a "BAD 'hare' day" from the looks of things. They're gonna NEED all '4' of them "rabbit's feet" to pull this 'one' out of the "dustbin". At the "halftime", then it is Pittsburgh leading at 24 to 3! It's ALMOST "all over, except for the 'crying game'!" But, they've got another "half" to go and they'd better hope that things pick up swiftly for them in THAT, and here's hoping upon the "best" for THEM too. I'd like to 'see' another "West Coast" type of "Super Bowl" this time around, since we've had PLENTY of "other kinds" before. The 3rd Quarter is about 'done', with not much going on for either "Team", oh sure, and RIGHT "after" I 'state' such, THEN Denver "scores"! YAY! for them. They'll NEED at least a couple or '3' "turn-overs"(NON-'bakery' kinds) in order to "turn-around" this GAME! Yep, it's OVER for Denver with a nice WIN for Pittsburgh! now, there's the MORE "important" GAME coming on soon. ALRIGHT! It is "halftime" at the moment, with the SEAHAWKS leading! Need I 'say' anymore? YAY! the SEAHAWKS are "Super Bowl" BOUND! While I also apologize about the "tardiness" of 'this', since I was enthralled with "the GAME"! So just '2' more weeks to SEE who's the "Champ-eens" of the 'gridiron'! I can hardly wait for that, and I'll be trying to GET some manner of 'attending' if I can.

The "Geek CHAT" is BACK! so's if anyone wishes to check into this, then by all means please DO! I know that it is truly befitting for thusly, when the "anniversary" of that is upon us, and a "shout OUT" to ole "David Greene" for his "Birthday Anniversary" as well! I won't reveal his 'age' here, so he's got THAT 'going' for HIM at least. It will be nice to "chat" with many there when they are able to be around for a while. Thank YOU to ALL that were helping to get it back on track JACK! It seemed an eternity for this, and it is quite nice to be able to access folks from ALL over the WORLD in that. For those who aren't aware of the FACT, then you can even seek out HELP upon your gaming 'needs' if you have some. It's a 'great' method to obtain some quick 'fix' or answer a "question" of some kind. We even have the occasional "celeb" pop-in from time to time like "Elvis" and "Liberace" with that looney "Bill Hicks" or "Rodney Dangerfield" and many others who 'command' some RESPECT! mind you. So...mind your 'p's & 'q's when you're amongst the "illiterati" of that, once you ARE among them.

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