Friday, June 16, 2006

From the kitchen of Dame Coldfoot and Wolfgang Krocker

Boardgame Salad

Games you will need:

Bohnanza, Candamir, Goa, Gulo Gulo, Hare and Tortoise, Indonesia, Jambo, Mare Nostrum, Puerto Rico, Reef Encounter, Serenissima, Siena, Traders of Genoa

1. Wash and dry the lettuce from Hare and Tortoise. Tear into bite-sized pieces and chill until ready to toss.

2. Chop the carrots from Hare and Tortoise. Cut green beans and wax beans from Bohnanza into bite size pieces. Rinse garbanzo beans. Slice Candamir mushrooms. Blanch Puerto Rico and Siena corn (still on the cob) and chill in a bowl of ice water. Carefully cut the corn kernels off the cobs. Save cobs for the sheep. Set veggies aside.

3. Shell the shrimp from Reef Encounter. Let shrimp marinade in 1 cup of Siena wine, ½ cup of Mare Nostrum olive oil. Sprinkle Serenissima spices, Traders of Genoa salt and Goa pepper to taste for one hour. Do not marinate for more than 1 hour. ToG salt and Goa pepper taste woody if left to marinate for more than 1 hour. In a sauté pan, heat 2 tablespoons of Mare Nostrum olive oil on medium-high heat. Quickly stir-fry shrimp until pink and opaque. Chill.

4. Hard boil 5 medium sized Gulo Gulo eggs. Cool and chop finely.

5. For dressing, mix ½ cup Mare Nostrum olive oil, ½ cup Serenissima wine, 4 tablespoons Indonesia spices and ¼ cup Candamir honey. Mix well. Add ½ cup of pureed fruit from Jambo and chill.

6. In a large bowl, mix lettuce and veggies. Top with shrimp and chopped eggs. Pour dressing over all and toss well.

Serves: 3-5
Eat time: 45 minutes.

Australian Version: For an advanced meal arm wrestle to decide who gets the last shrimp.

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Unknown said...

Sounds delicious! However, the carrots from Attika are in season right now.