Saturday, June 23, 2007

Where do the games fit in?

Biggie's teacher: So, Melissa, what is it that you actually DO?
Me: I'm a consultant in online services. I help companies improve their websites & web presence, and to manage them better.
Teacher: (Looks confused). So, where do the games fit in?

We've had this before, too, with comments like, "I didn't know you ran a book shop" (I don't, we just like to read).

I wonder whether it would be different if I coached a children's netball or hockey team three times a week. There doesn't seem to be an expectation that people are paid for their volunteer sporting activities - so it intrigues me that other recreational activities are automatically assumed to be money-making. I only wish they were! Who wouldn't prefer to play & talk about games all day?

This weekend, I'm playing and re-learning all the games that I want to take to Biggie's school on Friday, for her class's last-day-of-term games day. I'm trying to design some curriculum-related material around it, not so much for the kids (who will have fun anyway) but to demonstrate to the teacher how good a fit games can be in the classroom.

The other thing on the gaming agenda is restacking the game shelves. They are a bit like wardrobes: they're fine, they're fine, everything fits ... and then you buy ONE MORE ITEM and suddenly nothing fits anymore and you have piles of games lying around everywhere and nowhere to put them. (Or piles of clothes, in the case of the wardrobe). I think our games may have been spawning while we weren't looking - anyway, I think it's time to retire some stuff to the attic or maybe even to eBay. You know storage space is tight when you catch yourself eyeing the bedroom, thinking, "well if I turned the bed around, then I would have a WHOLE WALL that I could fill with bookshelves!"

And rearranging the bookshelves would let me set up my system for sorting the games properly, too.


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Anonymous said...

Hey Melissa... where in Oz are you? We just moved to Melbourne, and I see some of the things I've missed out on here! Grrrr...