Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Sneaking in an extra post out-of-turn

I am sneaking in an extra post to say two things.

1. The Australian Games Expo was a blast. And the support from the city council was astonishing. They even painted the Expo logo & details on the back of the city's shuttle bus! (Wish I had taken a photo ...). Next year is when we need to see more people making the trip, especially some international players and companies (mad props to Zev Z-Man for coming this year). If you are thinking of coming to Australia, why not come in the middle of winter when it is really incredibly cold in June?

2. If you have ever even vaguely considered playing Euphrat and Tigris, you should read Marshall P.'s amazing session report of a game that Latria, Koert, Grinningpik and I played last year. And if you have never considered playing Euphrat and Tigris, then you should read it anyway because it will make you want to play. I never usually do link posts, but this is truly exceptional.


caradoc said...

The Australian Games Expo was a fantastic event - thanks to those who made it happen and thanks to those who who made it such an enjoyable place to be!!!!


Jake said...

Thank you for letting us know about that T&E session report - what an incredible piece of work!
As you predicted, before reading it I was quite indifferent to T&E, now I'm itching to play it again!!

Jake (NZ)