Saturday, March 17, 2007

The Bottoms Game - or, It's got spikes all over it

It's my turn to blog for Gone Gaming and I haven't prepared anything, I'm afraid. I've been immersed in work deadlines, problems with my parents' health and Otto's fourth birthday party.
Gratuitous photo:

We did manage to play a game last night.

For her birthday, I bought her a game called Picco Popolino, published by Selecta. A friend suggested that it might have come from the Special Shop for Warped Parents, known only to me. I don't think it's that bad, although it's pretty odd.

The game components are two sets of discs with pictures of animals. The small discs have pictures of animals' heads. The larger discs have pictures of an animal's head on one side, and its bottom on the other side.

To play the game, the big discs are laid out face down on the table, and the small discs are placed in a face-down pile (or just face-down in the box). Players take it in turns to draw a small disc and then describe the animal. The other player(s) try to identify which bottom belongs to the animal that is being described.

So, Otto and I took it out last night and played. Two-player, it's more about turn-taking and describing things - but I was surprised by some of the descriptions. See if you can identify which animal she is talking about.

1. It's green and it loves to jump and it's got spikes all over it.

2. It's pink and it's got a squeezy tail ... it's a farm animal.

3. It's silver, like the mouse is silver, cos the elephant is silver ... oops

4. It's white and black and it likes to MOO! MOO!

5. It's brown and it likes to wave its tongue out and it likes to wave its big floppy ears.

6. It is silver and it likes to stick its tail out and it is a ... it likes to eat fishies.

7. It is silver and it likes to (trumpeting noise). It's big and it's an elephant.

8. It likes to wave its tail and it likes to eat meatballs or play with a ribbon.

9. It's got a tall neck and it likes to eat leaves from the trees and d'you know what it is?

Answers later in the week, in comments.

Betcha don't get all nine!


Topher Frisco said...

After reading Otto's descriptions, they were just too cute not to respond. I clicked on your link from your shameless plug on BGG thinking I would just read the entry. But She's so adorable I couldn't resist.

Here are my guesses:
1. Frog
2. Pig
3. Hippo
4. Cow
5. Dog
6. Pelican
7. :-) Elephant
8. Lion
9. Giraffe.

Anonymous said...

Some of these were tough ;-)


caesarmom said...

1. Toad
2. Pig
3. Elephant
4. Cow
5. Dog
6. Hippo??
7. Um, elephant?
8. Cat
9. Giraffe

Dave Wilson said...

1. frog
2. pig
3. elephant
4. cow
5. dog
6. shark
7. elephant
8. cat
9. giraffe

John Newall said...

Answers:- 1) Frog 2) Pig 3) Elephant 4) Cow 5) Donkey 6) Shark 7) Elephant 8) Cat 9) Giraffe

Brian said...

Cool! Great idea for my son's upcoming birthday.

1. frog
2. pig
3. elephant
4. cow. moo! moo!
5. dog
6. shark
7. elephant
8. mouse (Angelina fan?)
9. giraffe