Saturday, July 01, 2006

A Tale of One City

This post was originally going to be a primer on how to start a new town on BSW, and what to do once your town is founded. When I look back over the discussions we had along the way, though, it's more of a collection of instant messenges, posts and emails, with the odd link to information that is actually useful. After all, every town needs an unexpurgated history.

What surprised me was how many players on Brettspielwelt know nothing about the 'metagame' - the part where you join a town, elect a town council, build new gamerooms, trade with other towns, etc. I think it's something that BSW does well, especially by allowing people to choose to participate in that part of the BSW offering or to not participate, just playing games instead. This potted history is really for metagame players - I've not explained many of the terms and concepts.

And while this is a scary long post, it's a whole lot shorter than it could have been :)

February, 2006

Back in February, a couple of friends offered to show me around this German boardgaming site they played on. I'd visited once before, briefly, but ran and cowered in fear at the sheer volume of information and players.

April, 2006

Early April.

Melissa in AU: We should designate a weekend for Werewolf: The Gathering
Melissa in AU: And have a BSW orgy (in a non-sex kind of way)
Belash: it'd be fun... online + forum :)
Belash: that's be really cool
Belash: a BSW/Werewolf bgg.con
Melissa in AU: Yes!
Melissa in AU: Lynches every hour ... heh
Belash: we'd like to play other games in between
Belash: plus Skyping
Melissa in AU: Yes
Belash: a 24 hour marathon to get all timezones involved
Melissa in AU: I think if we scheduled it, say, 2 months in advance then people would be able to plan to take that weekend as "me time"
Melissa in AU: so as not to upset partners...
Belash: like July ish... 7thish....
Melissa in AU: oh this would be fun!
Belash: it'll be a great time
Melissa in AU: Shall we do it?
Belash: Plan PBEM games of Tikal, Hoity Toity, Reef Encounter et al at Spielbyweb
Belash: Hansa and Samurai at Mabi
Belash: Tonnes at BSW
Belash: ET here
Belash: bgg
Melissa in AU: Yeah. And BSW. And some sort of silly ww game to run all weekend.

And so, the BGG Werewolf Community Virtual Convention was born. (It's next weekend, by the way - open invitiation - this is a shameless plug - hope to game with you then!)

Late April, 2006 - possibly the 29th

Fast forward to late April. All the best ideas get thought out on Microsoft Instant Messenger:

Belash: What do you think about starting a new bsw town?
Melissa: Oooooo fun

As you can see, I had a clear understanding of the amount of work and research that would go into founding and maintaining a BSW town. Not.

Not long afterwards, I start with the emails.

Blah blah blah ... lots of information about founding a city, culled from ...

I guess this means I *am* interested ;) But there is a lot of work to do before we would be able to go ahead with it.

15 minutes later ...
Subject: knew I would find it eventually

more info

3 minutes later ...
Subject: oooo
If we started things now or soonish, we could plan to found our town on June 1st and then have it up & running in time for the con.

sorry to spam you with messages.

May, 2006

May 1st

Melissa in AU: I found a really good forum post about founding cities
Melissa in AU: It's in German though ... translating it for you now
Melissa in AU: So, Greig, we need a PROJECT PLAN!!! LOL!
Belash: Oh god... a Project Plan
Belash: thank god you're trained! ;)
Melissa in AU: LOL!
Melissa in AU: Not really... but we need to decide what we need to do & get a bit of a plan going, so we don't lose momentum and miss out on having our city ready by July.
Belash: we have to gauge interest as well... If we can't get enough people to sign up, making any sort of plan will be moot
Melissa in AU: We need a name, etc - did I send you the stuff from The Boomer's page about what to submit?
Melissa in AU: We need forests & things for the wolves to hide in ;)
Belash: i was hoping forests as well :)
Melissa in AU: Heh. Theme it up, baby
Melissa in AU: The haunted house only costs FIVE THOUSAND TALERS ARRRGH
Belash: old rickety houses... need to get rid of my cave...
Belash: dirt roads
Melissa in AU: And space reserved for when we can afford a haunted house
Melissa in AU: And Lupus something for the name
Melissa in AU: Lupus Landing?
Melissa in AU: Lupus Lane?
Belash: We could have a contest ;)
Belash: whoever wins gets to pick the first game
Melissa in AU: Fun :)
Melissa in AU: Ooo, no.
Belash: NO? :P
Melissa in AU: We need to pick our first 2 games really carefully, I think
Melissa in AU: Games that get played a LOT by us
Melissa in AU: So if someone won and said "I want to put Backgammon in the hut" that would not work
Belash: We can provide a list of Five games they can choose from
Melissa in AU: So how much planning do we do before we 'announce' it?
Belash: we should announce by end of the week
Melissa in AU: What do we need before then?
Melissa in AU: Basic skeleton submission, with room to add?
Belash: We should send out personal invitations to people we know are online and post a message to others
Melissa in AU: Should we invite people already or wait a few days to do it all at once?
Belash: at least give an idea of what we are planning and how
Melissa in AU: Whee! This is exciting!
Belash: actually... let's do something tomorrow
Belash: go back to early idea... no need to do work if noone is interested
Melissa in AU: I think we need some sort of skeleton to show people there has been some thought
Melissa in AU: Not just 'let's make a town! It would be FUN!' but 'we thought it would be fun to have a town, blah blah blah, this is what we are planning tentatively, what do you think?'


Melissa in AU: hello! I am doing Research
Belash: A hell of a lot of it too!
Melissa in AU: Oh you have no idea...
Melissa in AU: GUILDS!
Melissa in AU: But here is the exciting thing: Many guilds (of games we are probably interested in) give donations of 3000 Talers if you build their game in a room. And St Pete gives 5000 Talers
Melissa in AU: Basically, it looks to me like there is a lot of support once you get founded - you just have to get the Alderman to approve

Belash: by looking at the list.
Belash: we have Ingenious - good solo, plus can play 2-4 effectively - quick and earns points
Belash: San Juan - mostly utilized as a 2er. decent game length
Belash: Caylus - Long, heavier game - mostly 2er, but played with 3 and 4 as well
Belash: T&T - longer game - 2er mostly, 3 &4 as well... however... no guild = no talers....
Belash: I think for my tastes TransAmerica should be a game. Plays to six in good time... allows more members to play together. easy to learn and teach
Belash: siedler - quick 3er. very popular game on BSW = easy to get opponents
Melissa in AU Greig - Belash So we have nothing for LOTS of people - do we need Attribut or something similar?
Belash: and while it is important to get games that give money, we need ones that continue to earn money as well...
Belash: should we post the proposal and send out invites at the same time?
Melissa in AU: I think so. With a link to the proposal thread
Belash: hey... the ranks will be simple !
Melissa in AU: Roles?
Melissa in AU: What is the highest? Seer? Or just roles up to w12 and then standard english titles?
Belash: Werewolf!
Melissa in AU: LOL! Of course!
Belash: so W18 = Werewolf
Belash: W17 = Seer
Belash: what else?


Belash Melissa in AU W18 - Moderator W17 - Werewolf W16 – Seer W15 – Hunter W14 – Sorcerer W13 – Bodyguard W12 – Cultist W11 – Witness W10 – Medium W09 – Lover W08 – Mason W07 – Cobbler W06 – Tinker W05 – Vanillager W04 – Rookie W03 – Newbie


Melissa in AU: you thought of any good town names?
Belash: GreigCity
Melissa in AU: oo i like that one
Belash: Lycanthropcity
Melissa in AU: oo that's good. Ditch the p though - lycanthrocity
Belash: Ok. I think we should post what we have. Then as people show interest and propose new ideas, to have them added to our original Proposal.
Belash: Also, should we provide a list of possible City names in this proposal, which will be posted on Bgg, but not necessarily to the Alderman
Melissa in AU: back ... I think we ask people to propose city names
Melissa in AU: Then we can propose any we like too. Also game room names.
Melissa in AU: Then we all vote on it if no consensus appears
Belash: Or, we go with Greig City...
Melissa in AU: Also, do we put something in our application about there being many small towns but not many small English-speaking towns ... to distinguish us from the other applications
Belash: once we have people sign up, they will hopefully bring new ideas to the table that we can incorporate


Belash: I like the idea of an Eastern Forest and a Southern lake...
Belash: and the town square is VERY important... they even have a ... can't think of name feel stupid.... hanging device :P
Melissa in AU: OK now I forgot the word too
Melissa in AU: Gibbet
Melissa in AU: And maybe stocks
Belash: i think the square should be concrete... otherwise the blood will be tought to get rid of... with fountains...
Melissa in AU: LOL! Isn't that a bit fancy?
Belash: and the gibbets or whatever in the centre of square....
Belash: there is an actual gibbet
Melissa in AU: really? Wow!
Belash: is there a location you were thinking about?
Belash: does it say that there is bonuses to being in one place over another?
Melissa in AU: different resources
Melissa in AU: Nowhere does it explain WHAT resources you get WHERE
Melissa in AU: So when do you think you will post? Tonight?
Belash: we can post what we have now, if you like... We can say City Plan to follow...

A forum thread appears:
melissa and I have decided to attempt to create a Werewolf based town on brettspielwelt. We have done research into the creation of a town and what is required from a metagame standpoint. I have had some experience in the metagame, acting as a Treasurer and Security Officer for my current town, while melissa has done an amazing amount of reading to prepare herself. We have found that most of our games played are with other Werewolf players, and thought it would be a great idea to take our community to the next level.


If you are interested, and we know that you are, please post below your intention to join the city. Also, if you are interested in taking on more responsibility in a metagame role, please let us know.


Melissa and Greig.

PS. You may have noticed that we don't yet have a name for our city. We figured it would be more fun to have a contest to name the city. All citizens can enter ideas, and then we can vote on them. The winner gets something special. Not to be missed! Really!

The first response appeared 2 minutes after the post was made. Our 'target' was 12-15 people; we had 12 within twelve hours.

May 2nd

Our first setback. We discovered an old forum thread on BSW where someone had proposed starting a werewolf city, and been shot down by the (existing) German werewolf city, Düsterwald.
Much fretting ensues.
Melissa in AU: When I read that thread, I started to think of our proposal doc as more of a business case for the new city.
Melissa in AU: And I realised that we needed to include our 'Unique Selling Point' - what makes us different from the other cities.


Belash: some things we have to think about in our plans.... where will our W12's live?
Melissa in AU: In their own homes? Or do you mean, will we have a residential neighbourhood?
Belash: should we have a community of homes?
Belash: yes... a residential neighbourhood
Melissa in AU: Quite possibly. We need to think about the buildings we will have at the start & later. I like the idea of a (couple of?) little farming communities. And a cluster of townhouses, too.
Melissa in AU: Maybe starting with the huts sort of scattered, so it looks random but will fit with our future city plan

May 3rd

Problem solved:

Belash: Good morning :)
Melissa in AU: I was so tired last night ... went to bed at 9:30. But I am busting to hear about your conversation with the Düsterwald mayor!
Belash: everything went well :)
Melissa in AU: You said - amazing!
Belash: I talked about the international appeal of boardgames and how BSW brings people together... we are a small community from across the globe who have a common interest... yada yada yada :)
fretting over.
Melissa in AU: You rock.
Belash: she understood and will definately support our town
Melissa in AU: that's fantastic!
Melissa in AU: And you said we have Xand?
Belash: yes. xand is joining.
Melissa in AU: fantastic!

May 4th ...

Thinking ahead

Melissa in AU: I was thinking I would start on translating our proposal - doesn't matter if there are still changes, at least I have something started
Melissa in AU: It is probably unnecessary to translate, but I think it's polite
Melissa in AU: we have 16 people already!!! 1xW17 2xW15 2xW12
Melissa in AU: Shall we go with Lupus Landing for now?
Belash: yes.
Melissa in AU: And need to update the proposal with your discussions with Dusterwald - that we have discussed the idea with them and they have no objections
Melissa in AU: Or can I say they were supportive?
Belash: say o objections :)
Melissa in AU: Oh! We need room names in there!
Melissa in AU: Neither of you has laughed at Wolves on a Train. It still cracks me up :)
xandryyte: I like the name, it's funny :)
Melissa in AU: SJ: Wolves in violet? Silver Mines for Silver Bullets?
Belash: don't forget, we a re basing this on bgg werewolf right?
Belash: can always "borrow" game names
Belash: LynchTheProvost

May 5th

Belash posted to the forum thread on BGG:
With 16 or so members signed up we would be one of the larger cities citizen wise in BSW. We hope to expand and have already noticed some of you werewolf players enjoying BSW more often! While our attempt is not guaranteed, we feel that we have done a very good job with the proposal, in our discussions with others, in obtaining support and planning this whole thing out. We are really excited and hope everything works out. As soon as we know what will happen, we will let you all know. Hopefully, it will be sooner than later and a resounding yes!

Belash: I talked with the Alderman today, couvus
Melissa in AU: and?
Belash: she said she looked forward to our proposal

Belash sends me a new map ...
Melissa in AU: i like the roadd around the tower
Melissa in AU: Why is there a random statue? Is that someone that has been turned to stone?
Belash: it's in honour of me.
Belash: :P
Melissa in AU: Ah, okay
Melissa in AU: And I take it the middle townhouse hosts the day spa?
Belash: yes
Belash: there whould be tress throughout, like around huts
Melissa in AU: We made Hansestadt very quickly. Yay us!!
Belash: That's where it would go ;)
Melissa in AU: ;)
Belash: i like the idea of a center of town and building out from there
Melissa in AU: what did you think of the idea of naming buildings after games? Had we already discussed that?
Melissa in AU: after ww games, that is
Belash: i liked the idea to a point...
Belash: but, if we name it HarryPotter, those in Hogwarts may take offense
Melissa in AU: so with a bit of common sense applied?
Melissa in AU: Heh! Or we could really build those 3 townhouses and name the middle one "The Xandryyte Day Spa" ;)

May 6th

Melissa in AU: anything from couvus?
Melissa in AU: ^^^ wants it to happen NOW dammit ;)


Melissa in AU: should I im her? just to say, did you get it?
Belash: you might as well im her... do it in german though ;) impress her
Melissa in AU: will do once i put otto to bed
Belash: have you done it?
Belash: how about now?
Belash: and now?
Melissa: lol wait for otto to sleep
Melissa in AU: i think she is sleeping ... will transfer her soon
Belash: Rock a bye baby....
Melissa in AU: OK gonna do it now... absurdly nervous
Melissa in AU: she's just getting to her emails
Melissa in AU: she promised not to laugh too loudly about any mistakes in my german ;)

Here's the actual text (with translation) of that conversation:
[I asked whether she had our proposal, she said whoa! I've just come in, checking my emails now]
[please don't laugh too hard at my crappy German, ask me any questions you like. She said German is easier for her than English ;) ]

couv@Innenstadt: so, ich habs mir durchgelesen
couv@Innenstadt: kein sehr schönes und gelungenes Konzept

[Melissa's heart stops. Alderfrau says "I've read it. It's not a good and well-thought-out concept."]

couv@Innenstadt: upd
couv@Innenstadt: ups
couv@Innenstadt: -k
You say: lol!

[Oops! Oops! Forget the 'k' (this changes 'not a' to 'a')]

couv@Innenstadt: ein sehr schönes und gelungenes Konzept
couv@Innenstadt: ein sehr schönes und gelungenes Konzept
couv@Innenstadt: ein sehr schönes und gelungenes Konzept
couv@Innenstadt: ein sehr schönes und gelungenes Konzept
couv@Innenstadt: ein sehr schönes und gelungenes Konzept
couv@Innenstadt: !!!!

[" a good and well-thought-out concept." (x5)]

You say: *g*
couv@Innenstadt: blöde tastatur

[stupid keyboard]

And here's our conversation afterwards:
Belash: was she laughing as you typed to her?
Melissa in AU: "a very good and well thought through concept"
Belash: really?
Melissa in AU: hold on though... looks like a deferral...
Melissa in AU: I think she's going to boot it to her successor
Belash: the one who wants to put in new cities?
Melissa in AU: If they are still the only candidate, yeah
Belash: ask her if there is anything more needed :)
Belash: tell her our city can be her legacy ;)
Belash: ~is dying to know what's being said!~
Melissa in AU: sounds good but not absolutely great
Melissa in AU: I think it's "if I don't do it, my successor will"
Belash: so what she is saying is that it WILL be approved... maybe by her, if she has time... but definately by her successor
Melissa in AU: sounds like it. But she can't absolutely promise that
Belash: well then tell HER to approve it :P
Melissa in AU: lol
Belash: I'm breathing into a bag here! ;)
Melissa in AU: finished chatting. She's going to read it again, get back to me if she has questions
Melissa in AU: She thought it was a REALLY GOOD proposal

May 11th

Melissa in AU: someone is running against Tootles
Belash: ah. and they don't want new cities...
Melissa in AU: No, they are just running against him for the hell of it
Melissa in AU: There seems to be an expectation that Tootles will win
Belash: that's good.
Melissa in AU: He is from Heaven & Hell which I think is C100
Belash: should we talk with tootles?
Melissa in AU: He wants to found 17 new cities so that he can found C200 as Hell & Heaven for the 2nd userIDs of all the Heaven & Hell people ;)
Melissa in AU: I think I will leave it to couvus to hand over ... not sure

May 13th

An idea...
We should have birthday parties! Online! And invite all our friends to play games with us on bsw!
It would be fun.

Melissa in AU: I started a Lupus Landing web page today ... haven't uploaded it though. I warned you I can be obsessive, didn't I?
Melissa in AU: And did you see my birthday idea?
Greig - Belash: yes, I like it :)
Melissa in AU: all about community ...
Belash: groups hugs every fifth Sunday ;)

May 14th

Melissa in AU: I think all this faffing around trying to get a city founded is just so much bullshit.
Melissa in AU: Am pissed off now
Anonymous correspondent: i agree. we have plenty of people. a decent theme. and then we can't do it
Melissa in AU: what's the bloody holdup?
Melissa in AU: 6 of our people are W2 & below... I wonder whether that's the problem
Melissa in AU: But I think that shows we are bringing new people in
Belash: no... you only need 5 people.
Belash: we are going to be ok'd very soon

May 15th

A new Alderman, Tootles, took over today. The BSW Alderman is elected for one month, from the 15th of the month. They are essentially the chief of the Metagame on BSW for that month, with responsibility for approving new cities, looking after old ones, etc.

Belash: hello busy bee... if you have a minute or two I can teel you about my conversation with Tootles
Melissa in AU: Ooh - you talked?
Melissa in AU: Lucky I didn't pester him when I saw him online :)
Belash: w chatted for a while, made jokes
Belash: I found him prior to sending our Proposal in
Belash : anyway, he said he was going to talk with ARMstice first, to ensure he was able to build new cities
Melissa in AU: fair enough - first day on the job and all...
Belash: and that would be tomorrow or the next day and then we could go from there
Belash: our chat was amicable.
Melissa in AU: Did you say "What, you mean your election program was all a LIE??? You don't really want to build 17 cities???"


Melissa in AU: Tootles is writing a (daily?) diary of being Alderman - the first one was pretty funny
Melissa in AU: Can you post something to the thread? Just to let people know how it's going? I think we are losing a little momentum :(
Belash: still writing... but very important topic
Belash: need two things...
Belash: A crest
Belash: and a banner

May 16th

xandryyte: I really would like to be one of the founding members... I will be home right at 4 PM BGG Time each evening... I *could* sign on during lunch between 11 - 11:30ish...
Melissa in AU: I'm the same.
Melissa in AU: We'll make it work.


Belash: maybe we are doing a bunch of work for nothing :(
Melissa in AU: Did Tootles not sound enthusiastic today?
Melissa in AU: I made a LupusLanding channel.
Belash: he sounded fine. he is very good and chatting without giving anything away... a great ww player prolly ;)

May 18th

Melissa in AU: I love that ET has street names
Belash: Greig: lissa! I'm coming to Melbourne! Lissa: When? Greig: August 1st Lissa: Out of town. sorry. Greig: I'll be there for six months Lissa: by out of town, I meant moving.
Melissa in AU: LOL. Moving to CHINA
Melissa in AU: And changing my name
Belash: oh.. with the city plan, I just have roads and coloured areas where we should build
Melissa in AU: I need to go ... bedtime
Melissa in AU: Excellent!
Belash: sleep well.
Melissa in AU: We need, I think, 2 farms and 1 townhouse
Melissa in AU: at least, I plan to need the townhouse real soon now ;)
Belash: 3 farms :( 17

May 19th

Melissa in AU: Gaah! I can't believe I have been studying the german pages and there were english pages on the old site all the time...

May 20th

Melissa in AU: Did you see I had a list of what we need to do when we go live? I think that will be helpful
Melissa in AU: Also couvus IMd me last night which was unexpected
Belash: yes, I saw both :)
Belash: I saw the list of Games
Belash: there were definately some I'd like to use
Belash: and others that will be used, but in the future
Belash: we could even use them to name our game rooms
Melissa in AU: Yes! I want Rock Island Asylum, The House on Demon Hill, Disco Inferno ... maybe not Panty Raid ;)
Melissa in AU: Some would work ... I do like our game room names so far, though
Belash: Bewitched for the witchhouse
Belash: Curse of the Lighthouse for the... Lighthouse
Melissa in AU: Yes
Melissa in AU: exactly
Belash: but those are down the road
Melissa in AU: But we can save the,
Belash: we are going to need to get money... immediately
Melissa in AU: Rivers Edge for the Harbour maybe
Melissa in AU: Yes!!!

May 21st

Thinking about layout ...

Belash: you want the huts close to the square?
Melissa in AU: there is the square, which is paved & has gallows
Belash: yes
Melissa in AU: and a crossroafds further north
Melissa in AU: which i thought might have been the original village meeting place
Melissa in AU: with the huts around it rather than around the newer, more affluent town sqyuare
Belash: so make a second, smaller town square
Belash: ?
Melissa in AU: just cluster the huts around that unpaved crossroads
Melissa in AU: as we got richer, we made it all that much fancier
Belash: and then move everything up there as well? change the farms and so on?
Melissa in AU: a bit ...

May 22nd

Getting impatient...

Melissa in AU: I think I will log in to bsw and just watch & see if Tootles logs in.
Melissa in AU: he hasn't posted his daily diary for a couple of days

May 23

still growing ...

Belash: WE GOT ARKI!
Melissa in AU: OMG!!! Wow!
Belash: Another game room!
Melissa in AU: Ecellent!
Melissa in AU: YOU ROCK!!
Belash: i didn't do anything
Melissa in AU: or whoever got arki rocks
Melissa in AU: xand?
Belash: i responded and gave a bit of an update
Belash: CapAp made W12
Melissa in AU: Excellent - he got to w12 and I got to w8 - now we just need shug & a couple of others to make w3

May 27th

Melissa in AU: I have to ask: any word from Tootles?
Belash: nope
Melissa in AU: *sigh*
Belash: you will know the minute I do.
Melissa in AU: I am really tempted to PM him to explain why we need more notice ... *sigh* ... I was REALLY pissed off earlier in the week
Belash: literally, I had about 45 seconds of internet access, and I only checked to see if Tootles had written
Melissa in AU: fretting
Melissa in AU: fretting
Melissa in AU: fretting


Belash: I think we should plan to be founded
Melissa in AU: And I have a 5-step contingency plan
Melissa in AU: Oh! We are going to have a parade when we are founded.
Belash: and plan for next Sat night/Sunday morning for you or next Sun morn/Sun night
Belash: a parade?
Melissa in AU: I'm planning to take the Mon off work so I can stay up late late
Melissa in AU: Yes.
Belash: LOL
Melissa in AU: Not sure how to do it - maybe line up in a row.
Belash: now that is funny!
Melissa in AU: You, me, CapAp, Ann, etc.
Melissa in AU: You go to one of our rooms, I ghook you.
Melissa in AU: You move on while CapAp ghooks me.
Belash: omg
Melissa in AU: I move on while Ann ghooks him
Melissa in AU: I think that is how to do it.
Belash: doesn't the mayor have to approve such things
Melissa in AU: Meanwhile I ghook you again
Melissa in AU: LOL
Melissa in AU: we were playing st pete and talking about it - I think it's a great idea :)
Belash: I leave you alone for four days and I have a parade on my hands!
Melissa in AU: Meanwhile there was talk of a demonstration in ARMfeld about the bloody still-waiting-to-hear-if-we-are-being-founded bullshit ...
Belash: if i had one of those "shake head" emoticons, he'd be living it up on our conversation
Melissa in AU: lol
Melissa in AU: I think a parade is great! LOL!
Belash: perspective i guess ;)
Melissa in AU: I am such a baby. I love that stuff.
Belash: when we get to the parade, I will be supportive and excited!
Belash: maybe I'll start in the first city founded and make our way through the entire world before returning to LupusLanding! :D
Belash: /goto C1-1
2Belash: /goto C2-1
Belash: ...
Melissa in AU: yes
Belash: /goto C100-1
Melissa in AU: /C1-1 then /C1-2
Melissa in AU: not through other cities
Melissa in AU: people might be playing, could be annoying
Belash: ALL of the CITIES :)
Belash: It's a PARADE!
Melissa in AU: all their game managers
Melissa in AU: LOL
Belash: well, I wouldn't know their games manager numbers.
Belash: can I plan a route? :)
Melissa in AU: we could find out...
Melissa in AU: please!
Belash: through all of the english speaking towns
Belash: and ARMfeld
Melissa in AU: at the least
Belash: the first one founded and Dusterwald
Melissa in AU: we could line it up with them in advance
Belash: oh god no.
Melissa in AU: change our appear/disappear messages
Melissa in AU: just do it, you reckon?
Belash: feels suddenly too sick next sunday to participate in the parade

I realise now that we never did that parade ... hmm ...

May 28th

The stress is getting to us ...

Belash: it's been two weeks since we sent in our proposal
Melissa in AU: THREE weeks honey
Belash: to him?
Melissa in AU: two weeks since we sent it to him
Belash: two
Belash: :D
Melissa in AU: but still three weeks
Melissa in AU: Oh - one bad thing I discovered while poking around
Melissa in AU: The custom ranks cost 15000 Taler :(
Belash: really?
Melissa in AU: yeah
Belash: we'll save up then
Melissa in AU: I think we should - first thing after town hall
Melissa in AU: or even before depending on our Taler-to-Resource ratios
Belash: yup


Belash: Lots of rank promotions already
28/05/2006 9:19:39 AM Greig - Belash Melissa in AU we are up to 28!! people!
Melissa in AU: That's a big town
Belash: it is getting really big!
Melissa in AU: I just hope they play a lot... that's a lot of resources to find for tax!

May 30th

xandryyte: I just got some GREAT news...
xandryyte: Geniesse will be moving to LupusLanding too... And he has high enough of a level for a game room... He wants St Pete :)
Melissa in AU: Fantastic!
Melissa in AU: That makes 30, btw. With, I think, 5 w15+

June, 2006

June 1st

I am teaching some people how to play Thurn und Taxis ...

(09:41:58) -- Kronprinz Tootles enters BrettSpielWelt and leaves the real world.
(09:42:03) MelissaInAU: So you are the first player (because you have the picture of the post horn)
(09:46:24) xandryyte is not a wolf.... but she just might be the Seer.. Shhhhhhh
(09:46:33) xandryyte :)
(09:47:09) MelissaInAU: hi xand
(09:47:16) MelissaInAU: Tootles is on and it's the 1st - shall I hassle him?
(09:48:46) -- Heaven&Hell [C100] - (Tootles, Minni)
(09:49:28) MelissaInAU: remember, the last we heard was that he would announce it on the 1st
(09:52:52) xandryyte: Yeah, that's true, he did say the 1st... [sigh]
(09:53:04) MelissaInAU: what the hell.
(09:53:34) SybotCB: ?
(09:54:05) xandryyte: wth, she will ask Tootles ;)
(09:54:27) MelissaInAU: *tell sent
(09:54:32) MelissaInAU: let's see what happens
(09:54:39) MelissaInAU: and it's my go ... sorry

Meanwhile, in another window...
(09:54:11) You say: also, schon der 1. Juni :-) - hast Du Deine Entscheidung betrl. einer LupusLanding-Gruendung getroffen?
(09:54:37) Tootles: jop
(09:54:44) Tootles: LL ist eine der 5 neuen Städte
(09:54:51) Tootles: morgen gehen Mails an die Gründer raus
(09:54:53) Tootles: wegen Terminfindeung
(09:54:58) You say: Wunderbar!!!
(09:55:03) You say: Danke danke danke :-)

And in the now somewhat forgotten game of Thurn und Taxis ...
(09:55:08) MelissaInAU: YES!!!!!!
(09:55:23) SybotCB: approved?
(09:55:25) xandryyte: WHA?!?!
(09:55:47) MelissaInAU: YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(09:55:52) MelissaInAU: WE ARE ONE OF THE 5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(09:55:54) xandryyte: AHHHHH!!!! YES!!!!!!
(09:55:59) SybotCB: yeah
(09:56:01) MelissaInAU is virtually crying
(09:56:02) xandryyte: AWESOME!!! :) :)
(09:56:08) xandryyte is too!!
(09:56:37) xandryyte: And BGG is down and you can't announce it yet :(
(09:56:48) MelissaInAU: changing my MSN message
(09:56:48) SybotCB: hehe
(09:56:53) MelissaInAU: Wish I had a cellphone number for Greig
(09:56:57) MelissaInAU: sorry Chris
(09:57:02) SybotCB: no problem
(09:57:26) xandryyte: omg, omg, omg!!!! :)
(09:57:46) xandryyte: I am soooo excited now!!! :)
(09:57:59) MelissaInAU: OMG!!!!!
(09:58:01) MelissaInAU -)
(09:58:04) SybotCB: our own city :)
(09:58:04) MelissaInAU: He's being really nice
(09:58:16) SybotCB: now I need to get to W8
(09:58:16) xandryyte: really? wow!!
(09:58:24) cad614 verdichtet sich aus einer Wolke glitzernder Partikel.
(09:59:15) xandryyte: I want to shout to the world!!! ;)
(09:59:18) MelissaInAU: Me too!
(09:59:21) cad614: why?
(09:59:36) cad614: do you have something important to say?
(10:00:05) xandryyte: yes...
(10:00:10) xandryyte is bursting
(10:01:29) xandryyte: cad, we have approval on our new town!! :) :)
(10:01:29) MelissaInAU is totally distracted
(10:01:32) xandryyte: hehe
(10:01:52) cad614: new town?
(10:02:05) xandryyte: yes!
(10:02:07) MelissaInAU: LUPUS LANDING!!!!!!!!!
(10:02:17) MelissaInAU: xand you will need to reset the motto in the channel.
(10:02:37) MelissaInAU: Tootles has been having PC problems
(10:02:45) MelissaInAU loves him now :-)
(10:02:53) xandryyte: Oh... I see
(10:03:30) MelissaInAU: Chris, you need to discard down to 3 cards in your hand
(10:03:34) xandryyte: Do you know?
(10:03:36) SybotCB: oh
(10:04:16) xandryyte: Ok, how should I word it? ;)
(10:04:33) MelissaInAU: Just YAY!!!!! OMG Incoherent ;-)
(10:04:39) xandryyte: hehe
(10:04:42) SybotCB: nice
(10:05:20) MelissaInAU: I have it in my MSN now
(10:06:12) xandryyte: There, how's that?
(10:06:26) MelissaInAU: LOL xand that is great

And in our LupusLanding channel:
(10:06:01) -- User 'xandryyte' sets the channel Motto to: WE ARE OFFICIAL!!! OMG! OMG! OMG! YEAH!!!!!
(10:07:05) -- Anonymouse enters the channel.
(10:07:28) Anonymouse: official?!?
(10:07:51) MelissaInAU: YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(10:07:53) SybotCB: as in we are now BSW referee's
(10:07:58) MelissaInAU: We are a YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(10:08:05) Anonymouse: (: (:
(10:08:06) SybotCB: we have to pop from game to game and make sure everyone is playing by the rules
(10:08:47) xandryyte: WAHOO!!!!! :) :) :) YEAH!!!!!
(10:09:24) MelissaInAU: I told him Sunday is our preference for founding, he will look into his availability
(10:09:35) xandryyte: Now if BGG was up to announce it there!!
(10:09:44) MelissaInAU: I know!!!!!!!!!!!!
(10:10:07) MelissaInAU: Official confirmation will go out tomorrow
(10:10:52) MelissaInAU: I have emailed Greig
(10:10:52) xandryyte :)
(10:10:59) MelissaInAU: and CapAp
(10:26:54) MelissaInAU: back!
(10:27:04) MelissaInAU: Now I want everyone to log in here and have a party!!!
(10:27:27) xandryyte: I wish!!
(10:28:05) -- People in this Channel:
(10:28:05) -- 'Anonymouse' (Landlord [W12] from ARMfeld) since (0:21:03.181)
(10:28:05) -- 'MelissaInAU' (Businesswoman [W8] from ARMfeld) since (1:14:09.060)
(10:28:05) -- 'xandryyte' (Elector [W17]Botschafterin from EnglishTown) since (3:09:10.569)
(10:28:05) -- There are 3 active players on this Channel
(10:28:10) MelissaInAU: It's just fantastic
(10:29:51) xandryyte :) :) :) :)
(10:29:51) MelissaInAU just saved her main chat window text too
(10:29:58) xandryyte: hehe
(10:30:56) MelissaInAU: I am a bit manic about saving logs ... wish the BSW client would do it automatically
(10:32:05) xandryyte: yeah...
(10:33:14) MelissaInAU: I just IM'd Fraser to tell him ... not that he will care except that I will be less stressed ;-)
(10:55:15) -- Spielguy enters the channel.
(10:55:24) xandryyte: Hiya! :)
(10:55:55) MelissaInAU: Didja see the message? Didja? Didja?
(10:56:02) xandryyte: hehe
(10:56:13) Spielguy: Sunday? Good to go?
(10:56:45) MelissaInAU: we hope it will be Sunday
(10:56:48) Spielguy: You might even get me up early for that
(10:56:52) MelissaInAU: Alderman has to confirm his availability
(10:57:08) MelissaInAU: 10 pm for me ... I already warned Fraser I will be LATE to bed
(10:57:35) Spielguy: Good news indeed. Hope it all comes together
(10:57:42) xandryyte: Its 10 for you? wow... I thought Bel said it would be 8... :(
(10:58:33) MelissaInAU: Nah. 8am EST is 10pm for me, 2pm for Alderman, 1pm for Javal
(10:58:49) MelissaInAU: That's okay ... staying up till 2 is easy, that's 4 hours
(10:59:07) xandryyte :)
(11:03:04) -- oilslider enters the channel.
(11:03:14) xandryyte: Hiya!! :)
(11:03:21) Spielguy: hey
(11:03:25) oilslider: hello all
(11:03:26) MelissaInAU squeals read the message! read the message!
(11:03:34) xandryyte: hehe
(11:03:44) oilslider: I CANNOT HELP BUT READ THE MESSAGE!!!111!!
(11:03:49) xandryyte: LOL!!
(11:03:50) MelissaInAU ) :) :) :)
(11:03:51) oilslider :-)
(11:04:23) oilslider: so is it this sunday then?
(11:04:32) xandryyte: We hope!!
(11:04:36) MelissaInAU: we are waiting for confirmation of time
(11:04:40) oilslider: I won't be there :-(
(11:04:49) MelissaInAU :-(
(11:04:51) oilslider: I'll be vacationing
(11:04:51) xandryyte :(
(11:04:56) MelissaInAU :-)
(11:05:06) xandryyte: well, vacationing is good!
(11:05:13) oilslider: yes
(11:05:16) oilslider: it is
(11:06:30) -- People in this Channel:
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(11:06:30) -- 'Spielguy' (Lehrling [W3] from ARMfeld) since (0:11:24.099)
(11:06:30) -- 'MelissaInAU' (Businesswoman [W8] from ARMfeld) since (1:52:38.174)
(11:06:30) -- 'xandryyte' (Elector [W17]Botschafterin from EnglishTown) since (3:47:39.683)
(11:06:30) -- There are 5 active players on this Channel
(11:13:05) -- acekim enters the channel.
(11:13:13) xandryyte: acie!! :)
(11:13:19) oilslider: heya, ace
(11:13:19) acekim: hi terri
(11:13:27) acekim: whassup?
(11:13:55) xandryyte: Not much... How are you?
(11:14:02) MelissaInAU :)
(11:14:12) acekim: Hi Melissa
(11:14:15) MelissaInAU: xand is fibbing ... there is great excitement
(11:14:25) MelissaInAU can't do the poker face thing
(11:14:47) acekim )
(11:14:54) xandryyte: hehe
(11:14:55) acekim :)
(11:15:27) acekim: so you're approved?
(11:15:38) MelissaInAU: yes indeed we are
(11:15:43) MelissaInAU: *we* are approved
(11:15:49) MelissaInAU: not *you* are approved
(11:15:57) acekim looks at his W1 ranking
(11:16:20) acekim: cool that's awesome
(11:16:27) xandryyte: oh... We will work on your rank!!
(11:16:31) MelissaInAU: we'll get you there ... you have 3 days ;)
(11:16:35) oilslider: yeah, ace
(11:16:39) oilslider: we can share a pigsty
(11:16:44) oilslider: i get top bunk
(11:16:50) acekim: I'm on bottom
(11:17:19) MelissaInAU has a very classy townhouse to herself
(11:17:30) MelissaInAU: ... just waiting for Javal to move in too ;-)
(11:29:12) -- Rostok enters the channel.
(11:30:14) -- #Motd: [xandryyte] WE ARE OFFICIAL!!! OMG! OMG! OMG! YEAH!!!!!
(11:30:44) xandryyte: Hopefully come Sunday... YES!!!
(11:31:36) -- People in this Channel:
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(11:31:37) -- 'oilslider' (Apprentice [W3] from ARMfeld) since (0:28:35.066)
(11:31:37) -- 'MelissaInAU' (Kauffrau [W8] from ARMfeld) since (0:01:22.203)
(11:31:37) -- 'Spielguy' (Lehrling [W3] from ARMfeld) since (0:36:30.818)
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(11:31:37) -- 'acekim' (Day Laborer [W1] from ARMfeld) since (0:18:38.285)
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(11:31:37) -- There are 7 active players on this Channel
(11:31:50) Rostok: just thought your message was new and something had happened today.
(11:31:58) MelissaInAU: Yes, it is
(11:32:06) MelissaInAU: We have been approved
(11:32:10) MelissaInAU: it is just a question of time
(11:32:23) Rostok: oh ok - that is new news then. coool...
(11:32:35) MelissaInAU: Yes indeed :)
(11:32:43) Rostok: still got a couple of days to get upto W3 -
(11:33:01) xandryyte :)
(11:34:28) MelissaInAU: We'll get you there, no worries :-)
(11:34:52) MelissaInAU: And if you end up reaching day 3 by playing in LupusLanding on Founding Day ... well, that's pretty good too :-)
(11:35:04) MelissaInAU: ack! W3 not day 3 :-)
(11:37:43) -- arkibet enters the channel.
(11:38:10) acekim: hey ark!
(11:38:15) arkibet: Hiya, folks!
(11:40:10) arkibet: wow - So Sunday it will be official?
(11:40:21) acekim :)
(11:40:37) MelissaInAU: We are hoping / asking for Sunday
(11:40:45) MelissaInAU: it depends on the Alderman's timings
(11:40:59) arkibet: gotcha! Nice Prop file, btw
(11:41:21) MelissaInAU: thanks :) It needs a little tinkering ... WHEN WE HAVE OUR OWN GAMEROOMS!!! (lol)

June 2nd

Melissa in AU: GREIG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Belash: Howdy!
Belash: in a cyber cafe
Melissa in AU: Greig - Belash SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Belash: What?
Melissa in AU: Squee! Look at my tagline.
Melissa in AU: Do you know already?
Belash: I didn't!!!!!
Belash: SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Melissa in AU: Tis a YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Belash: YAHOOO!!!!!!
Melissa in AU: I posted a chat transcript to the main thread
Melissa in AU: Xand and I were almost in tears
Belash: I was so pissed today! Actually had my wife check my email...
Melissa in AU: Well actually I *was* in tears
Melissa in AU: (blushes)
Melissa in AU: I IM'd him at 1am on the 1st with "OK, so it's the first, got an answer for us?"
Belash: I am so pumped!!!!!
Melissa in AU: I emailed you!
Melissa in AU: Or was she just looking for Tootles?
Belash: yes.
Melissa in AU: ah, ok
Belash: no email from him
Melissa in AU: He was meant to email you yesterday - said he would
Melissa in AU: I reiterated our preferred timeframe
Melissa in AU: We chatted for a while ... he was very friendly ... says he's been having PC problems ...
Belash: my heart is beating a mile a minute!
Belash: LOL
Melissa in AU: Tell me about it :)
Melissa in AU: I will email you the transcripts -- I saved LupusLanding, my main window AND the Tootles chat
Melissa in AU: when you get home
Melissa in AU: Congratulations, Mr Mayor
Belash: I am so relieved
Belash: thanks :$
Belash: I will do some work Saturday night
Melissa in AU: We announced it ... I was sorry to do it without you, but felt people deserved to know
Belash: send out invites for the ww game and so on
Melissa in AU: I've told people the Sunday time and said it depends on Tootles' schedule etc etc
Belash: absolutely!!! this is a joint effort! sometimes when one team member can't perform a function, another has to pick up the slack!
Melissa in AU: LOTS of people are planning to be there

C187 LupusLanding was founded on June 4th, 2006.

There is no saved log of our founding, because we were all too excited. Also because most of the chat went on over Skype ... and I'm afraid there was rather too much excitement. It's even possible that there were squeals.

Apart from the five founding members, Belash (Mayor), xandryyte (Deputy Mayor), MelissaInAU (Treasure), CapAp (Warehouse manager) and Lord_Muck, there was a huge collection of members online at the ridiculously early hour of the morning (I think it was about 6am in parts of the US).

As at today, July 1st, we have thirty four members, plus a few "members in waiting" who aren't yet able to join a town. That makes us the 27th largest of the 189 cities on BSW - which brings its own special challenges for us, but ensures that there are always plenty of gaming buddies to play with.

We have fifteen gamerooms, and we are saving to become a member of the bsw Hanseatic League. Some of our plans have changed since those early discussions, but many have remained the same and the overall vision of the town is very much as we discussed at the end of April.

One exciting development is the translation of the german "Spielleiter" puppet that runs werewolf games - the rules aren't exactly the same as the ones we are used to, but the games are quick and very fun, if somewhat silly. To watch a game in progress, /tell wereModerator peek

We can, I think, be proud that our original aim of building and fostering our community, and of providing a friendly environment for gaming, has remained the primary premise of our town. I'm particularly excited by the number of people who have joined or visited bsw for the first time as part of the extended LupusLanding family, and by the fact that many of them have chosen to stay with us.

See you in LupusLanding!


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