Sunday, March 12, 2006

What's NEW "pussycat"?

Yeah, I'm trying to 'get' that "song" imbedded into your HEAD here, for the time being. It leads into what I'm going to relate here for ALL to benefit from, and for which a few already have "experienced" as well. For those fortunate ones, then they even now are quite familiar with "broadcasting" over the "intarwebz" with various 'systems' out there. Our own fair "Melissa" has even been doing a "heckuva JORB! 'brownie'!" with that too, and I implore upon one and ALL to check out hers firsthand to 'see' and 'listen' to this for yourselves. I can even imagine where a SET of back & forth responses can then become "recorded" within an "interview" sort for this, and then permit others to actually HEAR the 'person' responding in this 'manner'. You can discover HOW this is going abouts with what they're 'doing' over upon "the Dice Tower" with their "call in" phone number here: 1-866-203-1407 and yes, I 'plug' this "show" along with many others. From what I understand upon that "phone number" then it is ONLY accessible for those folks in the USA & possibly Canada for the time being, but I've been on their tails about having an 'International' sort for this as well. Then they'll get to 'deal' with ALL kinds of "accents" from you ALL for this, and that ought to be worth the whole 'shebang' eh?

Okay then, here's the 'answer' for the album cover that you 'see' here, and just a couple of folks will recall just WHAT the featured "artiste" here is most famous with. I've 'played' a "tune" of HIS that most are not at all aware of, while some of our fellow "Geeks" have had the 'pleasure' of hearing that particular 'one'. They weren't able to discern that this WAS of his`ns at the time, as it is so radically 'different' from his usual "stylings", that you'd be amazed as well. We accomplished this little 'feat' with the use of the "Google TALK" program, while a few of them have 'dubbed' such as "GROG-radio", and it is NOT at all like "I'm onna 'Mexican' R-A-D-I-O!" either! Although 'they' can at least proclaim that: "they 'heard' IT! they 'heard' IT! they 'heard' IT! on the 'GROG'!" or something to that 'effect'. I even got to give a listen to some of the "tunes" of others in this fashion as well, while I won't divulge their 'secret' favourites unless they don't happen to 'mind' if I did . The quality of the "sound" will depend upon the variables of the 'speakers' or 'headset' that you happen to have, as well as the distances involved, since we've noticed that over vast lengths with these transmissions, then this is fraught with little *pops* & 'clicks' due to whatever. We even 'discovered' that you could 'play' a music CD in your computer just as long as your 'mic' can transmit this decently enough for its purpose and is a great means to enlighten others upon varying 'tastes' in this regard. It might even encourage others to obtain-('legally', I might add here) those "tunes" later on, from where they can. I have even associated certain "songs" with particular "Geeks" here, and they KNOW who they 'are', while I shall continue to 'imbue' yet others with like-minded demeanor. Now, wouldn't it be NICE to then give a 'listen' upon WHO is 'with' which "tune"? That way YOU to could appreciate their 'distinction' of such, in addition to many others that already are doing just that! Oh yeah, and I've "laid claim" upon the 'Jefferson Starship' "song" of "Familiar Stranger" for myself, just so's you 'know'!

I'd even be inclined to suggest that possible 'playings' for like CHESS, or GO, or others like this, could become "playings" while engaged upon the "Google TALK", where it is possible to 'relate' the positionings as they transpire. With others, then there would need to become a 'grid' created upon their "playing surfaces" for this utilization, while I could imagine it for the likes of "PLOY" or even "Feudal" for those who desire this. I know that there have been such as 'this' "procedure" conducted by some enterprising folks for their own 'playings' of various "gamings". Now, we're just awaiting upon the "web-cam" group to do likewise in this regards for the 'posterity' of the matters, while it will sometime soon then become the 'norm' for those who can manage to bring this ALL together for their's, and other's enjoyments!

One 'item' that ole "Koldfoot" failed to 'mention' upon IS to AVOID what this 'fellow' is actually 'doing', and that is to:
"doncha EAT that 'YELLOW' snow!"

"Happy Day-AFTER-Birthday" wishes to ole "OTTO" away "under & around" where SHE is 'at', and keep UP the "Good JORB!" of 'digesting' those "games" for which YOU are most 'fond' of, while it would probably be a good idea to get some of them "Gummi Meeples" for this too.

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Fraser said...

Actually we do have a pack of Gummi Meeples that a friend brought back from Essen for us.

We haven't decided if we should:
a) Eat them
b) Keep them pristine
c) See them on Ebay