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Index for Gone Gaming 08/06 - 01/07

Index for 08/05 - 01/06 can be found here.
Index for 02/06 - 07/06 can be found here.

BGIAs: announcement / nominations / results

A six month index, Aug '06 - Jan '07 (tags are arbitrary and inconsistent):

16 Short Faidutti Reviews (reviews)
Adventure Games, Part Three: Dungeon Delving (industry, design)
The Anniversary Tour--California
Expansive Theories (Or: The Horror! The Horror!) (industry)
Games to Watch For: Essen '06 (industry)
Give Me a Light ... No, Civ Light! (reviews, design)
IP, Morality, and the Gaming Industry (industry)
Last Season's Hot Games: A Top Ten (or so) from Nurnberg 2006 (reviews)
Last Year's Top 71 Games: 2005-2006 (reviews)
Mathematics & Game Design, Part One (design)
Mathematics & Game Design, Part Two (design)
The Multiplayer IGA Nominees (reviews, industry)
Nickels and Dimes: 2006 (personal, reviews)
Six Degrees, The Second Edition (industry)
Three More Traditional Card Game Styles (design)
The Year in Review: 2006 (industry)

The Anniversary Tour--Alaska (humor)
BGG.CON teasers (personal)
Coldfoot on Customer Service, Rude Bastards and Why You Need to Ignore Them (social)
Dallas or Bust (personal)
Extended Forecast: Stay Indoors and Play Games (personal)
From the Book of I Teuber, Chapter 11 (fiction, humor)
From the Mailbag (humor)
Games in the News/The Curmudgeonizing of Coldfoot (industry)
Just when you though the frontiers of ignorance were being pushed back... (social)
M:RP, P:RotA, H!TMF!, FoD (reviews)
More GoVF teasers (personal)
No good title springs to mind (personal)
Your basic boardgame blog (comments: Taj Mahal, Canal Mania)

32 Things to do with the Monopoly Game your aunt unthinkingly gives you this Christmas (humor)
A Quick Post of Thanks (personal)
Analysis of The Menorah Game (analysis: The Menorah Game)
The Anniversary Tour--Jerusalem (humor)
Bidding, Passing, and Playing Conventions (strategy)
Board Game Magic (humor)
Bridge, by Wolfgang Kramer (design, humor)
Devil's Advocate: Ten Reasons that Board Games are Bad For You (social)
Encounter 6/9 (fiction)
Encounter 7/9 (fiction)
FAQ for English version of Bridge (humor)
Game Awards, Pro and Con (industry)
A Good Scoring Game (design)
I like games (personal)
I Must Obey (humor)
IP Followup (industry)
No News is Bad News (social, design)
That Way Madness Lies (fiction, social)
What? Another Gone Gaming Article? (cartoon)
Winning Alternatives (design)
Winning Alternatives 2 (design)
X But Not Y (social)

9/11, Battle Lore and cheap boards (personal, design, review: Battlelore)
A kinder, gentler DW (reviews)
A matter of perspective (social)
A visit to the Dark Side (social)
Ameritrash vs. EuroSnootery (industry, social)
Blood on the Gaming Highway (industry)
DW gets all maudlin (industry, personal)
Hill Giants and GMT's plan for World Domination (industry, comments: Battlelore)
There's never a Commie around when you need one (design)
Screw the mail, where's my Howizter? (review: Thurn and Taxis)
Sex, Collectible Games & Expanding Universes (industry)
Sticky Situation (personal)
The usual gang of Idiots (social, humor)
Warning! Hazardous Blog Ahead! (design)
What's good? (social)
Dr Matt J Carlson

A Life of Games (personal)
Beyond Nickels and Dimes (personal, reviews)
The Game of Life (social)
Guilty Pleasures – Why I hate Tigris and Euphrates (comments: Tigris and Euphrates)
Second Place for the Win (social)
Spread the Joy (social, personal)
Strategy and Tactics, a couple of definitions (design)
TGWP (industry)
Two Player Gaming (social)
Frasier and Melissa

14 days at the beach, 2 children, no television, 10 kid’s books, 53 plays of 16 games, 2 rainy days, 13 books read and a working washing machine. (personal)
A misplaced bout of skepticism (review: Modern Board Games)
The Anniversary Tour -- Australia (humor)
Bigger is better (variants)
Burnout schmurnout (social)
Demonstrating games (social)
Games for after school programs (social)
Is Ra broken? (design)
Last 30 Days (reviews)
Museum prep (personal, industry)
Museum Exhibition - the final set up (personal, industry)
Music for gaming (personal)
Musings from the museum (social)
My top ten games of 2006 – by number of plays (reviews)
Of falling trees and unplayed games (personal)
Our babies have come home (personal, social)
Recent plays (personal)
Season's Greetings (personal)
Skill and Luck in games (design)
Some games I played in 2005 but not in 2006 (personal)
Thinking about classification (personal)
This week in gaming (personal)
Top 10 reasons NOT to go to BGG.con (humor)
Ways to reduce your life expectancy as a partner (strategy, humor)
What would Buffy do? (humor)

A Touch of Essen and a Dash of Miscellaneous (industry, personal)
The Anniversary Tour--South Dakota (humor)
Behind the Scene of the BGIA (internet)
Cleopatra vs. Blue Moon City (reviews)
From The Hooey Gazette (humor)
IGA Finalists Announced (industry)
It's The Most Wonderful Time of the Year (personal)
The Quality of Fantasies (industry)
Scattered Thoughts (personal)
Speaking of Hand Management... (design)
Thanksgiving Weekend (personal)
Women At War (social)

Crank Calls and Hive (humor, review: Hive)
Doctor’s Fast Food Puzzle and My Fun with Kanoodle (puzzle, review: Kanoodle)
Introductions (personal)
The News in Brief * / Last Puzzler Answer / New Fortnightly Puzzler (humor, puzzle)
The News in Briefs / Last Puzzler Answer / New Fortnightly Puzzler (humor, puzzle)
The News in Briefs* / Last Puzzler Answer / New Fortnightly Puzzler (humor, puzzle)
The News in Briefs / Old Puzzler Answers / New Fortnightly Puzzler (humor, puzzle)
The News in Brief / Weekly Puzzler / Hive Thoughts (humor, puzzle)
The News in Thongs / Old Puzzler / New Fortnightly Puzzler (humor, puzzle)
Roman Puzzle and Game Perceptions (puzzle, social)
Kris Hall

A game that should be reprinted: La Citta (review: La Citta)
A Return to Wargames (personal)
Almost--but not quite--roleplaying (design)
Another Gaming Controversy (industry)
Build Your Own Game Convention (Part 2) (interview, industry)
Charcon Report (reports)
Cleopatra and her Psychological Traps (design)
Complexity in the Galaxy (industry)
Confessions of a Rules Slob (social)
The Currencies of Fun (design)
Deja Vu All Over Again (design)
Game Related Activities (social)
Games I Hope to Play in 2007 (industry)
I Couldn't Design Canal Mania (industry)
Investor Wargames (design)
The Joy of Shopping (design)
On Not Playing a Game to Death (social)
A Real Gaming Controversy (industry)
Suspicion, Blather, and a Sense of Growing Menace (comments: Shadows Over Camelot)
Table Games, Mini-epics, and Retirement Games (personal)
Ted Cheatham and the Road to Silk Road (interview)
Theme Delivery Systems and the Unconscious Imagination (design)
The Two-Player IGA Nominees (reviews, industry)
Where Are All the Manhunt Games? (design)
One Offs

Gerald McD: Our Games, Modified for 7-8 Players (variants)
Joe Gola: The Anniversary Tour—Connecticut (humor)
Matt Thrower: Balance in Multi Player Games (design)
Mikko Karvonen: The Finnish Connection (industry)
R.E.D.: Entry (personal)


Gone Gaming has been, and remains the foremost board gaming blog. It started with immensely talented people, and though the contributors cycle, there remains equally immensely talented people to carry it on. Any and all of you are also welcome to join the roll, as full time, part time, or occasional contributors.

Thank you Coldfoot for the initial invitation, and to all of my co-bloggers during the last year and a half. Thank you for all the comments.

And with this, I too must take a break from Gone Gaming. I invite all of you to continue to follow my madcap gaming exploits, poems, thoughts, and random humor on my personal blog Yehuda.



Gerald McD said...

Yehuda -- Thanks for the nice index. You have done some excellent work on Gone Gaming, and you will be missed here. I do enjoy checking your own blog daily, though, and will keep tabs on you there.

Smatt said...


Thanks for all of your hard work. Good luck in all of your future endeavors.