Wednesday, January 03, 2007

No good title springs to mind.

First an update:

The last time I made an appearance on Gone Gaming I pointed out that a money-related blog The Simple Dollar was counting down the top five financial boardgames of all time. Number five was The Game of Life and number four was Monopoly. At the time the top three games were yet to be named. I foresaw a train wreck in The Simple Dollar's future and could only shake my head as I wondered what their top three picks would be.


Turns out the top three were Modern Art, Acquire, and Puerto Rico.

I will grant you that the definition of "financial game" may have been stretched, but it did my heart good to see TGOO (These Games of Ours) getting mentioned in an unexpected source. None were games that would make my list of top financial games, and the games on the top of the list were so different from those on the bottom that it left me scratching my head. I find it likely that the writer has only dipped his toes into the ocean of fine German games and is unaware of many games we geeks take for granted. Perhaps by this time next year he will be counting down Knizia's 25 best financial games.


It is on that note that I have to bid you all a fond farewell. Even though I have cut back to every other week, I find that the deadline for Gone Gaming posts is arriving long before I am ready. As I am writing these pieces I find myself wishing I was either a) spending time with my family, or b) in bed.

I am working many more hours than when we first started this blog, and time for blogging has greatly diminished. Even more importantly I haven't been able to play games as often as I would like. There have been months in the recent past when I have only gamed one or two days the entire month. There haven't been any weekly game nights at the Boys and Girls Club for months, and my old schedule of gaming with the guys on most Mondays and Fridays is but a fond memory.

I hope to be back to a more sane schedule with a regular game day in the near future, but I have been vainly hoping that for several months. It's time to throw in the blogging towel.

I wish you all a Happy New Year filled with many BattleLore expansions, and offer a special thank you to the other bloggers (past and present, regulars and guests) who have contributed to Gone Gaming.



Gerald McD said...

I will miss your comments on gaming and your reports on life in Alaska. Gone Gaming has been an excellent venue; thanks for starting it and keeping it going, and thanks for allowing me to post a few items here.

Will you continue updating your &Games site?

Best of luck to you in your busy life; hope you find more time for family and games.

Philippe said...

Well, that's a sad day... Soon Gone Gaming will be left with only DWTripp and I will have to remove it from my favorites... ;)

Regarding The Simple Dollar, another hypothesis might be that the author of this top-5 wanted to bring some people who know "classic" boardgames over to the more original offerings of the recent years. In fact, most readers might have been turned away if they never even heard about the first entries on the list. Now, they are probably wondering "what is this game that's supposedly better than Monopoly?"

Coldfoot said...

Yes, I will continue updating my own blog from time to time.

huzonfirst said...

We'll miss you, Brian. So long, and thanks for all the fish!