Monday, December 04, 2006


My apologies. I don't have much for today's blog.

It was a very busy work week. Then I had this to contend with for a couple of days:

I don't know about your kids, but mine is not quite up to Eric Clapton levels yet.

No, that's not my couch. It's a granny couch. At granny's place. But she did give me the lamp.

So then, after his mother picked him up - with a silent, solemn promise from me that I would buy him a drum set... for her house - I got a headache.

Which turned out to be a massive toothache. Massive toothaches are not good for gaming. But, they do allow for all sorts of game-related activities. So, I spent yesterday with this game:

Applying hundreds of stickers is a soothing activity. It can also be humorous. Recently there was a thread on BGG where several of the more frighteningly anal gamers discussed various tools, procedures and tricks to getting the stickers on the wooden pieces perfectly. There was much discussion over which was better: to have the sticker align with the grain of the wood horizontally, or vertically. I had my mind on this as I seperated the wood pieces and prepared for the stickering.

Looking closely, I realized there were a substantial number of pieces where the grain runs diagonally. Wow. I wonder if anyone's head exploded in Anal-land?

It also occured to me that perhaps one of these days I'd get an opportunity to play C&C: Ancients with one of these people. So, I ensured none of my stickers went on correctly. Do you have any idea how difficult it is to NOT get them on right?

Okay. That's my report for today. I'm off to the dentist, I hope. I should be in fine form next week with a report on how BattleLore was accepted out here in the sticks and whether or not the Hill Giant was pure hype.


Pawnstar said...

I don't think the sticker-grain AR's are even half as AR as those who are considering finding suitable minis to replace the blocks.

Worse still, they will probably want to paint them!

Anonymous said...

Why does it look like that kid is thinking..."Give me some ho-ho's or i'll smash this guitar!"...

DWTripp said...

..."Give me some ho-ho's or i'll smash this guitar!"...

Yeah, he's a tank. But it's not ho-ho's, it's Cheetos! Gamer food for sure.

Just received my C&C dice from Valley Games up in Canada today. A very good deal. $6 for a nice little set of wood dice designed for C&C:Ancients. I recommend them.

Anonymous said...

Just for reference, getting special 3rd party dice for a game is clearly >not< anal.


qzhdad said...

I have a better method for applying stickers. I hold a sticker in one hand the piece to which it should be applied and look tentative. Sometimes this process needs to be repeated, but eventually, my wife "volunteers" to put the stickers on for me, so I don't mess it up.
I've not tried this process with C&C:A, yet or with any other games with that amount of stickerage, but it's worth a try.

(BTW, I can't believe you didn't tell us which the preferred wood orientation is?)

Friendless said...

My girlfriend calls C&C Ancients "the sticker game". She hasn't seen it played, but I sure did spend a long time putting stickers on.

Things of No Interest said...

Played this last night and apparently putting the stickers on "incorrectly" is really really easy. My friend got this in a trade, and the previous owner and managed to miss the face (evidently prefering to sticker parts of the sides of the blocks at times) as well as place the stickers so that the block is never oriented the same for you and your opponent. Not that it mattered - in dim light, the damn things are too small to tell WTF they were. This alone would be the reason for finding minis - so you can see what a unit is.