Saturday, January 20, 2007

What would Buffy do?

What Would Buffy do?

It may not be a thought to live your life by, but it's one of those vexing questions that has been known to trouble me in the early hours of the morning, especially at the beach, where my life is ruled by the trivial: What boardgames would the fictional characters in your life enjoy?

Of the Buffy crew, Jonathan would play the Buffy game with a custom Jonathan figure. Xander would be more a Finstere Flure kind of guy, and Giles would have a secret collection of some sort of collectible game like Creepy Freaks (but he would only play it by himself when no-one was looking). Buffy would prefer something like California, I should think.

I think the cast of Coupling would enjoy Bausack. Patrick would get all the really BIG bits, Jane would build her own tower, and Susan would win and try (unsuccessfully) not to look smug. If we were really lucky, the losers would do the Spiderman dance when they finished. For Sally, we could retheme Arkham Horror as a fight against old age and sagginess.

The cast of that really bad DaVinci Code-esque archaeology show with the Philiminator look-alike would play Mystery of the Abbey, I'm sure. They'd probably study the cards for hidden messages.

As for the kids' shows, well Bob the Builder and his gang would surely enjoy a good game of Make'n'Break. And the colourful Wiggles and their pre-school audience seem perfectly suited to Gulo Gulo - now there's a marketing opportunity!

We already know that the Desperate Housewives play Poker when they are all together, but what about other times? I think Edie would be a shark at Acquire, and Susan and her daughter probably play Carcassonne. Lynnette and Tom would play some really evil 2-player game where they could pick on each other ruthlessly.

The cast of Lost are trickier to settle. We know that Locke plays wargames (I'm thinking, block wargames or those older ones like World in Europe or Campaign for North Africa that take nearly a week just to set up but Fraser says he would prefer Axis & Allies or another miniatures game). Jack would probably enjoy a game with a physical component like Dart Wars; Kate would be a shark at Tichu; Charlie might enjoy Schrille Stille; Hurley strikes me as someone who would love a good round of Diamant; and Sawyer, we know, goes for gambling and bluffing - he might be a natural at something like Can't Stop.

On Battlestar Galactica, I reckon they play Settlers of Catan. Starbuck picks on Apollo relentlessly (and vice versa), but, depending on where they're at in the storyline, they vary between helping the other win rather than letting anyone else get to 10VP first, and ruthlessly kingmaking to block the other's victory.

And Captain Jack Harkness? Chrononauts, for sure.


It's raining at the beach today, so we should get a fair bit of gaming in. So far, I'm averaging just under 3 games a day. The winners (by a country mile) are Gulo Gulo and Cluedo.

See you next time!




Anonymous said...

I dont think Jack would like to play anything - I think he mentions that he doesnt like games.
Hurley is someone who could be get to play any lighetr game.
Sawer would be a killer in Diplomacy I reckon ;-)

Anonymous said...

Given the obsession the BSG culture seems to have over pyramids and triangles, I think they'll place a special version of SoC with triangle tiles instead of hexes.

Alternatively, they could always play Gheos.

Pawnstar said...

Didn't the original series feature a card game called Pyramid played for stakes using triangular cards?

Anonymous said...

Patrick would get all the really BIG bits

lol....cute, Mel :p