Sunday, May 13, 2007

Road Tripping

I haven't played any games this week. I'm madly busy with work, and this weekend we took my dad away for his cousin's fortieth wedding anniversary.

A road trip is fun.
A road trip with two children can be fun, you just have to work harder.
A road trip with five people - including two children - in one Subaru Outback is more of a challenge. Especially when the first 30 km or so go really, really slowly, and you don't arrive until after 10pm, so the 4 hour road trip takes 5 1/2 hours.

We hadn't visited the Swan Hill region before. It's north-west of Melbourne, on the border of New South Wales, and is primarily a fruit-growing region.

But fruit wasn't the main point of interest. There was a big family event on Saturday night, and during the days we visited both local museums - the Pioneer Settlement was a great recreation of life in the 1830s through 1930s, with absolutely picturesque scenery as well as a 105-year-old paddlesteamer that we took a ride on.

The highlight, though, because it was so different to anything I had seen before, was our visit this morning to the Catalina Flying Boat Museum (No. 1 Flying Boat Repair Depot) at Lake Boga.

To anyone who knows that part of Australia, the idea of putting a flying boat repair depot in the middle of that rural area seems insane - but the idea was to hide the boats and keep them and the depot safe from enemy bombing.

Anyway, games. That's what I'm meant to be blogging about.

I've done some research, but my extensive googling has only thrown up two games that involve flying boats/catalinas:

Are there others?

More game content next time, I promise.




Fraser said...

Pretty much any WWII pacific game would have a good chance, especially the Midway related ones, e.g. Flat Top has Catalina counters.

Gerald McD said...

AH's Midway game includes "search" counters, which for the Americans, could have been labeled Catalinas. I have always thought the Catalinas were interesting planes.

Sounds like you had a great time on your trip. The photos were great.

Ozvortex said...

Nice photos - I'd love to do a driving holiday through Victoria one year.