Saturday, February 17, 2007

Games, Games, Games


I’m putting together a list of games that will be suitable to take into Biggie’s Year 3-4 classroom (girls and boys aged 8-10). It’s surprisingly easy to find games that are good for that age – and surprisingly difficult to whittle the list down. I’m trying to offer a range of games for the teachers to select from, and look at what game skills they promote as well as any ways in which they directly support the curriculum.

My list of recs:

Obviously, not all those games will go in on the day, but I wanted to give the teachers a good range to choose from. I've suggested I go in & give them a private demo before I go to school one day.


It’s been a week for acquiring new games.

From the ever-lovely Fraser came a set of three:

  • Caylus is a game we have played both in person and online. We both enjoy it very much, and are looking forward to some good 2 player games as well as games with friends.
  • Tikal is one that I played and enjoyed online. I’ve been wanting a copy for a while.
  • Mykerinos is one that I have never played at all, but which sounds intriguing. The rules weren’t terribly approachable on my first quick read-through, but what I have heard about the game makes me think I will enjoy it.

We went to the game store today, and I couldn’t resist two more:

  • I have been wanting to find another good dexterity game for a while. Bamboleo seemed to fit the bill, so I bought it, untried. We had a quick game tonight – lots of laughter, but quickly decided that it was too noisy to play when the kids are asleep.
  • I’ve played The Bucket King on BSW and thought it was great. I hope Fraser and Biggie will enjoy playing it with me.

I also have a copy of Incan Gold reserved for me (just waiting for a payment from a client!)


Conversation of the day:

Biggie: “I don’t like one of those games you bought today, mummy.”

Me: “Which one? Why?”

Biggie: “It has a naked man on the front of it.”

Me: (checks box for Bamboleo) “Wow, you mean I get a game AND free porn?”

Fraser: “You know those things you shouldn’t say in front of the children …”

Biggie: “What does porn mean?”

Happy gaming!



Chris Brooks said...

Hi Melissa,

You may want to check out my mid-term report on my games class:

Incan Gold is definitely a crowd favorite right now, and it does go to 8 players. Other favorites right now are Cartagena, TransEuropa, and Saboteur.

huzonfirst said...

I guess you don't have to start worrying until Biggie wants to play games BECAUSE they have a naked man on the front!

Melissa said...

Chris, I'll definitely check that out. Cartagena is another great idea - Biggie loves it, and we've found it's very easy to teach (also, PIRATES!!)

And Larry, you're quite right. Also, can you please tell me any other games that have a naked man on the front? Purely for research purposes, you understand ...

Fraser said...

Note to Melbourne readers do not ring up Milsims within a week of CanCon to ask if they have particular games in stock. They have not finished unpacking and thus claim that most things are out of stock. A little over a week ago I rang to ask about Bambaleo, Bucket King and Hamsterrolle and none of them were in stock and wouldn't be until the next shipment in a few weeks. When we went there yesterday all three where physically in store. There is no way they have been replaced since last week.

In future when birthday shopping for Melissa I will check to see in they have unpacked from CanCon.

Ipecac said...

Tower of Babel has a naked man, well a statue actually, on the box.

My son is 9 and loves Blokus, Cartagena, Spacewalk (Dorn's Mancala variant), Africa, and Dragonland, among others.