Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Roll Against Your Wisdom To Post Here

In Dallas, Tex, BGG.con
A stately pleasure-con decreed :
Where Derk and Aldie, website ran
With games piled to infinity.

Up in a hotel room.

So twice three thousand miles flown
Through taxis, flights, and missed connections :
Boxes enough to build a home,
Of fragrant types in all distractions ;
And will be meeples lurking on a throne,
Enclosing many fields and walled projections.

But oh ! that deep romantic sense of gamer's guile
Down in the pit of a geeky gamer's breast !
A holy sense, awakened all the while
A game is taken from the great game chest,
As Gawain must have felt ere a child,
Hearing first his fate to lead a quest!
As if the Earth a trembling beneath the feet,
A mighty horde of gamers trampling in
And sounds of armies lost and won therein
Down in the Dallas halls of humid heat
Resounding cries of tactics overthrown
And the heartrending ache of missing tiles
Needed to complete the game in style
But five tiles down after the game is won.
A dice is cast, a fortune is made known
Winners and losers both enjoy as one
The satisfaction of the game well done
And midst it all the ever present hum
Of Aldie's pointy silver microphone!

The gaming vendors offering a pleasure
Given to all those who pay the price
They will weigh out games by measure
Equally to naughty and to nice.

It will be a miracle of rare import,
To play even one tenth the games they have !
To play them well and still be a good sport
Will make the time there spent a treasure trove
Although my beatific Miss
Must stay behind and work while I am gone
It serves her right, for she enjoyed the bliss
While I worked through her last vacation.
Still, I will miss her anon
Even while I revel in the hiss
Of games and gamers playing at the con.

Oh, that with music, trumpeting, and song
I could throw a con in my hometown
This nice! This big! This full of fun!
All who click my site would soon swoon
All should cry, "Sign me up, anon!
And I will be arriving soon!"
Registering con-space and hotel rooms
To play from break of day, and all day long
And fun and laughter would descend upon
My stately city of Jerusalem!



Anonymous said...

Wow. That was awesome. You don't get a lot of Coleridge spin-offs these days.

Anonymous said...

Personally, I think it was an awesome experience. I like how you define fun and how it is abvsorbed in your system. I guess it is time for me to do the same.