Sunday, October 09, 2005

Something I'm going to go ahead and TRY

Sorry to disappoint many IF they figured that this 'involved' Psychiatry in any form or manner, but WHAT I 'meant' is that I'm going to 'see' about doing some a GINORMOUS 'favor'. One of my favorite series of games are '4' done upon some ''American Revolutionary War'' Battles by 'Oldenberg Grenadiers' and of which there were to have been around '6' MORE! I've included a 'clipping' as you can view here, that HAS these listed upon this. You'll need to 'click' on it to enlarge that to look closely upon the other 'titles' that were to have been. There are even some ''Campaign'' games of which were to 'cost' a bit more, but I'd bet that they'd have been well worth what little 'Extra' this might have entailed. Considering the quality of the 'ones' that WERE produced and distributed, then I see the standards would have been kept up too.

Now, what I am 'proposing' to DO is to ''re-issue'' these on my very OWN with some upgrades of my 'own' devising as well, for those already out. I'm hoping to ''flush out'' these folks and FIND out just what happened to the rest of them! Somebody has to have gotten a lot of 'work' done on the 'future' additions to this 'Line' of games in order to be able to present them in many publications with advertisements for such. I don't recall having this particular 'flier' in ANY of the games that I had gotten, while I did obtain mine around 1975 or 1976 and later on. It was only a few years ago that I was even made 'aware' of it from an old magazine that I have and was thumbing through, when it caught my attention. After careful reading upon this, THEN it became evident that I, along with many others, had been missing OUT from the enjoyment of possibly others in this entire 'uncompleted' series! Sure, lots of companies went out on a limb in this regards, while many would complain that I 'may' be diluting the VALUE of the games that 'they' still have by doing thusly. For those of YOU who aren't too familiar with them, then these 'command' Collector's PRICES at around '8'-times or more than what they originally 'cost'! I've had some others that have been able to fetch even ever greater 'ratios' for their price that I had 'paid' for them, like how's about '31'-times for a prime example? But to be 'fair', then I will mention that this particular 'game' that got the highest 'return' did only 'cost' me a mere '$2' when I bought that, while I had it for a couple of years AND it consisted of around '4' Games in a 'Set' or SERIES for them. I knew that I wouldn't ever get around to actually playing any of those and I needed the money instead, at the time. Even now, I'm willing to part with certain ones IF they can get me an indecently 'rewarding' PRICE for that.

Continuing on then, I don't wish to manufacture these 'Games' and THEN 'ask' for an outrageously ridiculous PRICE, in case some are wondering. I also realize that there are many others, since these were first created, that have become readily available and still are. I've got some of them as well and mainly due to them covering additonal 'Battles' that hadn't 'been' done until then. Still, I always liked just HOW these played out with their elegantly easy and simple approaches for this particular 'era' that they covered. When we were able to sit down and actually PLAY a couple of them within the span of one evening's 'sessions', then that displays to ME, just so much the better these are for gaming enjoyment. Sure, we'd have to get used to them at first, but once we did, then we could quickly proceed with the current game and take on another with little difficulty soon thereafter. I won't promise to 'match' their production values on this, since I don't have the 'means' for that, but they won't 'be' some cheap or chintzy appearing 'products' either! If I could keep this around $20~$30 with plenty of ''do it yourself'' on whomever's part, then that'd make it worthwhile for myself and any others that have always wanted to try them out, but couldn't AFFORD to due to their circumstancs. I'm still considering just which 'style' to pursue on these with, such as 'iconic' Soldiers, or maybe just the NATO symbols with spruced up 'Flags' and the like for ease of production. One thing I'd like to avoid is to have these become 'gaudy'(*stunned silence!*) as I've seen in some others that are akin to this period of Historical gaming. Those are all just fine for those who like that sort of 'thing', while I prefer NOT to have them looking like some ''Circus Warfield'' myself, if YOU can 'believe' that! So, if anyone reading this is mildly interested, then let me know and I'll keep you updated upon their 'progress' or whatever. Don't worry, as I intend on 're-doing' almost ALL of the major components and I will be bringing this 'project' onto my own 'blog' so's NOT to get these guys into any 'trouble' that may be resultant from it.

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Todd D. said...

Didn't that one set of guys try and re-make Titan in an effort to do much the same thing?

It was called World of Tyrants and Heroes, abbreviated W.H.A.T., since, you know, We Await Tristero's Silent Empire was not available for license.

However, they, by all reports,

1. jacked up the rules something fierce, and
2. made flimsy games,
3. that were really expensive, and
4. weren't all that much like Titan, anyway.

Your venture sounds a lot less for-profit, and a lot more because of the love of the games.

I dunno, sounds like a good fight waiting to happen on the 'Geek. It probably will stir up more interest in those games, but this sounds like two words that rhyme with "Mopyright Minfringement," if you get my drift...