Sunday, October 23, 2005

Upon the past Week start off with then we've "LOST`d" 'Rick Thornquist' and ''the GameWire'', while preceding that, there was poor 'DERK' of the GEEK having a parcel of his`n becoming ''LOST`d'' too-the 'prequel', with resultant LOSS of many materials of which he'd have entertained 'us' with. The 'Games Journal' done 'bit' the proverbial ''dust'' as well, while I wouldn't put it past ''you-KNOW-who'' to be a factor in these demises, ya kno? Then, there was that higly touted ''Mega-Powerball Lotto'' that I didn't WIN, nor could I have since I can't BUY a 'ticket' for that around here`n! But someone down in ''Medford, Oregon'' is one lucky 'sunuvaBLIP'! ain't it GRAND to just 'dream' of having THAT obscenely alluring amount of 'moola'? oh well...what would YOU 'do' if`n you HAD to 'deal' with that? First thing that I'd DO is list someone ELSE's phone number as MINE, along with a WRONG 'address' heh heh. Now we DID have someone close by here that had WON a huge amount ($92-Million) and they were DELUGED with 'mail' at around '2' FULL Mail Trucks JUST for THEM! Talk about some hard-up folks, or worse-mostly others looking for ''hand outs'' and probably 'from' the 'asking' for such! I'd often wondered IF someone were to WIN any ''Lotto'' and then proceeded to DONATE the entire amount TO some 'Charity' function, or even have a 'Church' CLAIM this 'Prize', would they THEN be able to obtain the FULL amount? I doubt it as I'm sure the damm 'Gubbamints' would TAX it just to get their 'grubby Gubbamints' mitts upon WHATEVER they 'can'! It's some ''Hard Work!'' to keep on robbing the POOR to further enrich the RICHest of the RICH! sing it on 'so' ole ''Grubya''!

On the PLUS side, then there's going to become a NEW ''Games Review'' magazine that had a short-lived 'announcement' ON the ''GEEK'' previously, and how's about giving that some well deserved attentions with as little 'belittlement' as possible? Sure, they didn't do themselves any 'favors' to SOME with their errors, but c'mon! WHO amongst 'us' hasn't done likewise? There were even a few who WERE making their own 'errors' and NOBODY called 'them' upon the carpet for those!?! It must have been some 'short-memory & narrow minds' that couldn't POINT them 'out' until now? Someone even had ''the gall''-(the 'GALL' I tells ya!) to accuse 'moi' of being ''pre-deterministic'' in my 'opining' in certain circumstances, of which I CAN although I 'RESERVE' that 'Right' where it is applicable. NONE of what I've ''gone off'' about wasn't of 'irreasonible' concerns, since I was MOSTLY talking about disappointingly 'current' sub-standards in GAMES in general...mostly. Other times, then it had to 'do' with someone's 'Corporate' DECISIONS and the 'impact' that those had compounded upon in regards to GAMEs, where this was ''imbecil`d'' to the 'N'th degree! Yeah, yeah 'those' are supposed to be ''money grub`n'' AS their main concern, but WHEN they won't produce WHAT many are clamoring FOR, then WHO are 'we' to turn to? Well, I'm glad that I brought this UP! Since I'm quite prolific in producing my OWN 'stuff', and I don't mind in the least 'sharing' these once someplace can produce them, then I hope to be able to accomodate many with these then.

I had already contacted the likes of ''CinC'' about THEM producing a more extensive LINE of 1/48ooth scale Naval Vessels for uses in the 'Milton Bradley' version of ''Axis & Allies'', while I had been assured that this would occur, just not WHEN. As it stands right now, then you can adapt those for EACH of the various Nationalities, so I encourage ANY to obtain some packs of these for their 'Gameplays', and also encourage THEM by doing so. They've STILL got their *Special* DEAL on the ''A&A'' TANKs, and it is quite the savings on this amount of full metal castings of these Historical vehicles. 'XENO Games' also produces the pieces for the ''Fortress America'' game and maybe even that ''Sushi-Jalapeno'' game as well. while I like their 'Bomber' aircraft in the latter, although they have 'it' being designated as a 'Fighter'! I'll be using those as ''Heavy Bombers'' for the ''F.A. Expansion Pack #1'' Game myself, as I have some 'Fighters' already AND will even reconfigure others for that 'inverted wing' looking kind that is 'seen' upon the front box coverart. The 'Soviets' had a couple of these under development as this first started out as the ''Su-37'' and then it is now known as the ''Su-47b'' currently.
You can clearly see this here and I can scarcely imagine the amount of componentry that has to be involved, to keep such an unorthodox lay-out such as what is displayed with this~airborne! Not since the ''Wobbly Goblin'' 'F-117', or the 'B-2' Bomber has a 'design' garnered such attentions as what was witnessed with THIS! There's even more 'bizarre' versions floating about and you just have to keep on the lookout for those wherever you can.


Coldfoot said...

Holy $#!T. I think I got all that.

I'll guzzle one more Bloody Mary and read it again, just to make sure.

Anonymous said...

SORRY, "i" don't understand why anyone bothers "to" read This!

Anonymous said...

uhhhhh...because 'they' are NOT as mentally 'handicapped' as YOU apparently ARE?!? I could 'understand' THAT! Yet YOU deem it as necessary to point this out? Please! Do 'you' walk around WITH a ''dunce cap'' ON in 'public' as well? Just ON the ''intarwebs'' eh?