Sunday, October 16, 2005

The ''Göt Nüttin'' Report

Yep, this went over this past weekend around here`n, while another 'Spiele-Fest' was taking place elsewhere around the 'Gaming World', in case some happened to 'miss' that. I didn't even get a chance at that 'Toys Я Us' *Special* on the 'games' deal, since I couldn't afford to at this time. But, I don't wish to enrich the coffers of that ''HasBORG'' fellow if I can help it any, he's such a 'tool' of the ''establishment''! Now, what I don't mind so much is when I have a ''Earned Rewards'' CARD that I get every so often, and use THAT to make some 'purchases' with, since then I don't feel as culpable because I'm ONLY ''paying sales taxes'' for those, HA! ''I gots YOU sucka!'' So, what else is going on? Well the ''Fishermen of CATAN'' is coming around, while I'll just await upon the 'DWTripp' version with ''the Goat-ropers of CATAN'' then, myself. I figured that I had better emphasize BEST upon the subject of the latter, as I didn't wish to 'get' ole 'DWTripp' into any misconceptions and the like, had I NOT. So I don't really know or care as to the particulars about HIS 'predilection' for them thar GOATs, yet I'd be willing to take him UP on any offers to try some ''Barbequed'' manner of such. ''Shish-ke-billy-bob-goat'' spears sounds right mighty tasty to ME! I'd imagine that it is fairly close to Lamb or Mutton overall and as long as it wasn't undercooked, then it's fine as well. None of that ''Deranged Fed Mental Disease'' for 'moi', thank you very much! I've got enough of my own 'providing' to keep me going as it is.

For those so inclined, then I have it on GOOD '411' that ''Larry Harris Game Designs'' is working upon an 'A&A'-"D-Day" style GAME that will be covering ''Guadalcanal'', in the works! There promises to 'be' NEW kinds of Naval Vessels & perhaps even some LAND or AIR types as well, of which these would be geared towards their individual requirements. While I'm just speculating upon certain aspects for THIS that may or may NOT be taken into considerations, ole 'Larry' has made it well known that he'd like to keep it as simple for ease of playings as possible. So NO there won't 'be' any ''Japanese Kabuki'' Units being represented, or the 'Marine Corps Dog Troop' as well, for 'those' who'd WANT such! They also might have to go along with perhaps the likes of 'Eagle Games' for any distinctive MINIs for this, as he's taken UP with them for the time being. Let's HOPE that there'll ONLY 'be' a disparity in actual 'playing surface' to provided 'mapboard' of around 30% wasted space instead of the 'usual' 70%! YES! that has been a 'qualm' of mine in their regards for MOST of their 'Historical' line of games, and THEY may not like this 'fact', but it's relevant just the same.

As for the fine fellow on the side here, then YEP that's a version of the CATS chap of 'infamy' with his even worse than YODA elicitations! With ''Take every ZIG off!'' and even the fine ''Make your TIME!'' are a few of the other more notable or 'memorable' ones as well. I can't recall just which GAME this is taken from, so if anyone else can provide some background upon him, then by all means, please back me up on it, thank you very much! Oh yeah, and why not show what other 'exclamations' HE was prone to emit, if you can think of some of these too.

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