Sunday, October 30, 2005

What the Fudgesickle? Game Considerations

Oh yeah, there's been a spate of some 'topics' on this, and you can't fault these folks for desiring their subjects if THEY feel that this is warranted. In fact, the GEEK's own "Maverick"-Joe Scoleri, has gotten into the mix with his 'design' of a game concerning a 'pony-polo' one, which is based upon something that the "Mongolian Horsemen" are wont to play. This also involves the "ball" consisting of some poor animal's carcass or maybe it's just the head, but whatever that is, then it must be quite the 'sight'! Now, there even was someone just during this past week on the "Geek", who proposed a "Hip-Hop Lyricizin'!" sort of 'game', and that's been getting some discussion going with mostly a 'bad rap' for this-pun accorded. I had made mention to a fellow ''Geek'' in the CHAT there-hello ''Xlyce'', that maybe HE ought to see about producing a GAME based upon the ''Canadian Football League'' and utilizing a 'system' that I was particularly fond of. It isn't a very complicated sort of 'game' that I had in mind, since I was keen on this certain type and I hope that he'll seriously consider this. But if you really want to check out some ''odd ducks'' that are oozing from people's minds, then check out the ''Boardgame Designer's Guild'' website, you won't be disappointed!

I'll reiterate this here for those that might not give a listen to a truly decent show called ''the Dice Tower'' put on by Joe Steadman & Tom Vasel, but they have a really nice game offering for their ongoing 'Contest'. This will consist of a complete copy of "Memoir 44" PLUS the most recent expansions for that! Not too shabby eh? You'll have to give them some decent 'props' for this as that's a lotta gaming then, for those that are so inclined. I won't detail just what YOU'd have to 'do' for this, since it'd defeat the purpose of listening to them and it is in their #22 episode that you'll find out more upon the matter. ALSO, check out what Joe Steadman has up for trade considerations and he's got those listed upon the ''GEEK'' itself, as well as his 'own' BLOG for that. Despite what you might believe, then ole JOE does have quite a few NON-'Wargames' as well, so if you get the chance then swing on by one or the other 'place' and check 'em out 'dawg'! There's even going to be some 'horse trading' ('dogs' unloading?) going on during the upcoming ''BGG Con'' next weekend, so I'm sure that there'll be plenty of LISTs detailing that aspect in the following weeks! Oh yeah, even the ''ShillKing'' himself will be making an 'appearance' there and with plenty of copies of his games. Now, while I do sincerely wish HIM the very best on that, although there are plenty of others who would 'do' otherwise. I don't know if that somewhat 'celebrated' game between HIM and ''Derk'' ever took place at ESSEN just recently, so maybe we'll find out more upon this eh? I'm sorry NOT to be able to attend this year's ''GEEK Con'', but I just can't.

Something that I do intend on attending and is the FIRST for itself as well, is an upcoming ''ConQuestNW Seattle'' and this is going to take place next February! It'll be during the ''President's Day Weekend'' of which is Februrary 17th~20th '06, and is going to be at the Marriott Sea-Tac Airport Hotel. There's also a ''So-Cal'' version that is to take place in Sacremento and that'll even combine a ''Sci Fi'' feel for it too. This will be going on from April 6th~9th '06, to be held at the Red Lion Hotel, and if anyone is interested in being a part of either of them, then please do. Whilst 'reccon'ing these just now, then I also find that there's to be a ''ConQuestLA'' and that'll be making its debut on January 13th~16th '06, at the L.A. International Airport Hilton, and it almost sounds like the 'place' that the ''Gateway'' Con is usually conducted within. If anybody knows if this is the case, then please inform others upon the fact for their ease of locating the events. This just occurred to myself from what I'd already written here, but they just 'need' a MARCH 'Con', and they'd have a great candidate for that with the folks down in Portland, Oregon! So, maybe they ought to contact some of them there and get on the ball for this, as I'm sure that some sort of accomodation could be reached. I have attended some of the gaming conventions in the Metro Portland area from time to time, and they are a GREAT bunch of folks for this, so let's see this become a ''Surreality'' then guys & dolls!


dave said...
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dave said...

There already is a March gaming con in Portland, and most of our group participates in that. Three days of solid gaming.

Kimbo said...

Only a non-native Californian would consider Sacramento part of Southern California! Of course the Northern Californians don't consider Sacramento part of their part of the state either. That leaves Central California... For those of you unware, Sacramento is the Capitol of California and is located near the middle of the state. North of San Franciso (which is north of L.A. or course).

Conquest SAC will be Sacramento's first gaming convention and those of use who normally have to travel to San Francisco or L.A. for gaming conventions are really looking forward to having a con of our own!

There's a large body of gamers in the Sacramento region. But until very recently we just weren't very organized. Lately that has changed and the gameing opportunites are really opening up. It's a good time to be a board gamer in Sacramento.

Oh yeah, and I'll be at BGG.CON.