Sunday, December 04, 2005

WHY I should ''give any 'chits'!''

Yep, I'm proclaiming the 'title' for my ''saying mark'' while in a more elaborate and expansive 'setting', since I really DO! The FULL 'one' for 'moi' would be as follows:
''YES! HE really does 'give a 'chit'!''
I'm only making this 'distinction' so YOU all can 'know' where and whom that's 'O'riginally from! It's in keeping with my methods for the 'madness' that I claim for my 'fame'! I'll be following this UP with whatever I can in the meantime for whichever takes my 'fancy'.

Now I have presented the following somewhere along the line of some 'blog' and I display this HERE now. It is an actual LINE of "minis" that were mated WITH an actual couple of "Wargames" to combine these aspects for a more visually appealing GAME! For anyone wishing to VIEW these up closer, then CLICK upon the photo to enlarge it. To duplicate this 'offer' today would be truly expensive since at the time they were much cheaper than what they COST now.
This can still be accomplished using whatever it is that YOU have available, as those more recent "RISK" games have just such for their 'Armies'. Then there might be a NEED for like a "Leader" type Unit, so attach a home-made 'pennant' or FLAG for that. Maybe have an 'initial' for them on this too, with distinctive markings as well for those who are more 'talented' for it all. I woudn't permanently affix them to any GAME counters, but with some of that removable 'sticky gob' stuff, then these can be utilized for a quick "Fog of War" gaming effect. *NOTE* that this works BEST for those GAMEs that have just 'one' counter side and where a 'stacking' limit of 'one' single counter of those per HEX/'square' is USED in a 'game'. For those NOT so obvious, then adapt these to the likes of the SPI/S&T/TSR/DecisionGames series, and even "Blue & Gray", as you can 'flip' counters that are beneath the figurines IF you don't GLUE them or make them stay in place on purpose. Just be careful for movement of them at the very least anyway, since you don't want to fiddle with THEM. It tends to lend a elegante and distinguished 'aire' about this any-hoo. I can hardly await the entire "Napoleon's LAST Battles" QUAD with THAT! w00t 4 'moi'!

As a last note, then in our region a call is being made to replace our aged 'Ferry Fleet' AND why not have a "hovercraft" version of this, and 100s of 1,000s of them INTEAD? Just think of the many 10,000s that could have avoid ANY catastrophe by hoisting upon that to FLY across water, swamps, etc. that others can't presently? What's with folks who 'believe' such? Don't 'want' THAT? How's this then, obtain an "escape balloon" or series of them to 'escape'? Take or make your pick! I might combine them BOTH myself heh hehHEH!

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Melissa said...

But are the hovercrafts full of eels?