Sunday, December 18, 2005

WELCOME to ''the machine''

Well, first off, allow ME to heave a hearty "Welcome" to our latest 'blog`r & blog`ette', the 'Team' of ''Melissa Rogerson & Fraser McHarg'' along with ''biggie'' & the 'ubiquitous' ''OTTO''!~'she's everywhere, she's here & there, in fact I think she's in my hair!' Good to have you ALL around and ''OTTO'', YOU can 'get' in MY hair anytime, baby! Just don't be doing any 'macrame' stuff though, the 'knotting' is difficult to comb out. They should provide an overall unique approach as one of the few 'gaming couples' that I can think of, and they're ''bringing UP baby'' to become dedicated 'playahs' as well, so the BEST to them upon this. In case some folks weren't also aware of this lil 'factoid', then they're from ''OZ'' to boot! That's the ''place of the folks down under'', you 'unter-podian'! And yes, I 'hear' that Miss 'Melissa' has a lilting voice as she belts out her rendition of ''the people under the stares of those over the Rainbow'', so yeah it's quite GOOD! While poor ole 'Fraser' is known to stumble through while his memory fails upon some lines to ''IF I only had a 'Zombie' to obtain a 'Brain' with!'' They cap this 'off' with ''biggie'' singing about ''How MUCH more is that ''OTTO'' going to 'deposit' in the droopy drawers?'' GREAT 'entertaining' group of people to be around, or so I've 'heard'! Well, that IS what I've been told! So, give them your attentions for whatever you may here, and look forward to their amblings & ramblings & gamblings upon 'gaming' matters.

Just a quick ''shout out'' here to ''Scott Nicholson'' and his recent debut of some games upon his local 'Public Broadcast Channel', looking GOOD there 'mon'! I've just viewed this, as it was 'posted' upon the ''GEEK'' site so check him out there! This is his 2nd time on that particular program and let's hope that HE becomes a 'regular' guest of theirs, to promote ''better gaming through osmosis'' or whatever it takes. Keep up the excellent ''JORB!''

Another ''shout out'' to our very OWN ''DW Tripp'' for being the ''Geek of the Week to Speak or Tweak yer Freak amongst Meek who Seek some Peek at his Physique!'' Goats NOT withstanding, as he will have you know, since they're ''E-vile'' critters! Yet, they's quite tasty as he is quick to point out. I hope to take him UP on his 'offer' about those sometime when this can become 'arranged', and most likely upon his NEW 'place' of ''Mesquite 'O' Goat Ranch''. 'Teriyaki' is pretty decent too, ya kno?

There is also the debut of the ''Forward Observer'' for the 'grognards' amongst you, upon the ''BGG'' site with several choices of articles concerning several gaming aspects. Those may, or might not have ALL of the 'group' participating upon their 'topic', as some of us are not too 'hip' upon certain subject matters. This happens to cover several approaches at introducing anyone who is vaguely interested upon learning MORE about ''Wargames'' in particular. I've managed to contribute something substantial upon the 'A-H' 1964 "Midway" game regarding the ''Coral Sea'' Variant for that, with an entire SHEET of 'upgraded' aircraft 'silhouettes' graphics for that. They actually NOW appear as they should have been in the first place, instead of the generic looking kinds that were 'done' with this. I eagerly anticipate even expanding upon that with other 'works', while some will even become an 'O'riginal of sorts, as I take on some 'pet projects' that provide an even simpler manner to get 'grognardsterlings' going with these.


Melissa said...

Thanks for the welcome, Grog!

Fraser said...

What she said! Thanks Grog.

Anonymous said...

Wow.. I'm honored! I got "pinkified" in a shout out by Grog! Thanks for the notice; I appreciate it.