Monday, December 26, 2005

GG:BGIA Voting Post: Best New Game Blog/Podcast/Videocast

For more information on the Gone Gaming: Board Game Internet Awards, please see this post.

This post is a placeholder to accept nominations for the GG:BGIA for Best New Game Blog, Podcast, or Videocast. In general, any blog, podcast, or videocast that went online in 2005 will be considered.

To nominate a site, respond to this post with your nomination in the following format:

Name of site
URL of site with hyperlink


Hogwarts Games

Nominations will be closed at midnight following Saturday, Jan 14, 2005.


Alfred said...

Boardgamers' Pastime

Bay said...

The Dice Tower

Anonymous said...

Pulp Gamer

Anonymous said...

Have Games, Will Travel

Yehuda Berlinger said...

BoardGameNews Regular Columnists

The Game Table

Gathering of Engineers

Tao of Gaming

Rick said...

Boardgames To Go (Podcast)
(Began March 3, 2005)

Anonymous said...

Best of Board Games

(I wouldn't have added this, but since it's on the best blog list, I thought it would belong here as well)

Unknown said...

Boardgames with Scott