Sunday, December 11, 2005

Shades of 'Grey' matters to come!

We're in the process here at the 'blog' of obtaining a replacement, for someone that is moving on, and we ALL wish `em the BEST in this as well. That's the nice 'element' about this, in that WE can adapt to the situation as it evolves, while we do appreciate everyone's efforts for what they've managed to accomplish for while they were around. For whomever is 'selected' then we offer our comraderie in their endeavours here, or elsewhere, as the case may become furthered. I won't divulge just WHOM we're approaching upon this 'concern'-just yet. Some of the others here haven't had the chance to reflect upon the 'contenders' being touted, so there's that consideration to take into accounts about the matter. It is hoped that sometime later on in the week's 'blog' contents, then a decision will be announced, and the newcomers can be 'Welcomed' in a befittingly appropriate manner. Then perhaps, we won't have this ''Sat-ur-day 'blog' gap'' is alright for NON-writing'', that has been occurring too often. I understand that this may have been due to other's committments as well, so that could very well have been a factor for this too.

For those of YOU who may be keeping up with some 'things' of mine, then I have some additional '411' to impart. I just discovered an unusual 'source' of potential ''gaming'' materials that someone could actually take to the NEXT 'level' for them! This is a 'series' of small figurines that I've been obtaining at my local $Dollar Tree Store, and of which I've seen at least '5' complete SETS of these 'guys'. These go by the 'name' of ''Micro Icons'' and they comprise the following' types': a "Kung Fu" SET: a ''Commandos'' SET; a ''Bikers'' SET; a ''Punk Rock`rs'' SET; & a ''Mexican Wrestlers'' SET! Each of them has around '3' packs of figures with '4' in those, while an additional '2' more 'packs' have a *Special* setting for their particular 'group' for a total of '5' per 'Group'. These also have a small magnet imbedded within their foot for 'display' purposes, while an enterprising 'person(s)' could be devising some game methods in which to apply them for. You can even 'mix & match' them for whatever you'd have in mind upon this, so keep an eye open for those IF you're so inclined. These are already ''pre-painted'' and have a dozen or more appearances and stances for them ALL . So that'll make a LOT of 'lazy & no-talent'-(I KEEEED!) folks happiest and of course there'll be others who just HAVE to make theirs more 'distinctive' as well, to 'show off' their talents in this regard. Just apply yourselves to where you're most able to then, while others shall too.

For the ''grognards'' amongst YOU, then fairly soon there is to be the ''Forward Observer'' 'group of GEEKs' to keep you informed upon materials of import for yourselves. This is going to be 'musings upon' from us all in that, to foster our 'interests' for those who happen to LIKE these as well. It may NOT have them ALL taking part in any particular 'subject' or 'topic' that could crop up, since not everyone is completely 'up to date' in many matters, of which I fully admit to that myself. That is WHY we'll leave those to them that can bring about a well derived synopsis for whatever is currently the ''soup du jeur'' in WARgaming circles. I know that I may be letting the 'cat outta the bag' in some respects here, while I just want to keep up hopes for anyone who would gladly be accepting of our collective 'knowledges' for this. I heartily expect to be able to further create additional 'expansions' for many of my OWN games within this, as well with assisting others who have the same aspirations for THEIR 'designs' in mind. It'll be something to look 'forward' to 'observing' as this transpires during its course of events, and you might even recognize MANY a fellow 'Geek' inspired by one another to greater heights in their 'projects' as those are completed, and brought forth for others to gaze upon with eager anticipation & expectations. Now, I've already commenced on initiating this 'process' by introducing a BASIC set of 'Rules' for gaming applications at the BGG site. To which I intend to 'expand' upon them with FULLY complete 'Scenarios' of which then any can commence to PLAY using those, as long as they possess the 'bits' or can readily obtain those. For a basis on which to begin this with, while ''Exclusive Rules'' pertaining to the situation for EACH individual 'topic' will then be more easily understood with as these unfold. I am even looking upon many games of what I already currently have, of which I can then 'apply' THIS upon, and for those who would like to as well. Hey! who 'says' that these can NOT be 'done' in this manner? Just YOU, I guess! So, go ahead or stay behind, just get outta the 'way' of the enjoyment of any others that WILL partake of these 'notions' for one & ALL!

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Melissa said...

I'll be watching for your 'Mexican Wrestlers meet Punk Rockers' game with interest, Grog. :)