Sunday, September 04, 2005

A time to savor graces & blessings

Following the most recent natural disaster in the "Gulf of Mexico" region, then I take this moment to offer up the prayers and fervent hopes of many, for the recovery of the people affected by this. Let us set aside 'partisan' issues and commence with the quickest means to assist these stalwart folks in getting themselves back to living any sort of 'normal' livlihood that they were accustomed to before any of this took place, or perhaps improve and enrich those same people with our fondest regards & however much assistance is required, for their current plight. Thanks to ALL that have participated in sending their contributions for whatever "Relief Funds" that they have given to, while let us not forget that they will require additional efforts to rebuild their homes, communities, and especially their 'faith' in one another, as well as humanity in general.

''Give them their daily bread, whilst slaking their thirst, and feed them HOPE so that they shall NOT feel forsaken in their hour of need. We humbly beseech thee LORD, to answer their prayers and provide sustenance for their bodies, as well as endurance for their souls, for thine is the Glory, and your company is their aspirations through their deeds here on Earth, as yours are in Heaven. Goodwill towards men & women of the World, who apply themselves in whatever manner they are able to, in helping those less fortunate than themselves without regard for their own benefit.''

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