Thursday, September 01, 2005

IGA nominees.

I almost missed this. The International Gamers Awards announced the winner of the Historical Simulation category. Nominees in other categories were announced on August, 27. Here is a list of the nominees lifted directly from the GameWire, as well as the winner of the Historical Simulation Category.

General Strategy Category
Antiquity by Jeroen Doumen and Joris Wiersinga (Splotter)
Carcassonne die Stadt / Carcassonne: The City by Klaus-Jürgen Wrede (Hans im Glück / Rio Grande Games)
Diamant by Alan R. Moon and Bruno Faidutti / Schmidt Spiele)
In 80 Tagen um die Welt / Around the World in 80 Days by Michael Rieneck (Kosmos / Rio Grande Games)
Keythedral by Richard Breese (Pro Ludo)
Louis XIV by Rüdiger Dorn (Alea / Rio Grande Games)
Reef Encounter by Richard Breese (R&D Games)
Shadows Over Camelot by Serge Laget and Bruno Cathala (Days of Wonder)
Struggle of Empires by Martin Wallace (Warfrog)
Ticket to Ride - Europe by Alan R. Moon (Days of Wonder)
Ubongo by Grzegorz Rejchtman (Kosmos)
Ys by Cyril Demaegd (Ystari Games)

Two Player Category
Dungeon Twister by Christophe Boelinger (Asmodée)
Fjorde / Fjords by Franz-Benno Delonge (Hans im Glück / Rio Grande Games)
Jambo by Rüdiger Dorn (Kosmos / Rio Grande Games)
Ozeanien / Oceania by Klaus Teuber (Catan GmbH / Mayfair Games)
Revolte in Rom / Roma by Stefan Feld (Queen Games / Rio Grande Games)
War of the Ring by Roberto Di Meglio, Marco Maggi, Francesco Nepitello (Nexus / Fantasy Flight Games)

The winner of the Historical Simulation award is Sword of Rome Wray Ferrell / GMT Games.

Finalists were:

7 AGES: 6,000 YEARS OF HUMAN HISTORY Harry Rowland, Australian Design Group
DOWNTOWN Lee Brimmicombe-Wood GMT
DEVIL'S HORSEMEN Richard Berg & Mark Hermann GMT
GROUP OF SOVIET FORCES: GERMANY Ty Bomba Strategy & Tactics Magazine (Decision Games)
MEMOIR '44 Richard Borg Days of Wonder
SEVEN DAYS OF 1809 Kevin Zucker Operational Studies Group
WINGS OF WAR Andrea Angiolino & Piergiorgio Paglia Nexus

Personally, I have played none of the two-player games except "War of the Ring". Of the General Strategy category I have played; Shadows Over Camelot, Struggle of Empires, and Ticket to Ride, I have no inclination to deem any of them as best, although Struggle of Empires is more of a gamers game. I own, but have not played; Ketheydral and Loius XIV. I want to buy Antiquity, Carcassonne the City, and YS.

In the Historical Simulation category I have played, Sword of Rome, Memoir '44, and Wings of War. I own 7 Ages, but have not played. I would buy all of the games if money was not a factor. I am pleased with the winner. It is a pretty good wargame.

I do respect this award more so than the other game awards. The International Gamers Awards has no links to any industry organization. It is just a group of gamers who are voting for the best game of the year. The winner, even the nominees, are the best of the "gamers games", not the best game to appeal to a mass market. I will be watching for the results.

Although I doubt there are any great games in this year's crop, I do think it was a fine year for boardgames. There is not a single game on the list that I would not buy if money was not an issue.

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