Sunday, September 11, 2005

Beginning of the 'Regular' Football Season

Although an 'Official' game was played on last Thursday, it is this 'day' that has the most Teams that will be competing! I'm completing this ahead of time so as to not detract from my viewing pleasure upon those then.

I'm including a photo here of some NEW 'figurines' that could easily become adapted for use in several game's 'settings'. Yet, for these purposes, then I was intending upon their inclusion as additional 'beings' for the ''Shadows over Camelot'' game! I thank good ole "DW-Tripp" for taking the time and effort on getting them photographed and emailing those to me on this. I've also enlisted the esteemed 'talents' of "Norbert Chan" to 'flesh 'em out' with some STATS on these, once he's gotten his SET of them from me. They are the 'Golden' ones that you see in the accompanying photo here, and they are 'known' as the ''Jack's Knight''-(left) and the ''King's Knight''-(right), while they are slightly larger than the usual, yet they should 'be' to make them even MORE 'distinguishable' from the 'norm'. Now, I'd have imagined that the one with the CROWN would be more appropriate AS the ''Kings Knight'', so you can adjust this accordingly if you want.

They are actually from another entirely 'foreign' game called ''Yu-Gi-Oh!'', but since I have no desire to get into THAT at all, then it is just as well that they find a more better 'use' for something else. There were massive amounts of those at the local $Dollar Tree store where I live, and for the 'price', then they are an inexpensive and decently attractive means of having them become useful besides WHAT they were 'supposed' to BE! This brings up what I'd like to get many others to 'do' as well, and that is to keep on the look out for stuff such as this. While that could give others IDEAS about 'enhancing' or embellishing upon their games with something along these lines. In fact, I don't even have the ''Shadows over Camelot'' game, but it doesn't prevent ME from seeking out additions for THAT, in order to further somebody else's 'interest' for 'this'. So, I'm just like 'that' in regards to 'gaming' in general, as I have this 'knack' to LOOK at something and then devise an alternate 'method' for utilizing 'bits' as game's addendum and the like.

Another fine example is when I obtained some SETs of 'Ships' in which I would then take those apart and commence to 'cannibalize' those pieces I obtained from these. NO, I didn't 'eat' or FEED them to others such as themselves, but I did manage to 'create' additional purposes for them per se, with uses within OTHER 'games'! From those, then here's what I done 'made':
A 'HQ' piece of metal casting-(it just looks like one); a 'Fortification' from the Gun Turrets; some 'Mines' from the wheel-discs that they'd roll across the floor with; a 'Tron'-like vessel-(it is big and flat, sort of what they had in that) and that was the 'bridge' piece on a 'Aircraft Carrier' while this was IN the middle of the 'deck' for that!-(dang them 'French'! jk); a "Commando" -Troop-(from the little 'liferaft' of this, combined with a kneeling 'guy'); a 'Radar' set or 'dish'; an ''Anti Laser'' contraption-(that I call ''Thor's Hammer!''-'cause it LOOKs like 'one'); a 'dual-Laser Cannon' or even just plain 'twin-barreled Gun'; and cutting the hull in HALF of one of these~a 'Patrol Boat' & 'Transport Barge' from that alone!-(for my 'lil bit'-Army Men). Not bad for some 'improvising' eh?

I have a burgeoning 'Fleet' that I'm creating for use in the OGRE 'minis' settings-yeah, I know that means that I'll have to 'create' this as well- so I'm always on the 'look out' for something to add to this. I even used some of the original ''Carrier Strike'' Aircraft Carriers MINIS for this, with massive additions for those to make them appear more "futuristic"-looking. Then I even got some of the ''Torpedo Run'' smaller vessels and ultra-modified them as well, for some sort of "Missile Cruiser". Since I wanted all of these to have a 'waterline' look to them, then this involves some meticulous cutting down, and affixing a "bottom plate" of some plastic sheet for this effect. I've even gotten some nicely done up 'Modern' vessels such as a "Super Carrier" -(USN CVN types) and a "Battleship" -(USN WW-2 kind) that I have to further alter, to make them more realistic appearing for my uses. While with the ''Carriers'' of these, then I even got some nice tiny ''Aircraft'' Fighter Jets off of the 'deck' of them, and they'll come in handy for yet another 'use' with gaming in mind. There's even '3' different types of them and they look close to what a 'F-14'-"Tomcat", 'F-18'-"Hornet", & 'A-6'-"Intruder" would look like, with a bit of 'modding' for these. Well, back to creating some other 'bits' from whatever I have laying about while I hope that anyone who enjoys watching USA "Football" gets their 'fix' in then.

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