Friday, September 23, 2005

The Second of Many

Dane Peacock (aka Sky Knight X, aka The Master BSer) was another boardgame enthusiast on my short list of people to ask to contribute to this blog. I have always enjoyed his commentary on BGG, as do many other readers.

I asked him if he could submit an occasional guest entry for Gone Gaming and he said yes.

Without further ado here is the second of what I hope becomes a regular feature, guest bloggers on Gone Gaming.


When asked by Mr. Coldfoot to contribute to the Gone Gaming blog, I jumped at the chance; not necessarily because I have anything of value to share, but rather, I need help with a problem.

I have yet to hear any good suggestions for removing fiberfill from a game. Using compressed air would be a disaster, and vacuums are a big mistake.

Maybe it is just my gaming group, but it still surprises me that there is no mention of it.

One unique demographic about my group is that a large percentage of the players is female. Frequently, I am the only male there.

As far as educational background is concerned, we don't really have any PhD’s in the group. We are mostly college students. I go part time at nights and have a full time job during the day. The others are full time students, most of them majoring in P.E.

There is diversity in the ages of the group also. The ages range anywhere from 18, clear up to 25.

There is a mixture of careers as well. Most of the group is on scholarship for dance or cheer squad or whatnot. I am in management, as are possibly a couple of the others: The Head Cheerleader and the Drill Mistress.

For the most part I think the group is fairly open-minded. This was apparent during our first session, when I proposed a modest dress code for the group and it was quickly shot down.

Hobbies outside of gaming include the standard things: music, videos, mammoplasty, sports, and movies.

We are also a diverse group when it comes to the types of games we enjoy. We play the modern German style games, of course, but we like the occasional war game. (You know the one, with playing cards...) We also enjoy some of the traditional American classics, like Twister.

Don't get me wrong, I really like my group, but there is one tiny quirk that bothers me: We can never, and I mean never, make it through a complete game without a pillow fight breaking out.

Thus, my problem with fiberfill and also goose down.

It is also starting to bug me that every game night has to end up in a slumber party...

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