Tuesday, December 12, 2006

The Gone Gaming 2006 Board Game Internet Awards

Dear readers,

I, and the staff of Gone Gaming, are proud to announce the Gone Gaming: Board Game Internet Awards for 2006.

Award Categories

This award will honor the best of the world of online board gaming as nominated by our readers, and includes the following categories:

Best game resource site
Best publisher site
Best game club site
Best online magazine
Best online gaming site
Best blog
Best podcast/videocast
Best new site (2006)

Best strategy article (2006)
Best review article (2006)
Best session report (2006)
Best industry article (2006)
Best humorous article (2006)
Best article series (2006)

Best downloadable board game

How this works

I will post separate entries on this blog, one for each of the above categories. To nominate a site or article, simply respond to the appropriate post with your nomination before the deadline (see the rules, below). Note that it is ok to nominate your own article or site.

After receiving the nominations, the staff of Gone Gaming will review the nominated sites and vote on them. The votes will be collated and ranked, and the winners will be posted to this site.

Winners and runners-up will be able to place an image proclaiming their win on their site. There may be up to five runners-up in each category.


1. Valid sites for this award should primarily cover modern board gaming, including Euro-style and wargaming. Sites that primarily cover old-style board games (such as Chess), CCGs, RPGs, poker, or miniatures are not eligible. In case of doubt, the Gone Gaming staff will decide on the validity of a site.

1a. Sites that require payment to access will not be considered.

1b. Sites that require registration to access may be considered.

2. Sites will be judged based on their English language content. Unfortunately, we are not able to judge non-English content at this time.

3. A site nomination will be deemed invalid if the Gone Gaming staff says so. Invalid nominations will be removed, in order to avoid clutter.

4. You can nominate a site in more than one category. However, please nominate a site in a category only if it is appropriate.

5. A site should only be nominated once in a category. Before nominating a site, please check to see whether or not it has already been nominated. Duplicate nominations will be removed, in order to avoid clutter. Remember: you are not voting for a site, you are only nominating a site.

6. The Gone Gaming blog may not be nominated. Sites by Gone Gaming members may be nominated.

7. A nomination must be in the following format:

For a site:
Site name
URL with hyperlink

Gone Gaming

For an article:
Site name
Post Name
Post URL with hyperlink

Gone Gaming
foo post

8. If your site is nominated but you do not want it to be in the voting, please send me an email (shadejon-[at]-gmail-[dot]-com) with your site name, URL, and a statement that you do not wish to be nominated.

9. Nominations close at midnight (EST) at the end of Saturday, Dec 30. The awards will be announced by midnight (EST) at the end of Saturday, Jan 13. Update: due to some illnesses and travels, the announcement is delayed until Jan 23. We apologize for any inconvenience.

The Gone Gaming Staff

Update: Best Humorous Article re-added due to popular demand.


Gerald McD said...

What? No award for best game-related poem? Aw, shucks!

Melissa said...

Gerald, that's taken care of on BGG: http://www.boardgamegeek.com/geeklist/17961/page/1

Yehuda Berlinger said...

Best Humorous Article re-added due to popular demand.

GG Admin

Gerald McD said...

I still think a poetry category here would be good in the future. The BGG contest was over before I even knew it existed.

Yehuda Berlinger said...

Chris: Isn't an analysis one of either a review or a strategy article?


Pawnstar said...

Isn't an analysis one of either a review or a strategy article?

I don't think it is; take for example Shannon's article on this blog relating to mathematics in games. In it he breaks down two games and focuses particularly on certain numerical aspects. So it isn't a review essentially and is definitely not about strategy - it must be analysis.

Of course, Chris's analysis is frequently more direct (appertaining to a particular game) than Shannon's general analyses (comparing the same aspect of different games).

Anonymous said...

Well, speaking for my own site, The Journal of Boardgame Design, every article is a piece of analysis, but none are reviews, strategy, or industry-related. Arguably my piece on Ticket to Ride is a review - but that wasn't really what it was intended as. It was really more a case example of what makes a good game work well.

Yehuda Berlinger said...

Fellon, Chris, Johnathan: Well, that's just because I'm an idiot and misnamed the "Industry" award.

I intended it to be for articles about gaming or the game industry in general. So analysis articles would go in there, if they are really not about strategy or reviews.

Please give me a better name for the award and I'll correct it. I could also split it, if it's necessary.


Anonymous said...

This is just a brainstorm, but...

Best Game Analysis Article
Best General Gaming Article

BTW, I hope there are no demerits for nominating my own site. I looked at the rules, saw no prohibition, and thought: "what the heck, let's at least get in the race."

Yehuda Berlinger said...

Jon: nominating yourself is fine. Part of the reason for doing the awards is for people to show us things that we may never have seen.

Re: General Gaming Article lacks something.

For now, just dump both into the "Industry" award and we'll see how it goes and keep thinking.


Anonymous said...

Did the 2006 Board Game Internet Awards winners get announced? I can't seem to find them.

Yehuda Berlinger said...

Anon: Sorry for the delay. We're sill going through the numbers.


Anonymous said...

What is the new deadline for announcing the winners?