Tuesday, December 12, 2006

GG:BGIA Nominating Post: Best Game Resource Site

For more information on the Gone Gaming: Board Game Internet Awards, as well as important rules regarding the nominations procedure, please see this post.

This post is a placeholder to accept nominations for the GG:BGIA for Best Game Resource Site. In general, any general game site containing board and/or card game information, forums, or news will be considered.

To nominate a site, respond to this post with your nomination in the following format:

Name of site
URL of site with hyperlink


Hogwarts Games

Nominations will be closed at midnight following Saturday, Dec 30, 2006.


ekted said...


Yehuda Berlinger said...

Bruno Faidutti's Game Site

Anonymous said...

Board Game Awards

David D Jensen said...

If possible, I would like to take a strike against boardgamegeek.com. It has tons of content but ...

- They hinder the internet community by making their outbound links "no follow." This means if you put up a good new site and want the crawlers to pick it up from boardgamegeek it won't happen and people will have a harder time finding your great new site when using search engines.

- The user interface is not only ugly it is also hard to use. The page for each game is huge, it's hard to find content for any particular page. Again, great content but I'd rather not spend the time trying to dig for it.

Summary, goood content, hinders internet community, hard to use.

David D Jensen said...

Am I allowed to nominate my own site? It's only for one brand of games but I think I've built up a good amount of content and a good community ...


Anonymous said...

I must nominate



Friendly community, lots of lively discussions about all of the Axis and Allies games. They also have a very active play by forum section where you can play correspondance games with folks from everywhere.

Anonymous said...

I have to add my vote for Axisandallies.org. High grade site covering a variety of games (mostly Axis and Allies variants but also includes many other video and strategy game discussion). Open gaming forum, game aids, strategy discussion, all available in one easy to use and navigate site.

Anonymous said...

best site for information of Axis and Allies family of games... its easy...