Tuesday, December 19, 2006

A Quick Post of Thanks

OK Bridge for introducing me to gaming internationally.

Bridge clubs in Israel for allowing me to game live when I didn't play any other games.

Wizards of the Coast for Magic and TSR for D&D, even though I won't play the latter anymore.

rec.games.trading-cards.magic.strategy, MTG-l, and MTG-STRATEGY-l for introducing me to discussing games with strangers.

rec.games.board and Aaron's Top 100 Board Games list for introducing me to Euro games.

Mayfair Games and Rio Grande games for bringing over and publishing the games I love.

Board Game Geek for giving gamers a community and game information.

Early bloggers, like Nimrods, for inspiring me to do the same.

Google for providing Blogger (not that it's the best, but it was there when I needed it, and free). Freewebs for providing free web space.

BSW for giving me gaming early on when I had the time.

Amazon, eBay, FunAgain, Game Surplus, and Time Well Spent for making games available to Israel, where nothing else does (did).

Coldfoot for asking me to join Gone Gaming. All the co-bloggers for doing sch a good job.

Alfred (and then the others of BoBG) for noticing me, occasionally.

Chris B for actually visiting me in Israel, twice.

Tom and Joe, Aldie and Derk, Mark, and the rest for entertaining me in my car.

Greg S. for being so enthusiastic and helpful.

Rick T. for the same.

Rick Heli (and others) for interviewing me.

Derk and Aldie again for a great Con.

Everyone who bought my game prototypes, to my astonishment.

Everyone reading my blog and my posts everywhere else, especially the frequent commenters: Gnome, Maxim, GG, Seth, and so many others.

My family, friends, and game group participants for giving me gaming.

Bless you all.


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