Tuesday, December 12, 2006

GG:BGIA Nominating Post: Best Strategy Article

For more information on the Gone Gaming: Board Game Internet Awards, as well as important rules regarding the nominations procedure, please see this post.

This post is a placeholder to accept nominations for the GG:BGIA for Best Strategy Article (2006). In general, any article about game strategy, either for a particular board or card game, or board or card games in general, that was posted in 2006 will be considered.

To nominate a site, respond to this post with your nomination in the following format:

Name of site
Name of Post
URL of site with hyperlink


Hogwarts Games
The Winners Guide to Hogwarts

Nominations will be closed at midnight following Saturday, Dec 30, 2006.


Anonymous said...

There's not a category for variants. This fits here better than anywhere else, I guess.

The Tao of Gaming
"A theory of semi-cooperative games, applied to Shadows over Camelot" by Brian


Yehuda Berlinger said...

Board Game Geek
Probability and Game Theory (carpejugulum)

Brian said...

I'm tooting my own horn about this one.

The Tao of Gaming

6,000 Words about Caylus

[Later expanded based on response to

Anonymous said...

ben_ethus: A Treatise On Dice Rolling Strategy