Sunday, May 14, 2006

Urine the "Euro-nuch" ZONE

I had recently conducted some GAME "submissions" upon the BGG 'site', and then had these roundly "rejected" DUE to a notable sissyfied "admin's" outright BIGOTTED perceptions upon the matters. YOU won't be able to make any determinations upon 'this', since I can't imagine that it is "SAVED" in any manner. Here's what I had gotten as a "reply" for those, *quote*:"Reason:I told you before not to submit entries with all those quotes. If you persist I am afraid I will have to ban you from submitting new games." *end quote*
Here's MY "reply": *quote*:"Just because YOU have a "personal problem" regarding [i]EVERYTHING[/i] pertaining to what I had 'submitted'-what with their "quote" and 'other' markings, then why don't YOU just pass them along to someone ELSE
who "doesn't"? In case you hadn't even taken *notice*, then they were "directed" upon a specific 'person' in 'mind' so WTF were YOU doing going over those in the first place huh? I don't EXPECT whomever to "fess up" upon the matter, and why don't YOU provide this 'matter' as further "evidence" FOR your asinine 'behaviour' eh? I also don't believe that THIS will "survive" very long on here, while I do have a "remedy" for THAT as well!" *end quote* NOW, maybe you all can "fathom" the 'meaning' OF the "heading" for this here? Since I'm currently engaged within a "pissing contest" WITH whomever-(oh, and I do KNOW 'who' that IS by the way).


Joe Gola said...

Why don't you just take the quotes out and re-submit it?

Unknown said...

I was going to suggest the same thing. Failing that, I'd rather a game have an empty description than a GROGnadsified description. I'd hope all admins would reject a game submission.

How many games do you submit? If it's not a lot, why don't the admins just proofread them?

jwandke said...

How do you expect anyone to be able to read this posting? It's all in the same color.

GROGnads said...

I had ONLY 'placed' such denotations upon certain 'items', namely as around the GAME "titles" themselves or perhaps geographic locales, that I had mentioned within that. Maybe I ought to go around and bitch, piss, and bemoan about many others as well? I guess that I'll be checking SOME out upon this 'matter' then, hmmmm? You'd best "tuck IN" your 'dangling participles' in the meantime, for those EVEN with 'such' in the first place eh?

Jasen said...