Sunday, May 07, 2006

"Cruising" around the 'Gaming World'

In case some of you might have missed this little 'factoid', then ole "Tom Cruise" is making an appearance within our portion of "the sticks" for a 'Movie Premiere' of his latest 'action flick' with "Mission Impossible 3". My oldest nephew WON an online "Contest" for that, and has been the "talk of the town" due to this over the past week. Even HE could hardly believe that it had 'happened', since we're so beyond being "out of the loop" around these parts, that it almost 'dead ends' here. Now I am quite familiar with many another's 'opining' upon certain aspects with "T.C." and the 'Scientology' discussion, so don't even bother to mention upon just such as that as it doesn't pertain for anything, besides those making "fun" of another's 'beliefs'. We're only going with the beneficial manner in which THIS 'event' is allowing some attentions being drawn in our lowly 'direction' here. I wasn't even going to bother to attend at first, until I found out that the "eats" were FREE, and we'll even receive a complimentary "T-shirt" too. It is just a shame that our "olde tyme Naval vessel" of the "Lady Washington" isn't around to provide additional *star power* for it all here. That has been in a number of movies itself, while the looks of it had been changed around to obtain some "period feel" for the 'part' that this had "played" in those. Some of the notable kinds of films for which it has been within are: "Star Trek: Generations"; "Pirates of the Caribbean": "Master & Commander"; and a few others. She will usually be available in this region around the "Memorial Day" weekend, and provides "sailings" when this is within our harbor here. As usually, then the 'Media Circus' surrounding any potential "event" such as this, has those coming out of the 'woodwork', what with many an "Entertainment" T V show, including even some 'National' sorts, conducting their interviews as they are wont to do.

Now, I'm wondering if I should take this opportunity to make some sort of "presentation" upon ole "Tom" here, and perhaps attempt to 'enlightern & broaden' HIS "horizons" by pitching "boardgaming" to HIM, if given the chance for that? Of course, I would be more than willing to bring his 'attentions' upon the likes of "Wargaming", since I could bring UP the not as well known "game" with the MORE "famous" title of: "Top Gun" by 'FASA'. Then, maybe HE would delve deeper with our 'niche' of the "hobby" and find out about the many others of which there happens to be for it all. I'd be able to point out that there is even "online" gamings for when he would be jetting around, to help wile away the hours. I don't wish to HOG all of the "for REAL" sorts of 'celebrities' within the "Wargaming" groups, since "Curt Shilling" also 'shills' for the ASL crowds. Even Mr. "Walter Cronkite" has been a "grognard" for decades now, as I recall an advertisement that makes mention upon this at one time. Sure, we can 'use' ALL of the "attention whoring" that we can 'pimp out', for whatever manner that is available, since there are so many others that HAVE 'theirs' as well. While I am thinking upon a couple of easy to learn types of "games" for any purposes here, and of which I also have readily available. Oh I'm certain that MANY would 'object' to the likes of Mr. "T.C." gracing our prescences, just as they'd gladly 'object' to many others as well. Then I'd just advise those folks to "chew harder", while they ought to 'know' the REST of that little "saying" eh wot?

Here's what I'd be willing to 'donate' for this:
A copy of "Battle for Moscow" with the 'extension' VARIANT~this is the actual "game" itself and NOT the "print & play" sort
A copy of "Battle for Basra" with the 'fixed' counters in that.
perhaps a copy of "Sirocco" to help introduce "Card Driven Game" mechanisms with it

I am almost compelled to include some manner of 'Sci Fi' genre "game", but I don't wish to put him OFF with that, nor having this being construed with some 'slight' towards you-know-what. There would be another time in which to bring that up for his considerations upon, since it is just best to *spark* an 'interest' first of all. I will be sure to include some 'mention' upon the "Geek" as well, so that HE can check it out at his leisure, while I don't wish to get any's 'hopes' UP prematurely.Oh yeah, I should bring UP about how "Darryl Hannah" has her "game" here, and then maybe HE would feel 'obligated' to out-do even HER too.It would nice to have someone as famous as them, becoming an 'advocate' for "Historical Minatures Gaming" or even just "minis" in general. Then perhaps, those buffoons at the "HasBORG" would finally 'get IT & WITH the program' to avoid their many 'mistakes' that they're becoming ALL too 'proficient' upon eh?

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Ben said...

the 66 and 99, or whatever you call em were a bit distracting.. i didn't finish the read. But it seemed irrelevant enough. :D have fun in the gaming world old chap. =)