Sunday, May 28, 2006

Goodbye Grog/Calling all bloggers

It is with regret that we bid adieu to Grognads. Yes, the blogger who never pulled any punches pulled up stakes and moved on to other pursuits.

Grog made the first real post to Gone Gaming, and whether you loved or hated his style, you must admit that there can never be another Grog. His contributions gave a flavor to Gone Gaming that was memorable and is irreplaceable.

The staff, management and corporate owners of Gone Gaming held a pow-wow and decided that we aren't going to have a regular blogger fill the Sunday slot, at least not right away. We did have several writers in mind, mainly BGGers who are unusually insightful or witty, but instead decided to solicit blogs from anyone who feels motivated to submit one.

If you fancy yourself as a blogger and would like to contribute to Gone Gaming, send submissions to

Guidelines are fairly loose. Each article should primarily be about boardgames, card games, wargames, role playing games, or the like. We might entertain audio blogs, or the occasional foreign language article if the article was also translated. We might entertain other ideas as well, although you would be wise to ask first.

We do not have a full-time employee who rejects submissions, but we will not post inappropriate material.

We do not have a full time editor either. If we need to make more than a couple corrections we probably won't post your submission. We may post submissions "as is" if you are a complete moron and need to be humiliated, but we aren't expecting any of those.

Thinly veiled advertisements for your self-published game will be looked upon with scorn, but not rejected out of hand. We do have a full-time scorn-looker at the Gone Gaming building, he is one of DW's relatives. Thinly veiled ads need to be very good to get past him. We're talking John Wayne/Hank Williams/Joe Montana good.

There is no compensation, if you were expecting compensation you would be a dope.

If we do get more submissions than we are expecting there is a very good chance that your article might get posted during the week as one regular blogger or the other takes time off to enjoy the summer.

And once again,
Goodbye Grog.

Brian "Coldfoot" Waters


Rick said...

Adieu Robert, your contributions are valued. I don't pretend to have understood everything you posted, but I did make an effort to try to discern what you were trying to say.

Good luck with whatever endeavors you have over the horizon!

Anonymous said...

What a pity that technical problems caused you to take this decision.

Your colourful writings here on Sunday will be missed, but I hope we will be able to still enjoy them on other places.

Anonymous said...

Sadly, I have to say I'm happy he's gone. While his content may have been good, I rarely ever read it. His 'colorful' writing style was just too annoying to read most of the times. When the opening blurb of an article enticed me, I would just get extremely frustrated by the unreadability of the text. I'd rather just not see his articles at all.

GROGnads said...

Well "Ms Anonymous", why don't YOU allow some of US to peruse YOUR 'content' sometime, and believe ME that I can be VERY "judge-MENTAL" upon just such! I 'use' the "appellation" of "Ms" as YOU don't have the 'balls' to make "public" your 'identity' eh? I can't SAY as I "blame" you for that, since you obviously have NOTHING worthwhile to "contribute" except for your whiny, bitching, pissing, & bemoaning "comments" about some others who WOULD 'have' yet MORE in store, THAN yourself. Usually, I would "shit can" YOURS, since that is where they ought to BE taken "notice" OF from within. Do us ALL a "great favor", and take the 'stick' up your BUTT, and 'pry' your HEAD out from there, while then GET out in the "world" to obtain that "run-down" FEELING, from NOT remaining upon the 'curb', will yas? K?-thx

Anonymous said...

You are definately a smart man. Please, step up your work to become a great gaming columnist, and give this a try.

GROGnads said...

"Missy Anonymous", I don't 'require' NOR "solicit" your misperceived "UNconceptions" upon such! YOU have your 'ünter'-"preferences", whilst I have MY 'own' "Űber" sort, eh? "Conform yourself HOW you wish, as I don't 'make' others kow-tow to what I'd rather then 'see', eh wot? Why don't YOU ply your BIAS for others, and I could even *spot* you the 50-cents to call someone who REALLY "gives a damn" to boot! Yes, I'm truly 'nice' in that manner as well.
"Good Day now...I 'said' GOOD DAY!"

Coldfoot said...

A style manual?

I've got news for you. Grognads is easier to read than Shakespeare.

Want something more modern? OK. Grognads is more thought provoking than Maya Angelou, Al Gore or William S. Burroughs.

Dan Corban said...

I have to be honest and say that I have never been able to actually finish reading anything grog has ever posted, either here or on BGG. The way he types is ridiculous and unreadable.