Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Games in Rhyme

He travels all over Europe
Rarely leaving a clue.
Will you be able to catch him
Or will he catch you?

Fifteen islands
Placed in a ring.
He who rules the castles
Will capture the win.

To rule the castles,
You can’t play nice;
You must control Paladins
By rolling the dice.

It’s just you and me,
Under a tree,
Watching the river flow.
It merges then turns,
We’ll soon learn
To whose side it will go.

Quietly choose a character,
Don’t even blink.
To win, it helps to know
How your enemies think.

Build your city in yellow
Green, red, purple and blue;
The faster you build,
The better you’ll do.

Lay your tile wherever you wish
But the roads are required to match.
If you can capture Bonus tiles,
It’s likely you’ll score a good catch.

Your brave Knights guard the castles,
Tall and wide.
If need arises, they walk through to
The other side.
When the King visits a castle,
He gives rewards
To any Knight that he meets on the
Floor that he guards.

I’m in a race,
I know the place
That I’m supposed to go.
How I get there,
I do not care;
A card will let me know.

You may curse
If I reverse
And go into a spin.
But have fun,
Even if you don’t win.

Poetry it’s not but I hope you have fun with these rhymes. How many games can you name? Look for the answers tomorrow in the comments section.

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Until then, may all your camels find water.


ekted said...

Not sure about all these:

Fury of Dracula
Carolus Magnus
Carcassonne (T&B)
Great Space Race

Anonymous said...

The third one is Ta YĆ¼...

Anonymous said...

I'd say the 3rd is Dos Rios, and the Carcassonne is Die Burg.

Coldfoot said...

Puerto Rico, no. Caylus, no. Tigris and Euphrates, no. ASL, no. What else is there?

The first one might be the Bird Flu.

Coldfoot said...

Of course, if you watch (Ask a Ninja) you know that the bird flu is actually a ninja that was hired by a chicken to avenge the death of his brother-in-law.

Or something like that.

Coldfoot said...

Well, obviously I made these too easy!

Fury of Dracula
Carolus Magnus
Ta Yu
Carcassonne: The Castle

I hadn't thought of Dos Rios, oskari, but it certainly would fit the rhyme.

Pawnstar said...

Ha! Missed the deadline (I would have got four right). They're really clever. May I have a go? These are REALLY EASY.

I tried for one more monument,
And with procrastination,
I brought an epoch to a close,
Through careless invocation.


They wandered all around the land,
Crossed desert, sea and vale,
Arriving at each city once,
Then home or else they'd fail.


A ship of spice,
A ship of cloth,
A ship of porcelain,
But if those ships,
Aren't big enough,
Your loss will be their gain.


You may exert great influence,
Through building one more cloister,
But if you dominate the court,
Then Europe is your oyster.