Sunday, April 09, 2006

YOU may be NEXT

So, do you think that you're "skating along" just 'fine' there? Why, of course you do, and only WHEN you encounter strange "happenstances" taking place, will a modicum of 'doubt' enter into your mind upon those. These may just BE "coincidental" sorts, and let's just hope that they are. While should they manifest into ever the MORE with a regular frequency, then it is realized by yourself that something 'sinister' is afoot. Now many folks like to "kow-tow" for the majority of people, so that they will become readily "accepted" by such as them, and others-myself included-tend to 'blaze' their own "path" as they go through "Life". Nobody could ever "walk a mile" in another's 'shoes', and then fully understand the entire situation of that person. Not even "twins" and the like are able to fully experience what every individual undergoes in their day to day existance. Since we're ALL ever "evolving" as we learn about something NEW & 'different', with what we ascribe from a 'norm' that WE had established, then there's plenty of deviation going on for those that are more inclined for it. For the "ULTRA Conservative" person, then they're happy with the likes of the over 100 'editions' of "Monopoly" around-and increasing versions of this constantly, while the just plain "Conservative" kinds will break out the "Acquire" on occasion. The colloquial descriptive 'term' of the "Conservative", means standing FOR a "non-changing situation" to remain, and when applied in the WHOLE for anything, then that indicates that someone is "satisfied" to KEEP 'thangs' in this manner that THEY developed a "rule of thumb" upon. There was a notable person who declared towards the end of the 19th Century that there should be NO more 'applications' taken for "inventions", as EVERYTHING that was "needed" had already been 'created'. That'd BE something that an "ULTRA Conservative" would espouse, as 'they' would become "accomodated" in this manner, without regard for anyone else besides themselves. Since not all of US are in the same precise "situation", or as "better off" that many another already are, then WE have to continue along our 'course' until such "time" that a determination has been achieved, and eventually "arrived" as well for ourselves.

Carving out a "niche" for oneself isn't too difficult, it is just a matter of "exposure" to any others who THINK likewise as yourself, for whatever you desire to undertake. While NOT everbody is going to agree upon something no matter WHAT it is, unless it were some 'item' such as revoking "Taxation" in its entirety. And those who RELY upon "taxes" will certainly give an odd 'look' upon just the very "notion" for this, since they FEEL that they're "deserving" of taking those 'funds' and DOING with them what they will, with some sort of lame "attribution" about it, such as "for the CHILDREN" or "for your OWN 'good'!". The general outlook for those folks is that THEY "know" what is 'best' upon anyone else's "concerns", and YOU should just "take their word" for this, and GIVE them your monies, so that they can then "get busy" with that. Take a quick look around yourself, and then mentally 'note' upon the many "differences" that YOU and any other person, happen to involve yourselves with. These may have many similiarities to some of your very own, but you can be certain that there are quite a few "subtleties" when you take a closer look. For myself, then many would consider ME as some sort of a "Radical", should anyone recall just what THAT entails. The "Liberal" appellation really doesn't apply upon "yours truly" in any manner, since I am tolerable of many "circumstances", while SOME tend to go too far or are too extreme for even MY 'likings'. Of course, I LIKE to "shake things UP" in whatever demeaner I can, as is readily evident to many, and I shall continue to DO thusly, despite whatever obstacles are placed in my way.
"the Good Lord forgives!"~while I am of the 'mindset' that MYSELF then:
"I shall get EVEN!"~plus 'added' VALUE!
as determined on a case by case basis.


Yehuda Berlinger said...

Hey. Two political posts in a week.

I guess that matches the two religious posts from last week.


Coldfoot said...

Crap, we're going to alienate everyone.