Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Opponents say the darndest things before you squash 'em

inspired by Dragon Magazine ish #129: "Adventurers say the darndest things before you squash 'em"

There's too much luck in this game.

You made a mistake last round.

You shouldn't have traded with Joe, he's winning.

I thought you had played this before; it doesn't look like it.

What's the score?

I'm not worried. I always win this game.

Well, what are you going to do about that?


I have you now!

I'm attacking with everything.

That was pretty stupid! What did you do that for?

Do you really like this game?

No, I wasn't looking at your cards. Honest.

Let's make a treaty; that way I can leave my border with you unprotected.

I hope you don't mind; attacking you made the most sense.

Base for a base?

Are you sure that's what the rules say?

Is it my turn? Are you done yet?

I can't think of what else to do.

This game is just like Monopoly.

What does that large piece do?

I hope I roll high!

That's ok. I like a challenge.

I'm hoping he won't see the right move.

I play games for fun.

This game is boring. There's no strategy.

Why bother with money? You need victory points to win.

This looks like a safe play.

I didn't think you could do that.

He won't attack. It wouldn't be to his advantage.

He would have to have three red tiles to beat me; unlikely.

He won't take Captain.

I don't like to think so hard.

I've never seen anyone do that.

You take games too seriously.

Can I take that back?

I rolled a 1. Is that good?


I think this might work.

Damn! I'm just one shy. If I only had a ... Do you want to trade?

I don't have any more money ... I mean, your turn.

I'll risk it.

It's ok. I read the strategy guide, and this is the right way to win.

You've got another one? How many do you have? What, have you been saving them up?

I can't believe you would do that. After all I did for you.

There's no way he can get all the way to this side of the board in one turn.

You can't do that! I need that space!

That's not your best move.

What can he do with only one unit?

You think too much.



Coldfoot said...

One of Cori's boyfriends said the game was "too easy" so he was bored. The game was Torres.

He's history now. :)

Simon J said...

From Sundays Puerto Rico game: "How do I attack?"

gamesgrandpa said...

"Who's turn is it? -- Oh, mine? -- Hmmmm, wonder what I should do."

Pawnstar said...

"Now Eddie's going to take the Captain, which means I don't have to take the Trader; Frank will go for Builder unless Bob does which means Joe's best action is to just take Prospector unless I take it first which makes Settler a more attractive option for him and Mayor would then be the obvious role for Eddie who ought to take Craftsman as long as Bob doesn't. That means my best option is to force Bob's hand by taking Builder, forcing Bob to go for Mayor just in case Eddie does take Captain which would then coerce Frank into taking the Trader allowing me to sell my coffee before Joe does - but it won't matter as Joe would have to ship his coffee when either Bob, Frank or I take the Captain....

... I choose Prospector."

Coldfoot said...

I don't lose at Risk.

Anonymous said...

"I build the University."

John Steadman said...

The classic quote from our gaming group was uttered during a tense game of Axis and Allies. We had been playing for some time, and the player playing England asked for a Pow Wow with the Allied forces in the other room to discuss a strategy.

So he gets them in the other room and suggests bravely, "Let's get Germany!"

That was many years ago, and he will never live it down.