Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Conversations in Gaming

-What do ya wanta play?

-I don’t care. Whatever you wanna play.

-Wanta race?


-How about a card game?

-Not really. I want something a little heavier.


-No, I’m not in the mood for an abstract.

-Carcassonne: The City then?

-Perfect. You know me so well.

-What do you get if you cross Carcassonne with Daytona 500?

-I don’t know.

-Meeples that can only make left turns.

-I’m guessing you just made that up.

-No, it’s been handed down in my family for generations! Of course, I just made that up. How about this: What do you get if you cross Monkeys on the Moon with Command & Colors: Ancients?

-Ummm…ancient monkeys who ride elephants?

-Nope. Romans who like to monkey around.

-The weather forecast for tomorrow says “almost balmy”. What do you think that means?

-Haven’t a clue but obviously there’s some technical data that determines a cut-off for balmy.

-Well, whatever it is, it sounds better than “nearly frigid.”

-We’re still talking about the weather, right?

-Depends on who wins this game.

-Did you know you’re looking awfully cute today?

-Am I?


-I think you’re trying to distract me from the game.

-Would I do that? I know you have a mind like a steel trap. Of course, a few of the teeth are missing.

-Good thing for you or I’d totally annihilate you instead of just kicking your butt. How’s that for a play?

-Oh, that wasn’t very nice.

-I know. Am I still cute?

-The cute is getting a little fuzzy around the edges, dear.

-What’s on TV tonight?

-Well, you have a choice: stupid crap, boring crap, asinine crap, reality crap or plain ole crappy crap.

-So then…another game?

-Oh, yeah.
Until next time, may your “Q” always triple score.