Sunday, February 19, 2006

WHAT the "hey all"

I was just a-goofin' around the other day with a fellow "Geek" who happens to be over in 'Belgium', and this is "gwen" in case you're wondering. Anyways, WE were using that NEW "Google-TALK" as the "Geek" were a-'t`weakin' at the time. Guess WHAT? Oh, you'd NEVAR! and don't 'kid' yourself, so this is what I'd "arrived" upon for a 'notion' of OURS and that is to conduct "talking blogs" portions with 'guests' while you can SAVE a 'transcript' of THAT for later inclusion within your 'blog'! I also have to 'credit' our fellow 'blog`rs' of Melissa & Fraser & "biggie" & whomever else assisted upon this, with providing the LINK for the "audacity" feature, of which I have this now and will be working upon something else as well. You may wish to confine these to around 10-minutes in length in order to NOT overwhelm your own 'systems' with the FILE lengths. But you can decide upon that yourself as we certainly don't want to constrain anyone with what they would truly like to 'produce' eh? I'm sure that there are plenty of folks who would like nothing better than to "give a listen" where some "fave" game 'designer' of theirs was being "interviewed" for like the HUNDREDth 'time' or the like. Yeah, I'm being factitous about such since there ARE many others who ought to become "better known" and getting THEM into the "spotlight" would do wonders for their "self esteem", as well as those folks unfamiliar or desiring with learning MORE upon these people. I'm sure that some have more "hangers on" around their 'posterior' than there are "Klingons" around 'Uranus', of which I 'hear' that the "Starship Enterprise" is then akin to "Charmin" toilet paper in the 'ridding' of such. So where's the equivalent FOR them 'folks' about this? Oh well, I suppose that 'fawning' does have its merits as well as its detriments such as when "stalking" rears its ugly head. Alright then, there's a NEW "term" I'm 'coining' for them, as "Klingons" and NOT "in a good way" either. I'd also 'coined' such as another "term" for them "followers of OPRAH" with "D`oh!~prahs!" too, just so's you don't think that I'm 'picking' on just these. NONE will readily 'admit' to being such, since they're so caught up in their "followings" that they don't SEE it as thusly, just as "sheep" don't consider the 'shepard' as "one of them", and so we dearly hope!

So what ELSE did we 'do' for the FUN of this? Well, for starters, then I wanted them to "give a listen" upon some music of mine and so I 'piped in' some tunes and either this was 'heard' through my 'mic' or it was 'drawn' from within and then sent on its way to them! They were jokingly referring to it all as GROG-'jukebox' since I was able to 'play' just about ANY 'song' that they wished to listen upon, and that I had available. For some of you, then you might want to put on your "headset" where you have this through your 'work station' in order to avoid the "wrath of BOSS!" if this were 'discovered' being utilized. We were wondering upon whether it would be possible to then 'play' in the CD-drive with something, and then being able for another to "listen" to that? This may have to become further "explored" upon, although with having that 'piped' through your speakers and then into the 'mic' ought to be easily enough done. Now, I can just imagine the reactions from the likes of those greedy, money-grubbing types such as the RIAA upon this, and you know what? That's right, I'll gladly take THEM into "court" for infringing upon MY 'rights' to "turn on" someone else to decent "music" and then allowing THEM the opportunity to obtain what it IS that they happened to 'discover' and LIKE, while hopefully they will then PURCHASE the "tunes" in a 'legit' fashion. So, I can 'see' where the I.C.C., and any "International" sort like that, would then become "involved" ON mine, and any other's behalves for just such an 'occasion'. I'd really like to see those-for lack of a better sub-genus 'species' denotation-'people' be taken to the cleaners and then financially "reemed" just as they've done for others. I won't begrudge the "artists" in obtaining what is 'due' them at all, as they should be duly compensated upon this in its entirety, while I don't care for the sort of "B.S." that this is dredging UP either. Hey, "fight FIRE with Nuclear Blowout" is what I'd advocate to teach them a very valid "lesson" in the matter. Alright then, enough of the "soapbox" denouement and onto other FUN stuff as well.

I'd been "going on" about that "Combat System" method of mine with many having some 'problems' in grasping the 'gist' of the matter, while I do apologize for "assuming" that 'others' are as "advanced" in their grey-matter processes as I believe myself to 'be'. The best method to getting that ALL 'across' is through "examples" provided, and some shall then be a 'given' for starters. Since I wish to create yet many others with this later on, then those will be obtained with a "subscription" for these so that you can pick & choose which ones happen to "catch your fancy" upon the topic or subject covered. I am concentrating upon the 'items' involved with this so that they are readily obtained, or already have been, and so that yet ANOTHER 'means' can be utilized with those. This initial "release" is going to be for a rendition upon the confrontation known as "The Battle of Waterloo" where this is just OF the "Battle" itself and NOT of the entire 'Campaign', although that might become a possibility once it becomes apparent to some upon the matter. The reason that I 'picked' this "title" is in tribute to the very 1st "Wargame" that I began my "grognard" gamings with. For the most part, then you'd just need to "print out" and perhaps 'mount' the components of the "gamemap" and 'Charts', etc. for it. Then we'll 'see' how this transpires for those who wish to have many other applications conducted in a similiar manner. I do intend for this to become a FREE offering to whet the appetites of any who care to partake of it, while I then would 'create' yet others from what many should expect to "contribute" in a more 'monetary' means to show their appreciation for the 'work' involved. I also have some other 'notions' of which I'd be willing to delve into after the "ball is rolling" for such, and it'll include "Expansions" as well to further enhance these, in a more aesthetically 'pleasing' manner.

Here's a "shout out" to "HAVE GAMES, WILL TRAVEL!" and a direct LINK for this:
"Have Games, Will Travel"
Give this a "look-see" or maybe even a "listen-hear" then will yas?

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Melissa said...

Dude, it's no jukebox, it's Radio Grog!