Sunday, February 05, 2006

the BIG 'game' A

Yep its ON right now as I 'type' this UP! so here's my "obligatory" 'shout-out' about "GO WIN SEAHAWKS!" We'd been awaiting upon THIS for lo these many decades and FINALLY it is "happenin!" I know many others are just as happy upon that little 'factoid' as well, so ROOT for WHOOT you GOOT, and that's 'who' WE gotz! They JUST 'played' some little 'ditty' by "Harrison Ford" and what's UP with 'that'? DAMMZ, anyone ELSE 'do' better? "are you READY for some FOOTBALL?!?" yes, so STFU and 'play' the damm 'game' will yas? sorry about my "FRANCE-land-'speak'!" there, but "hype" goes ONLY so far, while them damm "advert-spazz`rs" just don't 'get it', or so it seems. Most of the times then I just 'click' onto another "pre-set" channel during those, and I would rather 'catch' something else instead. I'll "recap" this as it goes from 'Quarter-1' and on. The Seahawks get the "coin flip" and 'elect to recieve' in this, with them having to "Punt" after a 'set of plays' without 'scoring', and the "Steelers" end up with the BALL on their '20-yard-line', from that going into the "end zone". Penalties aren't helping matters for THEM. '2'-"false starts" with '3' & OUT! with "Punt" to the "Seattle" '38'-yard-line. '2' more SETS of '3'-&-OUT for EACH of them now. oh yeah, from the looks of this, then those 'folks' who GOT the '0'-'0' "line" in their "pools" ought to be "happier" about THIS. oops! too late as Seattle 'scores' a "Field Goal" in the waning 'seconds' of that.
2nd 'Quarter'-"yadda yadda yadda", for "Pittsburgh" with defensive 'pick' by "Seattle" and "got nuthin" from that, while the "D-fens" steps up but the Steelers make a BIG 'play' now so that they BOTH got a 'score' = "T D" so 7 to 3 now. It should NOT have been 'given' for theirs "T D", unless you CHEAT like a 'scurvy cheater', but what can you 'do'? while I'm sure that THEY would've on their next attempt, and the NEXT time then I hope that WE 'get' a "controversial CALL" our 'way' ya bastiches! oops! I 'guess' NOT eh? "double-scurvy-cheaters-squared-&-quartered" it would seem huh? boy some folks JUST can't "play fair & square". . .'mumble-grumble-bumble-moanble' "missed 'it' by a 'foot'!" So just before the END of the "half" with "Seattle" on the 'march', then they 'settle' FOR a "Field Goal" and for "naught"! geez-loueeze
3rd 'Quarter'- kicking OFF to the Steelers then they bring it OUT to the HALF the mid-field and start from there. 1st play OFF and they 'score'! not too shabby & "meh!" damm 'lucky' bastiches
so Seattle DEFENSE din`t, but oh yeah they 'did'! NOW the 'O' EARNS scorn with their 2nd MISS of a "Field Goal", and little wonder that the Steelers bested them. But DAMM "luck" is in their 'favor' it would seem, as not much of "playing" is taking place. so instead of this being 14 to 10('16') then it is worse,
4th-'Quarter'-with the "D"-din`t agin with 21 to 10 now when it ought to have been 17 to 14, and what's to say? it SUX! do ANYTHING! why don't this END as a 'pity' `pon us, as it is a letdown for the SEAHAWKS! fans today. There was so much 'promise' in them and let's HOPE like "hell" it don't TAKE another '30'-years to get BACK! dammit! with their "missing" points it didn't HELP then, and it would be MUCH "different" but NO such "luck" there EH!
oh yeah and the "spread" WAS 'covered' in this heh heh Good for YOUS!

As for the other portion of THIS, then I wish to have it become well known, as well as 'established' that MY "Combat Resolution System" will be 'going' as a "commercial" entity. I've already got it 'posted' upon the BGG 'site', while further "refinements" shall 'evolve', as I put them into practices. This has the "dice roll"-LESS-tm, and "Simul-FIRE"-tm methods for the time being, and YES I'm 'serious'! I fully intend and can conceive OF & for yet others once I 'apply' their "specifics" FOR each 'one' of them. ANYONE who would like to partake of the "experience" can MAKE their very OWN "personal use" copies of whatever I conceive, and I would welcome ANY to 'make up' their very 'own' GAME as well. It is WHY I desire to keep the BASICS open and available to whomever. You'd "catch on" FAST then. Then with just the basic "expansions" FOR them you can proceed from ONE to the 'next' or even 'combine' YOURS and 'others' when you gather for whatever. The BEST 'part' of it ALL is that you just whatever 'bits' YOU happen to have while we'd provide distinctive & appropriate 'types' as well in a "Battle Set" but YOU have to seek somone to 'detail' these yourself, OR that WILL "cost extra", and try this sometime to 'see' what I 'mean'.

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