Sunday, February 12, 2006


Yep, I've re-established a 'source' for much of my own, as well as many other's "gaming supplies", with a fellow of whom I'd met years ago over around the 'Olympia, WA state' area! His name is "John McEwan" and he's been keeping busy all of this time as well, with even moving from where HE used to be, to where he's at NOW! That also happens to 'be' right in the TOWN next door to myself here, while I hope to become a close 'provider' for HIM and many others, of "game bits" of a unique nature in mind. I expect the many devoted "fanzoids" for the 'A&A' line of games, to then 'be' ever "bigger" ones for THIS! Since they are the prime 'motivators' for their "gaming needs", then it just stands to 'reason' that they'll most likely want to HAVE these *Special* pieces done up properly and since no one ELSE is going to, then why NOT 'us'? I'll provide some "teasers" here so that YOU can 'see' for yourself just what I'm going on about:

While some of YOU might 'recognize' THESE, then let me reassure you upon them, that they are CLOSE approximations and NOT "exact duplicates", for the sake of 'protections' regarding any such. Of course, then YOU could "modify" these to your heart's content, ONCE you have your 'grubby mitts' upon them. There is much more for your considerations as well, and take your time when you can afford that, to delve into each & every kinds of these. He's even into some "minis" gaming with a select 'group', and of which I hope to become ONE of them! They're currently conducting some "Battling" within the "World War I in Africa" settings, and for which HE has provided ample 'means' for this with HIS 'set' of "figurines" that are available too.

Here is the LINK directly to the "website" of his:
and you can then check out upon MANY more there in the various sections. Those also include "Paper Models", as well as many metal-cast figurines, or even 'kits', while some of them can be 'purchased' pre-assembled and 'painted' already, should you wish to obtain such. He's even got some FREE "sample" types to have you get begun in some of these, while I'll leave that up to YOU to 'find' and obtain any.

Also check out "Joe Steadman's" website for the astute "grognards" amongst you, upon his up and becoming well known 'place' to BE with the "Wargame News" and its coverages of "What's Happ`nin mon!" in these regards. A big "shout out" and WELCOME to the esteemed, while venerable, ole "Rich BERG" himself, upon becoming "Geek-i-fied" now, and cut him some 'slack' will yas? We ALL have our 'opinions' and he's NOT making YOU "read over" his`n, is`n he now?

Here's "JOE's" LINK then: "Wargame News"
and let HIM 'know' that I sent yas!

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Mister Nizz said...

John's a pal of mine..

He ca be seen playing my "Le Grand Cirque" VSF race game here:

Thanks for the tip on these, JM makes a lot of unique fun little items like this...